Evelyn Reunites with Chad’s Daughter Jiji | Basketball Wives

Evelyn Reunites with Chad’s Daughter Jiji | Basketball Wives

♪ ♪
– I’m about to see my ex
Chad’s daughter, Jiji.
And I haven’t seen her
in seven years.
You know, I don’t know
what to expect.
She reached out, and we’ve
been dying to reconnect.

I feel a little anxious.
I don’t know
how this is gonna go.
♪ ♪
[indistinct chatter]
You look so pretty.
[soft music]
– [sniffles]
– I knew I was gonna be
In the car, I was, like,
all anxious and [bleep].
Oh, my God.
I’m so happy to see you.
– Oh, my God,
it’s been forever.
– I was like,
“I think the last time
I saw her was in Miami.”
– Last time. So long ago.
– I know.
I know when the [bleep] hit the
fan, everybody was devastated.
– Yeah.
– I remember telling you,
“I’m always gonna
be there for you.”
So I always felt guilty
♪ ♪
I always felt guilty,
after me
and your dad divorced,
I met Carl.
It happened pretty quickly.
You know, it’s like,
I met Carl…
I moved on with my life.
I didn’t–I wanted
to remain close to you,
but I didn’t want Carl
to think that,
“You’re so close
to his daughter.”
You know,
“Are you still communicating?”
– With him?
– Yeah.
– Yeah, just respect.
I understand.
– Yeah, but I always felt
so [bleep] about it.
You know, I wanted
to apologize to you for that.
– Of course. It’s good.
It’s cool. I don’t blame you.
Of course not.
– And then not long ago,
I get into a argument
with Tami.
Thank you.
And in the heat of an argument,
you know, she brings up,
obviously, your dad.
– Yeah, it caught me off guard.
– Even though I can’t control
what somebody says,
I still feel responsible
because I’m the one
that’s in this circle.
[voice breaking]
I just felt bad about that
’cause I know
you were in a tough position.
My relationship with Chad
was, um, crazy.
[chuckles] When it was great,
it was super great.
But on the flipside of that,
we, you know,
had some dark moments.
When domestic violence starts
playing into your relationship,
you got to [bleep] go.
You know, you can always
call me for anything.
– I have a habit of, like,
saying “stepmom,”
like…I’m like,
but most people know
what I’m talking about.
– Well, I love you.
We’re gonna keep in touch.
– Yes, of course.
– You’re done?
– Yeah.
– All right.
I had to wear a maxi dress,
because I was like,
“Let me feel like
I’m in Miami.”
[both laugh]
– Miami vibes.
– I know. I love you.
– I love you, too.
– Look at you.
I cannot even deal with this.
– [giggles]

100 thoughts on “Evelyn Reunites with Chad’s Daughter Jiji | Basketball Wives”

  1. This woman is the fakest of all the BBWs. She got the nerve to say that out of respect for Chad ( a man who had supposedly assaulted her) she did not contact his daughter. But she had no problem contacting Jackie's daughter. She is such a liar! She just didn't want to bothered with the girl. Only doing it now for a storyline.

  2. Talked about Tami….NOW looks the SAME AGE.
    ….& will DEFINITELY look OLDER than Tami does now, when she gets her age.

  3. Evelyn used Jiji for a storyline.  I hope Jiji got a paycheck for spending time w/the devil's spawn. Funny how it looks like she is trying to get back w/Chad.

  4. Yes Evelyn we all know Tami was probably telling the truth about Chad, you still out here talking about what Tami said 2 yrs ago. Girl get you a new storyline. I wonder what you gonna do next season since she won't be returning. Tami gone, CeCe gone, Jackie may be gone. I guess you'll focus on OG huh.

  5. Evelyn is soo dang on FAKE! 7-yearssssssss, REALLY? What was the point of this scene, anyway? It seems Evelyn who seems to be unbothered last season was hella worried. She is fishing for relevance. It is hard to feel bad for this woman when she is attacking other women left and right with ZERO self-control over the dumbest stuff. Domestic violence this and that when she is a violent person at her core. Brought that girl on tv for the show. Shameful.

  6. I wanna like Evelyn but she is always jealous and hating on the ones that are successful and making friends with the unsuccessful ones.

  7. Evelyn playing with fire seeing this mans daughter. You know I wonder if evenlyn’s daughter could go see the men she had a connection with without Evelyn acting a way.
    I can I say it’s crazy how Tami does nothing and has this woman uncomfortable, makes you wonder!

  8. This whole scene is fake. Some people will do absolutely anything while the cameras are rolling. This is how you know what Tami said was true. This is not your daughter, you were not married to her father, and you claim he abused you. So, why are you meeting with HIS daughter again??

  9. Super cooooool……. I loooooove it!! Ain't nothing like positive vibes and energy!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏

  10. Evelyn is talking about domestic violence but is always ready to fight. Girl bye. That ass whoopin was your karma.

  11. Cleat chasers….learn from your girl Evelyn.
    Ratchet, gold diggin thot bopping may be cute for a minute but that mess isn't a winning strategy.

  12. I mean y’all not gonna act like Tami wasn’t talking about her dad and her and Evelyn probably never spoke about how that made the daughter feel having to relive it. Cause if she said what “this woman” said y’all would have a problem regardless.

  13. She brought her on basically to validate her story by bringing up that last time they saw each other. Basically she was using that girl to prove tami was lying so she can justify bringing her up all the time🙄

  14. This girl's storyline has been Tami this entire season while Tami hasn't even been acknowledging her. I wonder what she will do next season since Tami is gone.

  15. Evelin is so so freaking fake n just to be on this show she is faking when she said I love u! After seven years girl please sit ur ass down ur not even all that in the show u should stay away from the show ur old new always talking about the past. Move on already!


  17. She could have kept in touch with that girl if she wanted to Evelyn used to be my favorite I don’t know now!

  18. Jackie she all way. Try to fight with someone kids and she is a old woman and she needs to stop. Get a life. Bicth because you need one

  19. Chad’s daughter is beyond gorgeous!! Ev is full of it. Knows Chad is rich and his daughter doesn’t need her for anty-ting. I think Ev is missing the D! Yep, she kept mentioning him last season, mentioned him on a couple of radio shows. I bet if he was willing to break her of now & again Ev’s lonely toxic ars would be happy 🤷‍♀️

  20. Wayment, Ev tried to keep in touch with Jackie’s daughter and the Gofundme drama, til Jackie mentioned Shaunice….and we all remember Ev crying for 2 yrs straight. But out of all of that time couldn’t reach out to Chad’s daughter? Hmmmm

  21. Maybe she wants chad back lol she sees the end. She old she wants a secure good life style SECURE this time lmao

  22. This was so unnecessary for tv. Why she always talking about Tami or Chad either that or she in the middle of people's mess bc she dont have a storyline otherwise

  23. Damn.. yall cant just take a moment and appreciate that Evelyn isn't being crazy ratchet and just being a good stepmother… Im not a fan but jesus christ… she mentioned Tami cuz thats what step moms due with step daughters… gossip.

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