Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V #2 (Elders React: Gaming)

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V #2 (Elders React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
♪ (mellow hip hop theme) ♪
Oh no. (chuckles)
I am not for tattoos.
Let’s go get a tattoo.
(woman) Just need to find a man
that will shut the [bleep] up
for two seconds.
– (chuckles)
– (man) That’s all right.
This is too much like real LA.
– (Finebros) Do you have any tattoos?
– No.
I have freckles. Do they count?
Okay. Gonna get a tattoo.
So how are we gonna do that?
“Choose a design to suit
your style and budget.”
Is it zero? Oh, it’s this one.
(cackling laugh)
Okey-dokey, smokey.
Handsome son of a bitch.
Left arm.
Okay, try again.
Let’s do “Whiskey Life.”
“Michael and Amanda.”
– (Finebros) Amanda is your wife.
– That’s my wife.
No, I don’t do that.
What if I get a divorce?
That one’s gonna have to hurt.
I’ll go with that.
I don’t know what that one is.
(tattoo artist) That’s-a hurt right there.
Okay, there we go. I’m done.
(tattoo artist) I’m using
this money for drugs.
Is that it?
I wanted to see him screaming
and going, “Oh, hey man!”
Now I want to get my clothes back on.
I don’t remember getting my clothes off,
so whatever they gave me
must have been pretty good.
Oh, I’m all dressed. Cool. Thank you.
Okay. I want to go
somewhere more uplifting.
♪ (mellow hip hop theme) ♪
Oh, “Happy Girls.”
Let’s go see what’s in there.
That looks like fun.
Oh no, “Horny Girls.”
Oh, it’s a [bleep] bar.
(singsong) Oh, we’re
going to the strip club.
So we’re gonna go watch girls stripping.
Okay. That’s exciting.
Oh, here we go. I can get a drink.
Do I have to pay her or I shoot her?
$10 for a drink? Oh my.
(Michael gulps)
(Finebros) Okay,
I think you’ve had enough.
I’m drinking right now. Do you mind?
Oh, the place is starting to spin.
What’d they put in my drink?
Last time I was in a strip club, I was 18
(chuckling) in Germany, in Hamburg.
“Toss a dollar.” Let’s see.
How do you, uh, press X?
– (in game) Hell yeah!
– Yeah, there you go.
Okay, let’s make it rain.
(stripper) I’m getting so horny.
Because of all that money
I’m throwing at you, that’s why.
All right, that’s enough of that.
(stripper) You want me
to get naked for you?
Um… no.
“To accept a dance” or “turn her down.”
Okay, well, never mind.
(stripper) Oh, please,
I was gonna grind you good.
(chuckles) Well, that’s
one way to get your exercise.
(in game) Bring that
[bleep] over here, baby!
– (in game) Oh, that’s what’s up!
– Oh…
Okay, I’m– that’s enough for me.
I don’t really want to be in a strip club.
Never have been and never will be.
Not my style. Not my style, no, no.
Here we go.
(stripper) You want me
to get naked for you?
How do I push “yes”?
Oh, press to accept a dance.
(stripper) Come on.
Follow me sweet [bleep].
Oh. Oh.
“Premium L–” oh.
Now she’s a professional.
(chuckles) These graphics
are pretty real-looking, man.
Oh. Oh! My– oh my god.
Could you get me five minutes alone?
You sure it’s an auto theft,
uh… (cracks up)
No wonder this game
has gotten such a reputation.
“Hold R2 to touch”?
(stripper moans) I feel all sweaty.
YOU do?
I’m done.
I want to go, uh, like,
do something else now.
I’m, like, bored of this place.
I was hoping the women
in this might be more
interesting and less stereotyped.
♪ (mellow hip hop theme) ♪
It kinda– is that Venice Beach?
This is like really seedy Venice
bad part of town we’re in.
(in game) You [bleep] ese.
People are cursing.
I don’t know. I don’t like the area.
Look at that fancy car there.
Ooh, that’s a nice one, that Corvette.
Let’s take it. Take it.
Take the damn thing.
Okay, let’s go, and then
let’s go to the right.
Okay, right. Ooh,
now I’m going down Veni–
Ooh, man. This is dangerous.
I could hurt people.
Well, I want to– I don’t want to–
Ooh, I just hit somebody.
Oh, I hit two people.
Now I want to go right
and get out of here.
There’s too many people here.
I gotta go this way.
It’s a (whispering) marijuana shop.
It’s a liquor store, I think.
No, a pot store. I didn’t know
they had those in Venice.
(in game) I’m hoping
it’s gonna be a nice weekend.
Muscle Beach? Is that the muscle people?
– (in game) I could do you some real harm.
– Oh, that’s nice.
(in game) I don’t wanna have to do this.
– Oh, well, don’t then.
– (punches landing)
(chortles) Oh my god.
Well, okay, a powerful woman–
that’s not a bad thing.
I’m gonna whack one of these guys.
(in game: grunting)
One more. Oh!
Don’t screw with The Man.
– (in game: commotion)
– (snickering)
– (in game: groaning)
– (snickering)
– (woman grunts)
– (snickering)
(in game) Help me, someone!
It’s a, whatchamacallit, a boat.
(chuckles excitedly)
Woo! Ha ha!
Oh, wow! This is great!
Whee! That’s fun! Now, that’s fun! Whee!
No wonder people get
hung up with this stuff,
’cause it’s more exciting
than their own world.
♪ (mellow hip hop theme) ♪
Oh, a helicopter.
Oh, this might be kinda trippy.
Oh my gosh. Here we go.
Get that guy out of the way.
(gunfire, people screaming)
– Now it’s–
– (gunfire)
Oh my god. What is he doing?
He’s shooting instead of flying?
– (gunfire)
– No, no, come on.
What is going to make him fly?
No, no, no, no. Come on.
– (explosion)
– Oh my god.
Okay. What will make him fly?
(Finebros) You need
to hold the right trigger.
Now he’s dead.
There we go.
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh, this is so cool!
Oh, [bleep].
– (crash)
– Aah!
I like flight simulator stuff.
Oh yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. (chuckles)
I can’t get it to come up.
– (boom)
– (laughs)
– (crash)
– Ay-yai-yai-yai-yai.
I pushed the wrong button.
Oh, oh, oh. Oh, I crashed.
Oh jeez, let’s not crash on the building.
Ohp! Here we can land.
Let’s see if we can do this.
That wasn’t too good.
Uh-oh. The helicopter’s damaged.
– (Michael) Piece of [bleep].
– Uh-oh.
That’s right. Take no respon–
Oh, oh, oh, oh…
Ooh. Tsk.
That’s what happens
when you steal helicopters.
Look at me, I’m flying, I’m flying!
Oh, h-ahh!
Oh. Oh my goodness, that was so neat.
I’m looking for somebody to kill.
Oh, [bleep].
– (crashing)
– Oh.
(crashing, people screaming)
Oh, you’re gonna die, buddy.
Press what now?
(people arguing, gunshots)
I’m glad I didn’t eat before I came here,
because I’d be getting seasick.
(Michael screaming)
(wheezing) Oh my god.
I just killed myself.
I had a lot of fun today,
more fun than I did the last time.
If somebody in my family had one,
I’d probably play it.
You can do almost anything.
If you choose something,
you don’t like it,
you just go to something else.
This is a really big world,
and I didn’t know
there were so many options.
I bet people just get on this
and they’re on all the time.
And it must just make the parents crazy.
It does perpetuate violence.
I’d like it better if I was feeling like
if I was on the side of the law
and I was preventing crimes.
I didn’t see anything good on there to do.
It’s not like you could
rush to a person that’s been hit by a car
or save a puppy
and take him to the shelter.
It’s not a good game to play.
I finally went to the strip club
and had a couple shots
and left immediately.
I don’t like that it’s in there,
but it’s real life, and I know
people want to see that.
But for me, there was
so much else you could do.
I want to play it some more.
I’m gonna stay here and play,
and you guys can go.
Thanks for watching us play
Grand Theft Auto V
on the React channel.
Let us know in the comments
what game we should play next.
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See ya! Oh, wait, wait.
Can we go back to that
strip club? (chuckles)
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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  1. Great video. Shame they didn't get a chance to do the submersible in the Sonar Collections mission. They'd get to see all sorts of marine stuff – fish, dolphins, whales, orcas…. sharks …

  2. Ok, I feel really happy that they seemed to have really enjoyed the game, especially that lady that jumped from the helicopter.

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