ELECTRICITY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 117)

What are you trying to do?
This building doesn’t have light
and even all these ones don’t have light
It’s because this wire that cut
So, what do you want to do?
I want to fix it
Are you an electrician?
Does it matter?
Call Power Holding to fix this light
Uncle, electric will shock you
Yes right?
someone wants to help us fix the lights
Hmm, nice one
and he is so cute
Yea he is handsome
Who are those beautiful girls?
He is hard-working
I like his generosity
They are our new neighbours
Don’t mind them
I will mind them
This guy is a good guy
Look at the way he holds the ladder
He is climbing
You have not climbed ladder before
Does it matter?
Come and help me hold this ladder
Who you help?
Look at how he is holding the ladder
What is he doing?
Can you see?
He is climbing without holding it
He is not holding the ladder
Oh my God!
I like this guy
He has got a plier?
Can you see how he is handling his plier?
He must be a professional
This guy is a professional
Sure he is
He is good at this
Eh? He just threw away the plier
Wait wait…
What is he trying to do?
He is using his bare hands to touch naked wire?
I have never seen this before
I am loving this guy
He is licking naked wire
This guy is the best electrician
I have ever seen in the world
He is eating naked wire
This is courageous
I smell barbecue
Uncle Mark is smelling like roasted corn

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