¿Es malo jugar vídeojuegos para un Cristiano? Clash Royale, Free Fire, Fortnite.

the video games something that has affected
pretty to youth in the past times due to the great advance that has
there’s been technology, games like clash royal games, like call of duty,
games like Fortnite, games like free fire they are games that are played from
online way, online that is played against other people, then they are
games that consume a lot of time young or adult who plays it, due to
who want to advance in level by more as fast as they can and from that
do not invest time in looking for the Sir, they do not invest time in their studies,
they do not invest time in being with their families but for the most part
of their time they invest in videogames, is an attraction that has
come causing quite a problem in the youth in recent years,
that’s why today there are enough cases that have been affecting
impressive way to youth by that reason I’m going to show you a few clicks
below to see how it affects pretty to youth how really of my colors do not
I leave you 10 from her what grandma said my dad when the sun
it’s the word do not 2 lose your eyes
for more what the fuck this homes how could you see how those people get angry just for a simple
videogame honestly it’s unfortunate because
they come and get angry against themselves they come and they get angry that we should not
to do and more Christians because it is something that comes and affects us a lot in
our spiritual life because why not we are dedicating time to the Lord in
Search for your word, in search of your presence, in seeking to strengthen our
spiritual life we ​​are not doing for being in video games. That happened to me
to me! long ago that I was addicted to video games because it came and I
Annoyed almost a bit similar to how who watched the videos made me mad at me
same sometimes they even came out obscene words for the same thing for the
video games then see how bad it is this thing about video games nowadays
I do not tell them that they can be bad play them but that
very bad to play it enough in addiction stop consuming let yourself be dominated by
that video game that’s what is pretty bad for us you can play it
with a distraction you can play it for spending time just because he is
in the word the Lord says that everything he has his time of what he wants
do here on earth church you chapter 3 then everything has its time
time for us to look for the lord time for us to get distracted with ya
be with a video game without the need of to get angry without needing to get angry when
we come and lose against other people not for this you also have to know
lose wisdom to the Lord so that we can differentiate that these
video games sometimes they bring many subliminal messages and
we have to be quite aware of that I do not tell you that they are all because in
I have not really experienced all the videogames but there are some
video games that bring messages subliminals and what do I tell you
ask God for direction so that my brothers fall into that so that
let’s not fall for that because that one video game makes you angry is because the
enemy is acting in that video game to come and make you angry. so
my brother I do not tell him that all video games are bad just that
ask wisdom to God so that so we can differentiate when it’s brought
quite subliminal messages there are about video games that
I might not bring it and there are others that if they bring it so look at that my
brother and today I tell you a word that says
ecclesiastes chapter 12 remember young of your creator in the
days of your youth before the Bad days
and the years arrive in which you say no I have contentment in them. says the
word of the Lord that we do not agree him more when we are young that we
we will again creator of our
let’s not spend all our lives in the videogames my most sincere advice is
that we learn to dominate our ourselves so that those games do not
they dominate us I do not tell them not to leave it of playing simply have control
about yourself and do not grab it like a addiction let’s look for the Lord is always
the video game that is simply a extraction of a few minutes and
nothing else let’s not let the video games come and dominate us like that
what brother this is the video that brings you up to date I hope you liked it, do not forget
share it with your friends give a good line of your eat in the
comments if they want some video in specific topics to be addressed in the
next days if I allow it and I hope my brother what
let’s come and be strong against this great problem that we have today
what is videogames and that addiction of the youth towards them
I bless you and first god let’s have a year-end let’s have the
last month of this year that will be great abundance and great blessing

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