Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Review

Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Review

Hey hows going Dave2D here, this is a device that isn’t from your standard kind of name-brand laptop company
It’s from a company called Eluktronics now. It’s not a unique device to them
this is a bare-bones computer that they sell and I normally stray away from
Bare-bones laptops because I usually find just kind of boring. There’s nothing really special about them. But this one has a unique feature that is
Well, it’s a mechanical keyboard and it’s a good mechanical keyboard. So the keyboard has a really nice feel to it
I’m someone that enjoys mechanical keyboards. I prefer that tactile switch from like the blue switches and stuff. I like it
However, I don’t feel like it brings if it doesn’t make you a better gamer
I feel like it if you’re if that’s what you’re looking at this for like will this make me a better gamer because it’s a
mechanical keyboard?
I wouldn’t say that it does but it does give a more tactile typing experience and that’s something you can’t get on most laptops
Regardless of what the keyboards are like you do need like that clicky swish to really get this feel and that’s what this laptop
Delivers now the layout of this keyboard is a little bit strange like the arrow keys and the number pad are all clustered together
There’s no negative space between them, but it’s something you can get used to quite quickly
And if you’re looking for a tactile typing experience this thing definitely delivers. The trackpad uses Windows precision drivers
There’s nothing I really dislike about it and there’s lighting in this whole keyboard area
So there’s lighting on the keys as well as a light strip. That’s kind of facing you. I do like this light strip
This isn’t the first one we’ve seen
But yeah, I like that kind of personal glow that it gives so the rest of the device is also quite good
So the screen is your standard high-end gaming panel for 2018. So 144 Hertz 1080p good color accuracy and brightness
It’s a really nice looking screen. It’s actually the same screen
I believe as the aero 15 now to make use of the screen you have to have good gaming performance and this one delivers
pretty good performance
It’s a 1060 and an i7 8750H and you’re not gonna be able to get like killer performance, right?
It is just a 1060
But you will be able to make use of that 144 Hertz screen in
competitive titles like you can’t hit that kind of frame rate in which are three but most
First-person shooters are gonna look really smooth on this panel. The thermal performance is actually really good as well
And this is something that I’m kind of shocked by like this is a boutique laptop company
they sell way less of devices to someone like I don’t I’m not gonna name names but there’s other computer companies out there that make
Laptops I just have terrible thermals and something like this
from a small company is just like
so much better really good thermals with lots of ventilation on the bottom and the sides and I think they could have put like a
1070 Max-Q in here if they really wanted to so the ports on this device are well, it’s a good selection
The only thing I have knock on is that there’s no Thunderbolt 3 port there is a USB C in the back
But there’s no Thunderbolt 3 port so that’s the other thing. I like the ports on the back
It’s something small
But it’s something that I enjoy like when you have your AC adapter
connects into the back of a laptop it just kind of gets it out of the way and you have your display ports in the
Back as well. It’s just a well-designed series of ports another thing
I like in terms of the design is that there’s a dedicated button for the turbo mode on the fan
So it’s something that you can often control through software on other laptops
But this thing has like an actual button right beside the power when you hit it and the fans crank up
It’s something I think a lot of gamers would use it is loud
Like the turbo mode on this thing is very loud, but it does give you some incredible cooling when you need it
These speakers are located in the bottom. They don’t sound particularly great or anything
They’re more of a generic sound, but they’re okay in terms of the build quality
There’s some good parts on there some not-so-good parts. So I looked at the top and the keyboard deck are aluminum
They’re actually quite sturdy
It’s well made in terms of just you know, the fact that it’s got aluminum on the important parts
The bottom panel is plastic, but it’s a it’s a well made plastic. There’s no like play and a flex on this device
it’s well made but there’s one thing I don’t like about this whole device and it’s the
Edges it’s not that they’re sharp or rough, but they just feel unfinished compared to a lot of other aluminum devices out there
it lacks that polish or finish that some of the more kind of premium devices would have
And I feel like I’m nitpicking on this thing, but it is something that bothers me personally
it probably doesn’t bug most people but I wish that the finishing on the
Edges was a little bit better. Now the design of this laptop feels a little dated to me
Not that it’s ugly or anything
But if you look from the profile, it’s just not a sleek or modern looking and some of the other devices out there
But it’s a I guess a personal preference thing. Um Oh
internals pretty easy to get into and you have access here two RAM slots your two NVMEs as well as your two and a
Half inch SATA the battery down here is pretty small
It’s 45 watt ours
and I’m only getting like 2 and a half hours of battery life with the screen at
215 nits point being if you need to bring this to school or work and need to last the full day
You’re gonna need the charger with you. Now the question is whether or not this is worth it, right
I think that’s like the million dollar question with a laptop like this
if you value the
Tactile keyboard experience. There are very few devices out there. That’ll fit the ticket. And this is one of them
I do want to leave you with one note of caution. If you use this it’s allowed keyboards
you kind of keep in mind where you plan on using this like if you want to bring this to a library or
Like a lecture hall and you want to tap away on this thing at?
90 words per minute
People are gonna hate you because it’s loud, but if you use your laptop in a more like personal environment
And you don’t really care too much about the sound that you’re giving off to the other people around you
It’s a good keyboard. And I think it’s a really good laptop
Especially for the money now boutique devices like this are normally a little bit cheaper than like no ultra premium name-brand stuff
So I don’t think the pricing is amazing like it’s not like a steel or anything like that
But it’s fairly priced and I think the device is good if you’re looking for a pretty neat tactile keyboard ok
Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if liked it. Subs if you loved it, see you guys next time

100 thoughts on “Eluktronics Mech-15 G2 Review”

  1. One of the coolest barebones custom laptops i've used. If you're a mech keyboard fan, you might really like this one. Thanks for watching!

  2. I like the custum build ones like PC specialist and CyberPower PC because, here at least, they are cheaper then the brand names. They also tend to move onto newer hardware much faster. There are still 7th generation CPU laptops being sold for full price in the UK.

    I can see why someone else might not like them, but if I wanted a laptop I'd probably go with them.

  3. Well… you're nitpicks… #IDontCare. Dude! This laptop has so much bang for the bucks value on the price. We all be stupid enough not to buys this!

    The specs and the functionality of it is all I care.

  4. Any other good clevo laptops in this price range? I'm currently looking for a laptop to play games on so I'd really appreciate some help. thanks 😀

  5. HAHA, are you kidding me!? I would buy this things specifically FOR a lecture hall. That would be the most amazing thing ever. It would pay for itself.

  6. The ethernet port looks very thin, whats the deal with that, will that fit the regular Ethernet cord in an average office?

  7. What is wrong with not having a thunderbolt 3 bro…the only reason i would use it for is to connect a external GPU…but still that is pretty crap because it doesnt give you the full of the gpu anyway so…USELESS!!

  8. Hey I have a question: do you really need Thunderbolt Three? I was looking at getting this laptop but I was kinda offset by the fact that there’s no thunderbolt three. In other words, which is better: this laptop chassis (I’m getting the Overpowered Gaming one from Walmart; the prices came back down to Earth) or the HP Omen 15 gaming laptop? Both of them have an i7 8750H, GTX 1060 6GB and 16 gb of ram. Both cost $999. Can someone please give me advice on which one to go for! (PS the HP comes with the Nvidia Fortnite bundle if any of you know what that is).

  9. This is the same laptop as the Walmart OverPowered laptop. I'm not sure why the OP laptop had such a horrible vibe in that video.

  10. " it is just a 1060 " lmao , i only got a rx560 man . There are poor people out there too who think 1060 is just as good as 1080 .

  11. Hmm.. This seems awful like the Overpowered 15+ laptop. And he gave a horrible review on that.. Hmm.. I wonder if they are made by the same manufacturer Tong Fang but Walmart's laptop is only $800 compared to the over $1400 for this one.

  12. You're taliking about the same case as Walmart's laptops you know ? won't you recomend to save a thousand bucks for this one ?

  13. not just kinda but very hipocritic from you to come out with this review shouting out your Love this thing after you shit on walmarts while it had the exact same specs n price at the time

  14. Overall seems nice. Was going to get the OP laptop which is nearly the same but Eluktronics does the RTX 2070 now so I rather have that over a GTX 1060 but the price is like $600 different for a few perks while a few cons. But ill live with the cons and always can change them later(talking about RAM and Storage)

  15. I've been using another laptop with this same tactile/mechanical keyboard. It's amazing for work and sorta okay for classes (as far you can type slower I guess lol). There's one perk too, the actuation point of the keys is a little before the actual click, which may bother some people but can be helpful if you want to do silent typing. 🙂

  16. I literally just realized that every time Dave types with one finger on the keyboard he's typing out d2d omfg this is the first time I noticed this

  17. If a company makes a thin and bad thermal laptop, you criticize, if a company makes thick and good thermal laptop, you say it is dated and you say thin and good thermal laptops are not possible. Please decide.

  18. Dave please help. Im very interested on this laptop, however i want to know if the back is easily accessible? I like to be able to upgrade.

  19. After a few months working on this laptop model .. it's not bad considering with the price , and what you get , and despite how thin it is its solid like a tank . But … only after an undervolt on that 6 core i7 , is it considered worth doing anything on it . Because it had alot of thermal throttling usually 95 degrees , (and yes thermal paste was replace a couple of times and everything else known to mankind) But otherwise best laptop for gaming and working on in my opinion .

  20. Looks like it's a case design that is not exclusive to Eluktronics (or not anymore, don't know which). I just bought a laptop from BTO which looks to be the exact same design with the only difference being the colours. BTO is a Dutch company which makes custom configurable laptops. For those interested I'm talking about the BTO X•BOOK 15X882

  21. Dave you should look this laptop with 9 gen core options. They have something called eluktro boost, boost greatly the gpu performance.

  22. so they have a new version of this with all the same features except they cut out the 2.5" Storage and made it so you only have 512gb of NVMe SSD storage but you can probably expand that

    you also get the new GTX 1660 Ti (though I can't comment on if it's a desktop version). I'm really looking to get this over my original choice of the ga502 as this one just feels a lot more sleek and also has the nice Mechanical Keyboard feature as well

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