Eng) (몰카) 생일 선물로 받았던 로또가.. 당첨 되었다고 했을때 반응ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(feat. 미녀 개그우먼 연예림)

Eng) (몰카) 생일 선물로 받았던 로또가.. 당첨 되었다고 했을때 반응ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ(feat. 미녀 개그우먼 연예림)

Today’s prank : he will say that he won the lottery that he had it for a present from her she gave him the lottery for his birthday present it was freezing you are not mimicking Gu-ra Kim today
aren’t you? it’s just me today yeah right, we are not taking a film together so be natural, just be yourself you don’t look like Gu-ra Kim anymore as you wear outfit like this! do I look young? that’s enough would you like to go out on a date? (what?!) why do you keep trying to makeup a story for YouTube? (because these are all bait) wow..it’s too hot in here
I can’t even breath! (I can do everything for the success of my YouTube) you look so good today
getting better and better! (she seems like it) (she looks great indeed) (let’s get started) I do really appreciate to you indeed.. for what?
(she’s not interested yet) you are the savior of my life (for the YouTube video that I helped you last time?) (then what..?- what am I supposed to tell…
(making the serious mood) what do you want to tell me? (she’s getting interested in) – If we are not close together, I’d never see you again
– what are you talking about? (there must be something..) you suddenly become a millionaire? what is that? are you bringing all the stuffs for YouTube? do you remember the last time? you gave me the lottery for my birthday present what..? did I give you the lottery…?
(she doesn’t remember lololololololololol) you gave me the lottery! (she gets her memory back finally!) I just gave you that for celebrating Happy New Year (what…would she say if I won the lottery?) did you win the lottery? (he’s trying to get hesitated to saying words) You are not supposed to be here if you won the lottery (Googling on how much a winner can get for the lottery) (the prize money for this week hits the peak lol
how coincidence) would you believe it if I won the lottery? (she’s not seem like believing in him lolol) (can’t count on Gra yet) you should buy me at least a house
if you won the lottery! what if I got third place which is only about
KRW 1,500,000? you can have it all then
(she’s so generous lolol) what if I got the second place and have KRW 50,000,000? You can buy me nice dinner
that’s all I want then what if I got the first place and have KRW 2,900,000,000? That’s totally different story!
(she’s getting excited!) how much do you want if I got the first place? I won’t need that much
Just a small favor will be enough I wish for a car! (he’s about to open the briefcase to make her more excited) LOOK AT HER FACE
these are real money? These would be fake
I can’t believe it! did you do Xerox these fake money?
(these are all real money lolololol) (omg…these are real! I can smell it!) (can’t take her eyes off form the money) I know you’ve been working really hard
(can’t take her eyes off form the money) I’ve been always wanted to good things for you
once I become success (give her this much first) (her hands are stretched without hesitation lolol) (embarrassed that he doesn’t give it to her lol) are you serious you won the first place? you can have only this
lolololololololololololol are you kidding?
only KRW 50,000 for me? You gotta be kidding me!!!
Only KRW 50,000 for me? You won the first place but give me only KRW 50,000? Bring it back if you don’t like to take it she takes it back (Gra actually didn’t say that he won for
KRW 2,900,000,000) why are you still at here if you won the first place? huh? (take these first) (she’s counting money) (let’s take out more and give it to her) (she’s taking it first and seems very happy) (let’s take out more) (getting more excited) its less than KRW 1,000,000 ! if I give you KRW 30,000 more than it becomes
KRW 1,000,000 right? I can’t even afford to buy a second hand car! (calling from someone..?) (who’s calling to..?) My new BENZ is coming tomorrow? (BE…NZ…?) (she’s losing her words to say) she seems like telling something lol so..you are saying you bought a Benz? hello? sorry, I’d rather buy the Porsche next time (she loses her words to say) excuse me..? – its all thanks to you
– (wow….what…the…?) (I guess he’s not lying to me) (she’s so desperate lol) let’s get married! she’s getting crazy lol (she’s stopping Gra lol) I think this amount would be enough for you (she’s disappointed) (she’s very desperate lol) I can’t take off from this car! You are such an asshole!
How can you just give me this amount huh? You’ve won the first place and only share this amount ? You are such an asshole! To be honest, I just won the second place – how much you can get?
– KRW 50,000,000 (but she’s still so excited lol) what I’ve told you if you won the second place? you told me to give you 50,000 WON for doing your hair It’s all you can take Are you kidding me? hang on, I’m damn serious
stop making fun of me (let’s shimmer down) KRW 50,000,000 is also quite a big amount I just want you to show me small gratitude
that’s all I’d like to have a second hand car I want to have the Morning – you seem like to have a car indeed
– yes I do! hers is the lemon tea (tea in Korean has same pronunciation as a car) Bullshit! she gets really angry she does really believe that Gra won the second place I’ve never seen anyone won the lottery since I’ve giving it to everyone for presents – Thanks to you!
– What would I get in return then? – Please leave me alone
– I can’t just leave like this! where are you going!
You can’t just leave like that! (why are you trying to follow me?) (let’s have a talk lol) so you won the second place right? I’m telling you the truth
It’s real! (she’s very serious) – I thought that I should have told you
– Thank you for telling me the truth If I were you, I would not tell anyone that I won for a lottery I do really appreciate to you for telling me (If I’ve won the lottery….?) (why is she so serious all the sudden…?) I know you’ve been really working hard and you can also repay the bank loan you’ve borrowed You the one who helped me when I was really down I’ve been through a lot of troubles when I started YouTube right? But you were always there help me when I was in troubles I think you deserve for the things that you’ve helped me Are you saying that I’m deserved to have this money? I’m saying that I’m just very happy that you won the lottery. That’s all (she is just happy for me to have the better life) I mean it I’ve been thinking…and
I thought you prank to me (let’s listen more what she’s saying) To be honest, I gave you the lottery because I couldn’t afford to buy you the birthday present but I do really appreciate what you’ve done for me
(she’s been through a lot of difficulties) I wish that I could give you really good and expensive present but..I couldn’t afford it.. (it’s too sad to remind the time we’ve been working really hard and pass through all the difficulties) I’m just happy that you won the lottery
(she’s real angel…) The lottery gave you the present
that I’ve always wished to give you! That’s all I want I’m so touched… I do mean it I wish that you repay your bank loan with the money or do good things for you Help me one day you become success in your YouTube (promise…?) what are you doing? don’t you want to help me later? I couldn’t tell you the truth because you were so serious… this ….situation.. It’s a prank..prank.. I think I’m fucked up….. are you kidding me..?
you really want to die..? I was about to crying! (got a hit lol) I was telling you the truth!
All the stories that I’ve just told you is true! (chocking his neck) (she gets really angry lol) don’t cry! (she bursts out her crying) I’m sorry Ye-Rim! is it really a prank? I’d really like to take this briefcase Tissues are under the money see! (now she’s laughing) you can see all the tissues You idiot! (she’s crying again) (please wish me for the lottery!) we should success together! (swollen eyes) that’s money for my rental fee and insurance… I’m sorry lol lunch is on you you can see good dining there sushi dining..
(Gra got hit again lol) I’m just kidding because you are too serious! I felt so sorry to buy you the lottery for your birthday present! I wish that I could give you the better one! thank you Ye-rim You are the best! You will be success even if you don’t win the lottery a word pops in my head! You are my lottery she’s saying WOW
lolololololololololol you are so funny Ye-Rim! Your reaction was just too funny! anyway..we really wish for the success together we can do it! (please give a big love to Ye-rim 🙂

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  1. 예림씨 잘 될꺼에요!!!!
    이거보시는 분들~예림씨 모닝 중고 살수있게 얼른 유투브 구독 누르자! 조회도 이빠이 때리고

  2. 이런 친구 한명 있다는게 진짜 멋있다..생일때 돈없어도 로또라도 사주는 진심이 진짜 멋지신분이듯!!

  3. 예림님 정도면 ….무조건 잘되심… 그게 아니라도 진짜 멋진 남자라면 예림님 좋아할수밖에 없음… 포르쉐 선물이 아깝지 않을거같음…남친이라면.

  4. 예림씨가 진심으로 한말이..바로 "돈" 보다 "사람"을 얻는 가장 현명한 방법입니다^^.. 하지만 이런 몰카방법은 예림씨에게 마음속 깊이 작은 허탈감과 약간의 상실감을 남길수 있어요. 꼭 몰카후에 두분이 오래 이야기하셨길^^

  5. 진짜로 속아서 찍힌 영상이였으면 진심으로 착한 동생이네요.
    남인데 저렇게 진심으로 생각해주기 쉽지않습니다. 서로에게 더 잘해주시길 바래요 ㅎㅎ

  6. 와 진짜 요즘 이런여자 흔하지 않은뎅… 영상보는 내내 약간 진심이 느껴져서 나도 감동이였다 ㅠㅠㅠ

  7. 정말 잘 되었으면 좋겠습니다 예림님
    이제 방송에서 잘 챙겨 보겠습니다
    주말에 많은 생각을 하게 됩니다

  8. 결혼생활에서 제일 중요한 요소중 하나가
    부부간의 의리가 상당히 중요한데
    예림씨같은 분은 모든 남자들이 탐낼만한
    특급입니다 저런분 놓치면 평생 후회합니다 인정??

  9. 예림언니 너무 착해~ 그런의미로 저주세여~^^;; 그라오빠 반띵해여~😍
    이인맥 어려운일 있어도 이어가세여~

  10. I thought she was seriously gonna go straight gold digger mode through out but was pleasantly surprised to see she seems like a sweet person.

  11. 울산에서 북구명촌에서 술먹기전에 산 로또가 1등이.. 현대자동차 입사해서 다니다가 퇴사했습니다. 시발진짜 꿈만같네요

  12. 부럽다 물론 잘했으니 예림님도 고맙게생각 하겠죠 그래도 모르는사람은 모르던데..
    나도 예림님같은 친구…
    결혼할여자면 더좋캤다

  13. 그라양반 맹승지양 그렇게 막 대하지마소 혼납니다. ㅋㅋㅋ 어딜 여자를 막대해 몰카인데 ㅋㅋ 같은 유튜브로 몰카 서로서로 참여해 주자구요 속아도 주고 그래야죠 앙 그라띠~♡

  14. 한국방송사들은 개그맨들 전부 불러들어서 개그프로 다시 해야함다 ᆢ개그맨들 응원함다 ᆢ

  15. 여자 되게 소박하네
    겉보기엔 벤츠 아우디 끌고다닐것같은데 모닝하나로 만족하려하네ㅋㅋ
    저런여자 만나야되는데

  16. 저분 진짜 진국이네요.. 비싸고 멋있는 선물 사주고 싶었지만 돈이 어려워서 저런의미있는 선물해준거라니 ㅠㅠ 몰카보면서 감동 첨받아봄.. 평생 동생으로 잘해주세요!!

  17. 4:29 "우리 결혼하자!"
    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ역시 돈보다 힘이 센 물건은 없지ㅋㅋ 돈으로 못할게 뭐임??ㅋㅋㅋ

  18. 예리미 착하다 모닝 사줍시다.
    진짜 친구는 힘들때, 위로하는 친구보다
    내가 잘될때 축하해주는 친구라고 합니다.
    저 예림이란 분 진짜 멋지십니다.

  19. 저 여성분 진짜 요새 보기 드문 멋진 사람인 것 같아요.. 남의 행복을 진심으로 축하해준다는게 쉬워보이지만 또 쉬운 일은 아니거든요. 두 분 꼭 오래오래 좋은 인연 되시길 바래요! 그리고 여자분 복 많이 받으실거에요. 마음씨가 정말 너무 예쁘네요

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