Every Iconic Video Game in the Last 40 Years Explained | WIRED

Every Iconic Video Game in the Last 40 Years Explained | WIRED

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  1. Actual title: "40 Iconic Video Games For Each of the Last 40 Years Explained"

    Or more similar to the Most Popular Toys video title format: "An Iconic Video Game For Every Year Since 1979 Explained"

  2. It's pretty stunning that you could just blow past the Dreamcast console which was THE console that brought games out of the 2d wire play. It should've been mentioned BEFORE you mentioned any mid to late 90s game.

  3. Nier Automata? DDLC? Skyrim? Dark Souls? Shadow of the colossus? Tony Hawk pro skater? Need For Speed Underground? The Witcher?

  4. lol look at all these young plebs in this comments section 🙂 loving it ! nintendo 8 bit FTW ! edit too bad this museum is in new york i'd love to visit you guys one day !

  5. I think they start getting bad at 2009, here is how I think they should be. League of Legends(2009), Super Meat Boy(2010), Minecraft(2011), 2012 is really hard cuz a lot of games could make the cut so here are some Borderlands 2/Mass Effect 3/The Walking Dead(I think this one should have won)/ Diablo 3/ or Dishonored, Last of Us(2013), I don't think Destiny should have won when games like Dark Souls II/Alien: Isolation/Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor/South Park: The Stick of Truth(I think this one should have won)/Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U/Mario Kart 8 had came out that year, Undertale(2015), How did No Man's Sky not win? If ET can win than No Mans Sky should have won.(2016), Fornite(2017), Celeste in fine, but games that missed out we're God of War and Spider-Man(2018), This year will prob be Apex Legends/Sekiro/ or Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order if I had to guess.

    EDIT: I did leave out GTA 5, but I think you could have San Andreas for 2004

  6. There are way more than just 40 games that can be considered iconic. Should rename the video to 'Some of the Iconic games in the last 40 years'

  7. more like highlighted and not a Last 40 Years as much as Fortnite and PUBG chance 2017-18, GTA? the ElderScroll series or even Warcraft?

  8. The presenters are obviously console gamers with only peripheral familiarity with PC games. Hence preference for Mario, Zelda, FF and MGS over Thief, Mass Effect, Fallout, Skyrim, Kerbal, Diablo. Fawning over Warcraft when World of Tanks has 6 times more players with simultaneous online players beating Warcraft all-time highest userbase. Etc.

  9. 1/10

    So many missed games and just plainly wrong choices. I'm honestly disappointed. This could have been a good trip down memory lane for video game veterans, while also being informative and introducing some of the best games/series to newer players.

  10. Max Payne, The 2D and 3D GTAs, multiple racing games such as the GT series, GoldenEye and Super Mario just footnotes, no FIFA… yeah I lived in a different gaming universe.

  11. Ok, iconic because they sold the most. That doesn't mean they were influential or inventive, ;e.g. like Infocom adventures or Larry Leisure. I'm not impressed.

  12. Wired a YouTube called Tq TV Taiwan
    Uploaded your how to solve a 3×3 rubik's cube added subtitle for their language no credit at all in the description or comment and he didn't recreate it he just uploaded the video with subtitles I hope I got you attention to get rid of the copy

  13. Edit: for 2015 they picked undertale over the witcher 3, fallout 4, MGS 5, bloodborne. Any of these would've been a better choice
    Gta san andreas
    Borderlands 2
    Crash bandicoot
    only a few i can name many more

  14. Tomb Raider is iconic but how can you not mention mario 64 it wrote the rule book for 3D design and movement and unlike Tomb Raider clunky controls it’s still easy to play today.

  15. lists like these are always not good, because they ALWAYS miss a character/game or two that was/is indeed iconic to the game industry more or less.
    EDIT: yeah, no crash bandicoot, dislike.

  16. While I don't necessarily disagree with their choices, there were other, more iconic games. Any of the Grand Theft Auto series. The Elder Scrolls. Half-Life. Counter-Strike. Dark Souls. The Witcher. DoTA, League of Legends. Hearthstone. Those are just few examples among many, many others.

    This is not EVERY iconic video game, it's "one somewhat important game in it's year". You can not call it every iconic game, if you're going to limit it like that.

  17. That Destiny piece was so wrong in so many ways. How you people could ever think that Destiny is better than GTA V is beyond me. I love how she said that Bungie has been constantly updating Destiny. No actually they made us buy Destiny 2 aka the same game as the original for $60. I like how she didn't mention how long it takes Bungie to put content into the game and when they do it's drier than my grandma's ****. This video is just one big FAIL.

  18. I think iconic is the wrong word to use here. An iconic game by definition needs to be super popular and some of these games especially the more independent games are only popular in some circles of the gaming community. Games like gtaV, overwatch, league of legends not making this list is a shame since those games have so many iconic characters or made tons of money so everyone knows of them.

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