[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.18

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.18

[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[The 2nd part of the arcade olympics]
This is very exciting.
– Yeah.
– I agree.
Jin and Rap Monster are currently in 1st place.
This day has finally come.
That’s amazing.
[The results from the last olympics]
[- 1st round: Pump -]
[1. Jin 2. Jimin 3. Jung Kook 4. Suga 5. Rap Monster 6. V 7. J-Hope]
[1. Rap Monster 2. J-Hope 3. Jung Kook 4. V 5. Jimin 6. Jin 7. Suga]
[Targeting Suga]
You have no skills at all.
I’m really bad at games.
I feel even more excited,
– so should we continue?
– Give us the next game!
[Is it a gun game?]
The next game is the car racing game.
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[Round 3 – Car game]
There’s someone who doesn’t have their license.
Raise your hand if you don’t have a license.
[Surrendering 2]
Oh gosh!
I’ve been driving for 7 years now.
– You drive a lot.
– Jin is a really great driver.
[Jin is the king of driving]
It’s been 7 years.
Let’s start now!
The 3rd game is racing! Go go!
[It’s a 2 team tournament so that this game can go by quickly]
– Let’s take a look.
– You have to choose your car.
– No not yet.
– There’s a 40 second time limit.
Wow, this car is so cool.
This is not the car I wanted.
This is not the car I wanted!
This is a sports car! What is this?!
[Using that car to play]
There are so many distractions because it’s his first time playing.
You have to win!
[Same game…]
What is this?
[Different vibe]
Nice! This car is so fast.
This… This can’t keep up!
He’s catching up!
[He’s doing a lot better than expected]
– He’s catching up!
– You’re doing well!
Oh! He’s catching up.
I’m going in the course!
He went in!
[Jin is confused]
The tables have turned!
This is a close game!
You have to win here.
Wow! It’s going!
That car is too fast!
[The sports car won the game]
[Don’t think it’s fair]
Shouldn’t I have the time to choose what car I want to drive?
[Only the car itself looks different]
The speed is the same.
The next team!
[The beagle line]
[V VS. J-Hope]
J-Hope, should I win?
Are you ready?
[Let the best drivers compete!]
[Thought that they were filming a kid’s movie]
Let’s go!
[Wow! Driving with one hand]
Oh~ He’s on the 3rd gear from the start.
That’s great.
V is pretty good!
Hey! V is really good.
J-Hope, you’re getting farther away from him.
[J-Hope caught up to V]
[A sharp curve!]
– J-Hope!
– Oh gosh~
[Their skills are about the same. Who will win?]
He passed the line!
[The tables have turned and J-Hope won]
Oh! He won. That was fast.
[Did you see that?]
[J-Hope, I’ll accept that]
[He just won the 1st round, but he’s having a ceremony]
[The people who do not have their license are competing against one another]
– Let’s start. – Wow. How…
[Rap Monster VS. Jimin]
– Hey! Give him your fist.
Press the gas pedal, and you’ll start right away.
Put it up!
– Jimin, you have to put it up.
– It doesn’t go up.
– Put it down.
– Jimin…
– Put it down?
[Blue flag or white flag?]
Put it down, put it up, put it down, put it up!
Put it up twice!
Jimin, put it down. Rap Monster, put it up!
Why are you going back and forth?
[Their skills are similar, but Rap Monster is in the lead]
Jimin is getting the hang of it.
[I should film this]
We’re almost at the end.
I’ve never seen Rap Monster this serious.
[Me too]
Stop it!
Hey, Rap Monster’s chin is all the way over here.
[His chin comes forward when he’s serious]
Okay, 3 minutes and 57 seconds.
[Rap Monster won!
You’re not in last place though.
[If you don’t have a license like Rap Monster, you must only play car games]
[After playing rock, paper, scissors, Jung Kook and Suga are in the semi-finals]
[So serious]
– Okay, it’s starting.
– Let’s go!
Jin had a faster start.
Jung Kook didn’t play this yet, so he has to get the hang of it.
[Eyes are shaking]
The tables have turned.
[Eyes are shaking]
Jung Kook would speed when he needs to,
[I’m really good with dynamic control]
and slow down when it’s necessary.
[Jung Kook beat Jin!]
Jin would’ve won if he just went straight.
– He wasn’t able to finish it off well.
– What a bummer.
He was blocking the street.
[J-Hope and Rap Monster are in the 2nd semi-finals]
Hey, that’s a good idea.
We’ll start the semi-finals now!
[J-Hope is good at speeding]
[Excited all of a sudden]
Hey, where are you?
[Calling him by his name because he’s so mad]
I can’t see J-Hope!
His car stopped.
[Destructive Monster tries to break the walls]
Hey, just give up.
Where is Rap Monster?
[Rap Monster is driving the wrong way]
Where is J-Hope?!
[J-Hope beats Rap Monster]
It’s over!
We will go to the finals now.
[It’s the finals! J-Hope VS. Jung Kook]
I’ll show you what a real race looks like.
Give one another a fist bump.
[One more time?]
Let’s do this!
[So serious]
Hey! You guys are both so good.
– Hope, that’s great.
– You’re doing a great job.
Jung Kook is taking the lead!
[Their skills come very close]
[You’re pretty good]
Oh~ Hope, you’re good at blocking me.
Hope has potential to be a racer.
[Tables have turned]
[The finals are a lot more fun]
[J-Hope is the winner for round 3]
I accept that you’re a true racer.
Hope, you’re the best racer in Gwangju.
When J-Hope wore a racing uniform during “DOPE”, it foreshadowed that he was a racer.
[He can’t concentrate because he’s having his own ceremony]
Yeah, he wore a racing uniform during “DOPE”.
That was my vision.
[Still have to do round 4]
J-Hope is in the lead!
This is no joke.
He’s has instincts for speeding.
I think everything will be edited, and only the finals will be shown.
[No… Everyone was shown]
[The ranking]
[- Round 3 : Car game -]
[1. J-Hope 2. Jung Kook 3. Rap Monster, Jin 4. V, Sugar, Jimin]
Should we go onto the last competition?
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
Let’s go to the last game!
– We’re playing a lot of games today.
– Yeah.
– We’re already at our 4th game. The last game!
– What’s the last game?
What is the last game for the arcade Olympics?
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[- Round 4: Table hockey game -]
[The ranking will be decided by games that are 1:1]
[The first players who will play table hockey are Suga and J-Hope]
2, 3 start!
Let’s start easy in the beginning.
[What is this?…]
Are you a fool?
– He’s fake.
– What are you doing?
This is all about timing. It’s a fight to see who’s the most sensible.
I think Suga will be last place.
[I can’t be in last place…]
Suga, you’re supposed to play like this.
– I’m really bad at this.
– It’s 1 to 0. J-Hope has 1 point.
[J-Hope receives 2 points in no time]
– This is hilarious.
– Are you guys foolish?
[No… This is not it…]
Sugar is really bad at this game.
You’re supposed to do it like this!
[It’s a close game]
[Goes in all of a sudden]
You’re not allowed to grab it,
but it’s okay if you do it all of a sudden.
[It’s not valid if you hold onto the puck for more than 2 seconds]
[Slides in]
[J-Hope is winning at 4:0 all of a sudden]
It’s 4:0. I just need 1 more point.
[So loud]
[Will the tables turn?]
[J-Hope wins the first round of table hockey]
That was perfect.
I think Suga should never come back to the arcade.
[Jung Gook and V play the 2nd round]
I’ve lost to V so many times in this game.
Ready! Start!
Don’t you think you’re hitting it too hard?
[Hey, come over here]
I’m sorry.
Let’s give the other side a point if you hit it off the table.
I’ll give the other side a point if I hit it out.
Jung Gook 1:0.
– Lets start now.
– Okay.
We’ll begin now.
– This is how you draw attention.
– Didn’t you say that you were good?
[Incase he got hurt]
[Are they worried or happy?]
[Jin is in pain]
Who hit that?
He hit it.
No… [Worried]
[I’m sorry]
[Everyone should be civil]
Keep your hands together.
[Getting past the chaos, Jung Kook makes a point]
[A close game]
[V scores 1 point]
Is it 2:1?
[The oldest member is being polite]
[V’s defense is amazing!]
[It got caught?]
Hey, take it out!
I’m going to have a single-round victory.
[When in while he was being careless]
[A close game as V and Jung Gook hit and receive the puck]
3:2. You’re winning!
-It’s 3:3.
– 3:3.
My arms are too short.
If it goes in one more time, he will lose.
[Even more nervous…]
[V scores 1 more point]
– This is one round!
– Deuce.
[Defense is made of iron]
[You can hear the puck hitting the walls…]
The tables have turned!
[Total score 5:4]
[V wins!]
You’re so good.
[Jin and Jimin play the 3rd round of table hockey]
[Full of desire]
He’s playing by himself.
[Do I have to hit it like this…?]
[He’s in a trance and busy by himself]
Wow! That was amazing.
He hit it 7 times and it went in.
[Is he playing the game or trying to get him angry?]
[Thanks to him, Jung Kook is laughing]
[Laughing hysterically]
[The BTS kids look like they’re having a blast in the arcade]
Hey, this is the most fun!
[Jimin is calm and continues to play the game]
Jimin is good! He knows how to play this game.
[Did you see that?]
That was cool!
[I got a point]
[Did you see that?]
He’s crying!
– It’s 2:2.
– He’s crying.
[I can’t hold back my tears…]
– Why are you crying?
– This is great~
No, he’s just laughing at his himself.
– Jimin is good.
– We’ll start now.
[He heard that he was good, and gives a point to the opponent]
[It’s sad to see Jimin do horribly… But Jin is still crying]
Hey! Jimin, you’re going to lose!
I guess the Gods are really on Jin’s side.
[Jimin is keen, but he still can’t get a point]
[This is not it…]
[What is this?!]
[I couldn’t say a word… I lost]
Okay, come on out.
[Rap Monster and J-Hope won rock, paper, scissors, and are now in the semi-finals]
[A clean hit]
[I’m Rap Monster]
[You’re pretty good]
[Trying to distract him]
His arms are so long!
Rap Monster has long arms.
[Rap Monster is at an advantage because of his long arms]
He’s good!
[Rap Monster is finding a lot of his skill at the arcade]
The puck was moving so fast.
The puck was moving so quickly.
Hotteok! (Sugar filled pancakes)
[Tried to confuse him with the hotteok, but they’re tied at 2:2]
[Rap Monster receives 1 point]
That was sharp!
I’m going crazy!
[His hands are busy]
[His arm are so long]
His arm comes all the way here.
It’s 4:2!
[Instead of talking about hotteok, he’s trying to utter an exclamation]
[Speaking of hotteok, it went in]
This is fun~
I’m going to lose if I keep on talking about hotteok.
[Rap Monster beats J-Hope]
– You’re so good!
– Let’s go onto the finals.
[Jin VS. V]
Hey! He’s really good.
When you contain yourself…
[Making a huge fuss]
It’s 1:1.
Your guys’ skills are pretty similar.
[Attacking as a pact]
– It’s the same as having no skills at all.
– This is driving me crazy.
– What’s the score?
– 2:1.
[Jin has been playing this game by himself]
– What is he doing?
– He’s hitting it and receiving it by himself.
It’s 3:2.
[He’s satisfied with how he’s playing the game]
[He’s pretty good]
It’s 3:3.
[His glare has changed]
A surprise attack!
You should do a surprise attack too!
– Talk, and all of a sudden…
– Make an old man joke.
[Should I?]
Hey, you…!
[He doesn’t make a joke, and just attacks instead!]
[V beats Jin, 5:3]
[The finals that people have been waiting for]
[Rap Monster VS. V]
[Are you throwing it, or hitting it?]
Please be calm.
Hotteok! Hotteok power!
This really seems like the finals.
– It’s 1:1.
– This is boring.
[Rap Monster catches him off guard and attacks]
This is the hotteok from Ilsan!
[V is calm when he attacks!]
You’re good at using your hands! Studying! Huh?!
You study with your brain.
Is it 3:0? He’s leading the game.
[A sudden attack!]
This is what you call a yaksik. (Sweet rice with nuts)
– It’s very threatening.
– Rap Monster’s arms are so long.
[What is this?]
Hey, isn’t this too boring?
– It’s 4:1.
– Hey, put it in! I’ll stay still.
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[Rap Monster wins round 4 of table hockey]
– He’s in 1st place!
– I won?
I’m the judge for today.
Wow! I won!
Out of all the people who lost, how do we find out the losers?
We have to arrange the losers.
[Sugar and Jimin compete in order to find the loser]
The 2 people who are unskilled…
He’s good at attacking.
You lose if you’re careless.
I’m getting the hang of this.
[Jimin receives 1 point]
[Trying to grab his attention]
[The oldest member has been in pain since before]
You’re so cheap!
– He’s doing a lot better.
– It’s 2:1.
[This is a close game…]
[They’re tied at 2:2]
It’s 2:2.
[Who will be in last place?]
It’s fun if you do it like this.
[Jimin is put in last place instantly]
[This is not it…]
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[- Ranking for table hockey -]
[1. Rap Monster 2. V 3. Jin & J-Hoppe 5. Jung Kook 6. Suga 7. Jimin]
What are the results?
Rap Monster is in 1st place.
I’m in 1st place!
There’s a present?
[What is this?]
[There’s a gift for the 1st place winner!]
[Looking forward to it]
Open it up.
It seems as though he doesn’t really like it.
I’ll enjoy this.
– Okay, let’s go onto the 2nd place winner.
– Is there a prize for the 2nd place winner?
[Is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place winner important?]
– Let’s just go to the person in last place.
– You don’t have to talk about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th place winner.
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[Suga is in 7th place]
[- BTS’s unskilled member -]
Two people will receive the punishment.
– Really?
– Really?
So we will choose 1 more person.
It’s obviously me.
[Why am I always right when I have a bad feeling about something]
Why is it 2 people?
What’s the the punishment?
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]
[- The ranking for the gun game -]
[1. Rap Monster 2. Jung Kook&J-Hope 4. Jin 5. Jimin 7. Suga]
[What is today’s punishment? Russian roulette with a balloon]
You can do it first.
– The winner has to do it first.
– Doesn’t the winner get to choose?
You have to finish it off well.
Take off your hat.
We had a great time today.
I had a great time today, and we’ll be back again next time.
You should go a bit closer. Isn’t this too far?
Bye everyone.
– This is really scary.
– This is insane.
I’ll see you guys on the next “Run BTS”.
I’ll see you guys on the next episode!
[His eyes got extremely big!]
Good job everyone.
You’re more unskilled than I am.
[Run BTS will continue! See you guys next time]
Bye everyone~
[Run BTS – Arcade Olympics]

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