Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino Review & Demo

Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino Review & Demo

Hi again everyone, thanks
for joining us on 2tu Guitars,
this week’s video, we’re
gonna feature a Beatle guitar
and it’s the Epiphone Inspired
By John Lennon Casino.
[intro music]
So before we get into
the spec of the guitar,
let’s just talk about The
Beatles and Epiphone Casinos.
We all know on stage, The Beatles used
Rickenbackers, Gretsches and Hofners,
whilst in the studio, they
used a variety of guitars.
The only guitar that each of
the guitar-playing Beatles
used was an Epiphone Casino,
Paul McCartney was the first
one to get an Epiphone Casino
and he got one in 1964,
the Gibson records tell us,
that it was shipped in November of 1962.
Paul’s guitar featured a
smaller, Gibson-style headstock,
George and John’s featured
the large Epiphone-style headstock,
George and John’s Epiphone
Casinos were almost identical,
one of the major differences
was that George’s had a Bigsby tailpiece
and John’s had a Trapeze tailpiece.
In 1968, when The Beatles were in India,
John had his recently-stripped
Casino with him.
In the now famous, Apple rooftop concert,
John played his Epiphone Casino,
while George played
his Rosewood Telecaster
and Paul his Hofner Bass.
In 2009, Epiphone released
the Inspired By John Lennon Casino,
it came in two finishes,
the Sunburst pre-stripped version
and the Natural version.
So the Epiphone Inspired
By John Lennon Casino,
this is a 2009 version
and it was made in China,
the body is made of laminated maple,
as you can see, it has two F-Holes,
it has two Gibson P90 Pickups
in the neck and bridge,
it has a Trapeze tailpiece
with a Tune-O-Matic bridge
and a three-way toggle switch
with the black, circular surround,
just like John Lennon’s
and volume and tone controls
for the neck and bridge pickups.
It comes with a three-ply
pick guard, which is optional
and is included in the
case, not on the guitar.
The neck is made of maple,
it has a rosewood fingerboard
and pearloid parallelogram inlays,
it has 22 Medium Jumbo frets
and the neck Profile is a Slim D Taper
and the scale length is 24
and three-quarter inches,
that’s from the nut to the bridge,
the headstock is the large
Epiphone-style headstock
with gold Grover tuners
and a John Lennon
drawing on the headstock.
The truss rod cover
features the Epiphone E,
the strap button is at the
neck, it’s a set-neck guitar.
So we’ll give you a little
introduction to the pickups
and the amp we’re using
today is our old friend,
the Fender Tweed Bronco from the mid-’90s.
As you can see, the jack input
is top-mounted on the body,
we’ll start off with the neck pickup.
[guitar playing]
So that was the neck pickup
and now we’ll go to the middle position,
which is a combination of
the neck and bridge pickups.
[guitar playing]
So that was the middle position
with the neck and bridge pickups together
and now we’ll go into the third position,
which is the bridge pickup on its own.
[guitar playing]
So that was the bridge pickup
and that was just a little
introduction to the pickups
and to what they sound like.
So that’s the 2009 Epiphone
John Lennon Inspired By Casino,
laminated maple body, two
chrome-covered Gibson P90 pickups,
Tune-O-matic bridge and Trapeze tailpiece,
three-way toggle switch,
volume and tone controls
for the neck pickup,
volume and tone controls
for the bridge pickup,
rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck,
pearloid parallelogram inlays,
24 and three-quarter inch scale length,
large Epiphone-style headstock,
gold Grover small button
14:1 ratio tuners,
John Lennon artwork,
Epiphone E truss rod cover
the neck
has single white binding
and the body has double white binding
thanks for tuning in and watching this video
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4 thoughts on “Epiphone Inspired By John Lennon Casino Review & Demo”

  1. The Epiphone John Lennon Inspired by Casino based on the guitar used by John Lennon in the later days of the Beatles career and famously on the roof of the Apple Building, the Beatles last public performance. Originally the guitar had a sunburst finish which John had removed (George also removed the finish on his Casino). Which finish do you prefer the natural or the sunburst one?

  2. Great review of an incredible guitar. I own #9 of the initial release of this guitar. It is one of my favorites that I own. There is a big swing in price for this model and the original. For me, the biggest difference is the neck. On the original the neck is traditional wood. In the Inspired, it is very smooth wood. Almost does not feel real. There is little to no difference beyond this. I also believe the neck angle is 17 degrees versus 14 on the Inspiration. If you are looking to buy one of these from Reverb, Gbase or Ebay pay close attention to the neck. They break very easily and many of the guitars out there are repaired. If you want a real wood neck and a special case, save your $$ and get this model. It is a great guitar and nails that Beatles sound!!

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