Enver Gjokaj 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp Case Study

Enver Gjokaj 60-Day Lifehack Bootcamp Case Study

I was pretty skeptical that it could work
for me– my life is a Rubik’s Cube, so I
quite often find out what’s going to happen
with my day that day.
So I was like “what system could actually
work for that?”
And I was so surprised to find that this worked
for me, that this actually helped me manage
Helped me figure out how to surf the wave:
just find balance and direction and prioritize
and deprioritize and give me functional tools
to actually just do it on—programs.
When I came into the bootcamp, I had professional
and personal projects piling up—and then
my normal day job was just not just 9-5 it
was 8am to 10pm—so this is a time in my
life when everything normally would have crashed.
AND I was taking the bootcamp on top of that!
It helps you manage chaos, and just like a
soldier, you have a routine they drill it
into you.
And so when the bullets start flying, just
the same way the soldiers have been trained
to you know do certain things/do certain protocols,
I’m ready now.
When everything explodes in my life, there’s
a protocol and all I have to do is go back
to that.
What I love is that it is built around the
idea that chaos will happen, right?
Because there’s a lot of systems—my own
systems—that I’ve tried, that never work.
And so this system is about when things go
wrong, when something in your day explodes,
when everything is not going your way, what
are the protocols you return to?
To prioritize, to organize, and then to create
a path forward.
My name is Enver Gjokaj I’m an actor freelancer
and all-around chaotic individual.

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  1. im depressed and nervous every day 😐 i cant deal so much every day, is there any tips for that ?? i want to live normal like others but i cant 😕😖 thanks Greets

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