English Sports Lesson – Talking About Your Favorite Sport in English – Practicing English

What’s your favorite sport?
I like playing basketball and swimming.
How good you at basketball?
I’m not that bad, and I can swim pretty well too. What about you?
I enjoy swimming, but I prefer playing golf. I’m pretty good at it.
Really? What’s your handicap?
It’s 4 on our local golf course.
I am impressed.
Are you football fan?
Yes, I go to the stadium whenever there’s a good game,
and if I can’t buy a ticket, I watch the game on TV.
Is the ticket expensive? How much for one?
I paid about $25 last time.
Okay. That’s not very expensive.
Yeah. We can go together sometime. It’ll be fun!
Sure. Let me know when.
I think Americans are crazy!
What? Why do you think so?
Well, they play football and they call it soccer.
You guys play football and call it rugby!
Well, your football is rugby, and your soccer is football.
Norman, it’s America. We don’t follow the British rules.
And I don’t understand baseball at all. Why is the
bat like a stick? Have you ever seen a cricket bat?
A cricket bat? That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard.
A cricket can’t bat, it’s an insect!
Oh Victor! You don’t know anything
about sports in the rest of the world.
Yo Sammy! Do you know we’re playing the qualifiers tomorrow?
Really? I thought it was the day after!
No man, it’s tomorrow, and if we win,
we’re gonna compete in statewide!
That’s cool man! You’re on the team, aren’t you?
Yeah. I am the quarterback.
Good luck homie! I hope you guys win the game.
Thanks man! Say what? You gonna be there watching us?
Uh… I dunno man. What time is the game?
Okay bro! I’ll be there. See ya!
In golf, the ‘handicap’ is a special advantage given to
other players when they compete with a better player.
It is the number of strokes deducted from their total.
It’s the game before the actual competition which is used to
filter the best talent or teams for the main competition.
Compete in the statewide – It means that the person or team
will be competing with other teams from all over their state.
Quarterback is a position that a player
takes on the field in American football.
Homie is a slang word often used for a close friend. It is
commonly used for childhood friends or friends you grew up with.

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