64 thoughts on “Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon – Mellotronik – Toucher la lumière”

  1. oh la la la que c bon
    ya du matos entres les vox et autres engins
    la gratte sonne incroyablement bien
    cette song est une tuerie
    un multi talent bien joue mon pote

  2. @svingos Merci pour les compliments, je vois que nous partageons la même passion.
    Bravo pour ce que tu fais à toi aussi.

  3. @MrMellotronik

    Et que penses-tu de cette guitare ? De la finition ? Je recherche une Casino mais comme je devrais la commande (Epi est peu distribué), j'ai peur de me trouver devant une guitare médiocre en déballant le collis…

    A part ça, j'aime beaucoup cette chanson et bravo pour le choix des armes.

  4. @ChurchillCigar J'en suis extrêmement content. La finition est vraiment chouette, la couleur bois naturel non vernis donne un côté atypique à l'instrument. Sa lutherie est irréprochable. Le son des P90 est excellent. Le micro manche est très chaleureux, très chouette pour les sons clairs et le jeu en arpège. Le micro chevalet est plus agressif sans pour autant faire mal aux oreilles. Pour les rythmiques crunchy c'est l'idéal. Tu peux l'acheter les yeux fermés. Merci pour ton commentaire !

  5. Man, this guitar is gorgeous!Also got a very sweet and warm tone!Sounds slightly different to its std version, has some more precision.And, well, the song goes well along with the guitar too!Awesome!I don't know if I can get one here, if it ever get imported…my country would really overprice this, that's too sad…thx!

  6. I have one of those. With a proper setup, it is now my #1 electric (and I have a bunch of nice ones!) Nice tune, nice tone.

  7. Hourrah pour le solo de guitare. Mais aussi très jolie chanson et magnifique arrangement. Elle paraît si simple, la musique jouée ainsi. Bravo !

  8. @artmajo @artmajo @artmajo Hello, the cd isn't on itunes for the moment but the nex album will be on it. For the moment you can hear my music on my website.

  9. @Wodey25 I've got a good new for you my band changes name, now it's called : Luxodeon !
    It's more easier ton pronounce it in english 🙂

  10. @sonny72562 Thanks for your comments. I'm very glad to know that my music crosses boundaries of languages !

  11. @PreacherofArrakeen Thanks a lot ! I agree with you, this guitar is a good choice to play pop and rock music.

  12. Noo…it will be way too pricey…the cheaper way is to travel abroad and bring it along with me. Very sad, just bought an tribute les paul with p-90's and having a lot of fun! Even can sound a bit like that! Thanks!

  13. for some luck i got my first music contract and got money to buy gear so I'm about to get 2 epiphones a john lenon inspired and a 52 aniversary sheraton but the problem is to decide wich colour wich since from a stetic point of view they both look almoust the same I really like the sunburst on the sheraton but im not so hot for the natural,on the casino and have them both on the same finish doesnt make that much sence so i dont know what to chose.have you ever regret of the choise on the colour?

  14. A year ago I was looking at getting either a semi or full hollow body guitar. This video sold me on the Casino, absolutely loved the tone. I ordered an Elitist Casino from Sweetwater and a year later it still is my number one guitar, plugged in or played acoustic it shines. Thank you MrMellotronik for the inspiration.

  15. Hey, such a great song! I stumbled upon it whilst searching through every video of soundsamples for a Epiphone Casino that I was in the process of buying unseen (I later did – it's a great guitar. 94 Peerless. Awesome.)
    Anyways, this might sound like a stupid question but I'm curious on how you get the pianosound played at 2:39–2:41. I really adore it. I'm not a pianoplayer, but do you use any effects? A particular pianomodel etc? Playingtechnique?

  16. Are you still working on this? Or something new? I'm checking out this video every now and then since 2010. would be cool if you'd still be active.

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