eng)Good Looking Man and Woman Guest Pt.2 – Love Roulette(미남,미녀 게스트 2부-러브룰렛)

eng)Good Looking Man and Woman Guest Pt.2 – Love Roulette(미남,미녀 게스트 2부-러브룰렛)

He likes playing LOL.
00:00:08,920 –>00:00:10,040
Even today, I arrived,
00:00:10,040 –>00:00:11,560
But he doesn’t even look at me,
You met him today for the first time?
Then usually we say “Hi~”
But he said “Huh? Hello~” after playing LOL,
I was about to hit you with the spoon
I am so sorry, my hun is …like that.
(Good at concentrating)
But he’s not into house chorse at all except for the lover.
Right, I don’t really care about others.
But I am into my face.
(J/k) I am sorry.
There were many handsome people around Jju.
(but I am the best among them)
Then you wanna vote like we did at middle school?
(I think you don’t scare about home ground. lol)
U wanna go for a vote?
Because when we were middle school students,
We did a voting when we met friends.
We are the most handsome among our squad,
Alright, Jju is No.1 show me your cute posture.
Hey, Jju is a winner.
Sik is #1, Fairy is #2.
Let’s see who’s more handsome on chatroom! Type #1 or #2!
Alright, show us something cute
Should I do that?
(it’s my homeground)
Do it now!
Let’s see if you can beat me.
I will go slowly as you’re a guest.
Hey, who are you?
(Jeju girl? I am watchin’ you.)
Alright, I am GG because it’s your broadcasting.
Right, you cannot beat me. Lol
(Chatroom #1, #1, #1)
Hey, turn it off.
I cannot do this. Lol
I am done, bye. Lol
But he’s very handsome.
#1, I don’t need that!
We are always like this.
When we vote that who’s more handsome,
We are always tie.
Then let’s ask to general people.
Who’s the best? Only with looking
Alright, there’s no wealth and bf or gf.
(it’s already fixed! Answer is Sik!)
Okay, let’s call the amanger.
Alright, Jju, you say first.
Alright, then do it!
(Answer is already chosen! Sik!)
You guys cannot fight!
We are not gonna fight with this small thing. Lol
(matter of the pride)
(here) it doesn’t really make sense if you beat me.
Then let’s ask after gathering all the staffs.
Alright, then let’s talk first.
Sorry, becuase……..my hun is…of course….ha…nd..s..
(I wanna drink alcohol suddenly)
Don’t be upset, fairy Lol
Woodcutter, I am not gonna get hurt. Say it.
We are playing always like this. Sometimes he wins, and sometimes I win.
U can say it without hesitating.
I think this broadcasting doesn’t fit me lol
Who’s more handsome?
Sik #1, Fairy #2
You can just tell your style.
1:1 score, Lol
Alright, three guys come inside.
Who’s more handsome? #1, #2?
(3/1) #1!
(3/2) of course, #1!
I think you’re using your power!
(3/3) #2!
Alright, let’s finish. It’s 4:2. Lol
(always similar)
We were always so close
I think you won today~
I admit it, because it’s your broadcasting.
I am gonna turn on my channel,
I will create my channel on YouTube lol
Come to my channel, later!
Alright, let’s do this later again!
I am gonna accept all Gays!
How much is for enema at pharmacy? Lol
It costs 200won, shit Lol
I am gonna give you the one for free, I have it at home. Lol
I am sorry.
I am the slave of money.
Hey, Na (viewer’s nickname), I will be as a guest if I stay until the next time.
Then you are gonna come here with Na
(viewer’s nickname)?
Yup! If Na(viewer’s nickname) comes, I will!
And then you guys will kiss together? Lol
Wait…. ;;;
If you come here, I will let you play Love Jenga with fairy.
Hun, are you okay with that?
(it’s just for fun braodcasting)
Of course, I am okay.
(it is just a broadcasting)
I am gonna help him…I cannot kiss with guy.
I wasn’t expecting that I have to say “I am okay” Lol
You are not a real man?!
We’re gonna start the pt.2!
We will act instead of too much talking.
We will help them actively!
(preparing for pt.2)
(Viewer) your cheek fat is soooo attractive, don’t go on a diest. Cry cry 🙁
As I got lots of cheek fats,
Well, Jju and woodcutter went restroom,
Do you wanna listen to coming out story that Sik did?
Sik’s coming out story.
Sik was really close with me.
We met when we were 14yo!
We played game and studied together. lol
We were that much close~
But Sik was avoiding me suddenly.
At that time, I was young.
So I was kinda confused.
Hey! Why u don’t talk to me?
And Sik said “there’s a reason.”
He just avoided talking.
But he met other friends except me.
He met all other friends,
But without me.
So I sent him a msg “what are you doing right now?”
And we fought hard.
Then Sik said
“Do you wanna come to the park?”
So I went out,
And we met, “actually, I am gay. ” he said so.
And then you gotta say it. lol
“I actually like men!”
I can understand..it’s possible…
But, Sik…
Don’t come to me closer
Well, Sik told me so, and I felt like,
He’s approaching…towards me. Lol
Don’t even touch me!!! Don’t come to me closer!! Lol
He said so. lol
So I was gonna fighting if he comes closer lol
Right, we were almost fighting for the first time, haha
(viewer) awww I love his appearance and love his dialects!
I am using dialects too much becuz of you!
(viewer) Sik, show us sexy posture or face!
Do it! Show them!
Sexy is like this!
I am sorry, lol
You should a reasonable reason!
I didn’t know that as I am a novice.
Who she ordered the sexy posture?
Where’s sexy?
Show us, fairy! We are failed!
I am…5mins um…
Will you finally reveal your six packs?
Sorry, (actually I don’t have one)
I am not doing sit-ups.
Oh, I am just doing push up only. Lol
I am gonna show you when I do sit-up!
To explain the game,
Rotate the roulette
And there will be a number.
It’s #9 and #5.
Then find the glass which number was written.
For example, unfold the paper on the #9 class.
With each number, penalty paper can be single or plural.
You can pick your fav paper and unfold it.
Let’s look at the penalty paper.
Try to follow the famous line.
There’s um,
Pepero game, ice kiss…we have like these.
I think ice kisses are the most naughty one.
Well, it’s no fun if we get this penalty
It will be fun if woodcutter and fairy lose
Alright! I just applied the lip balm.
Why don’t we eat cherry with erotic face with this game?
You gotta show us and say it. lol
Let’s see first!
It’s gonna be embarrassed…
I just can’t do that…
(fans) you guys are couple? A woman and red shirt guy.
No, no!
Then 1st day since today?!
We are preparating for it.
00:10:37,912 –>00:10:39,440
We just met today for the first time.
We are playing with only saying hello to each other. lol
One couple team will rotate once.
Choose one.
(pepero game, dance or cute motion)
What about this for pepero game!
Us and them
If someone loses, they will drink bomb shot!
You cannt drink all for residue!
Don’t move!
Lmao residue
I can’t see it well, show me oppa.
Ah, this one?! (hoot)
(we just met today for the first time)
Dust…!?it’s easy.
We won!
I think we are similar.
We lost. Because if it’s similar, we are lost. We’re a couple.
OMG……at the first meeting…gosh…
Good job!
They are freaking good at it!
Are you sure u met her for the first time today?
It’s been only an hour and a half…omg
It’s just a game~I think I love him Lol
We’re gonna drink it…
00:12:21,632 –>00:12:23,352
I envy her.
If you come here next time, I will do it for you. Lol
I will do it for you!
Are you jealous?
You are so bad~
Understand it, it’s just a business. Lol
Alright, remaining penalty is a dance!
Play the kitty song~
Try to make a cat sounds~
Together, miao, miao, miao~
My heart is beating~ boom boom boom~
I am falling for your smile~
I can’t see it. sorry!
Fairy’s penalty: 300 karaokes~
Woodcutter’s penalty: 5times kiss as you want!
The place I want, right?
Nope he’s desiring place. lol
If you wanna do it down there, you can. lol
Then we are gonna hide it? lol
Alright, we will do this penalty first.
300 Karaokes!
If there’s 300(30,000KRW) sponsorship, you sing, if not, penalty shot!
Fyi, fairy is freaking good at singing!
Reason +1
What song are you gonna sing?
Reason +1
Omg 2 people!
I don’t really like the song.
I will sing one more song!
Only verse 1!
Let’s start the 2nd penalty!
I am gonna take off the clothes first
she will kiss here.
wait…(it’s broadcasting)
5 times, okay?
Well, it’s fine for man to take off the top. lol
(i am the problem…)
It’s fine, as you are a man. Don’t worry. lol
Do it, then.
Why? We didn’t lose!
Let’s go!
It’s fine except for neck.
First of all…
We can hide it!
Viewers should watch it too!
I think I am not happy with it!
We can’t hide it! Let’s go!
Take off! Hurry up!
Oppa, should I unzip it?
Five times.
Viewer) Sik’s so cute!!! Lol
What about me?>_
Say something without showing teeth.
How do you feel today?
So good~
Anyway you are doing that, but me…
It’s for role-playing…
At school, only two of us left,
And you confess me.
You’re #1 at school, and I am a jerk.
Yup, you are gonna confess me.
I am a loser, and I am studying alone right now.
(#1 is trying to confess to loser….)
Why are you hurting me?
What are you doing?
Lollll I am gonna drink…
How you can pick this kind of penalty?
I can’t focus on the mindset.
Oh, please…
Role-playing. Lollll
Me? Pepero game!!!
(role-playing) let’s pick again.
No way. Let’s go for the pepero game first.
Argh, it’s long. we won!
We are gonna drink I guess. Let’s pourt first. Lol
We wont for this one, right? lol
We gotta do the role-playing… right?
Let’s do like this.
You are the prettiest and richest in the world.
And you are walking on the street.
And you are the worst and ugliest and jerk. But you are falling in love with me.
And trying to catch his number.
Omg, his coughing is beautiful as well!
(too much focusing)
Hey, with your face, are you fine?!
Hi, I saw you from far distance, but you are pretty.
Can you give your number?
You look ill :’( you keep coughing.
I am really good at taking care of illness.
Ah, really? Can I show your attraction?
all.of. Sudden?
Ah, try to be more sexy~
Noona~ give me your number~
What’s the friendship?
Like Hakuku said,
I don’t think i expect too much from him,
And he doesn’t have to expect.
We are long-term friends for 13yrs so far,
So we don’t expect anything from each other.
I like you because it’s you!
Let’s drink~
I think it’s done~
It sounds really beautiful to me.
I am quite fluttering
U wanna do it w/me? lol
I am gonna think about it lol
Hun, are you okay?
Oppa, sorry. Lol
I was dumped. Lol
I knew it…
fan) watermelon is yummy?
Yes, it is!
Dear fan, should I kiss with woodcutter? lol
For 5 secs!
Lie detector.
5 secs kiss from the first time meeting…Lol
It’s too much~
You can drink if you can’t do that.
Argh, he’s drinking more alcohol.
If you can’t you can drink it.
If you really can’t!
I can, but if other part cannot do that, other part’s gonna drink.
Who’s gonna ask?
You, oppa.
I wanna do it with girl who sitting next to me.
Of course, it’s YES!
(false) it was all fake!!!
It was an acting video for all the broadcasting!
Ah, right! maybe?!
Let’s see how 5 secs kiss look like, lol
Hold on!
(if you kiss) you can change your mind!
Then, can you send some attacks?
From here? lol
If you can’t drink. But fyi, soju/beer ratio is 5:5.
I gotta drink all, right?
Can you accept it?
Then you should drink.
Well, let’s think about it again!
Can you accept the kiss?
I will like it so much!
Can you do it? lol
Kiss and quick kiss are different.
Omg……… fans are………woodcutter….
Alright, let me count 5 secs.
Quick kiss and kiss.
Right example of quick kiss.
Right example of kiss)
If you can’t do it in 10secs you will just drink.
Hun, come here.
Ah?! You will go up?
Wait… it’s so goood!
When we kiss, do it like that, it’s so sexy!
Good job! High five!
fan) did they meet last time? I think it’s not the first time!
fan) they met today?! Are you sure?
Seriously, guys…they met today for the first time. lol
Yeah, it’s true.
From a woman who I met for the first time…
I tasted her tongue…omg lol
Lollll me too…. lol
It’s possible….
It’s possible…lol
( i just can’t think many things right now)
Alright, reasonable kiss is okay? As I sent so many balloons!
As it’s happy here, then decide here or there.
Fairy and woodcutter couple or Jju&Sik couple!
Hey,! Wait! Think about it again!
Are you satisfying yourself in earnest?!?!
Me? I was picked for reasonable karaoke!
200 resonable karaoke!!!!
5 times quick kiss to desired place!
The logic of kiss in the drinking game.
Then 200 reasonable karaoke!!!
I am gonna sing a song what I want!
What will you choose between cute dance vs. real dance
Lemme know what’s the difference.
It’s like cute dance.
And dance is like this.
Which song? Just say it.
Sexy dance?!?!?!
Cute~ you got it~
Love shot on the top of partner.
‘Of course game’ at three questions.
From my questions?
“I think they fit very well.”
Of course.
I think they are gonna making love tonight.
Of course.
I think they will do XXX tonight as well.
Of course! 🙂

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