Every Video Game in ‘Ready Player One’ Explained By Author Ernest Cline | WIRED

Every Video Game in ‘Ready Player One’ Explained By Author Ernest Cline | WIRED

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  1. I love Ernest Cline. I've read both of his book and have a signed copy of Armada. Hope he's working on a third novel.

    He misspoke when he said that Quake was an ancestor of Doom. It's the other way around. He clearly knows this, as evidenced by the fact that he explains the relationship between the two games immediately after, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't point out the mistake.

  2. Not a lot of Nintendo cameos considering they’re the best and most memorable gaming company on the planet.

  3. The whole movie made no sense so basically the future is based on a single beta males 1980s nostalgia. there was no story just endless reference over reference over reference on 1 mans favorite things in his life that has no deeper meaning or gives you any king of value in understanding yourself which is the very reason why people use to go to the movies

  4. the guy is the ultimate member berry "member this member that" writing every possible meme into your book does not make you a writer, the books is simply a grocery list of things you did in the past, so how da F did that become a major motion picture

  5. He looks kinda like Guillermo Del Toro lol I love that the challenges are completely different in the film/book, it makes for both being really awesome and one of the few times I read the book after seeing the flick and being just as amazed. Usually the book version is always better but both are unique and great!

  6. Please change the title of this clip to: "Every Video Game in the Book (not film) 'Ready Player One' Explained by Author Ernest Cline".

  7. Contra is fun I was playing it the other day..but me I love all zombie games I collect horror figures mostly zombie but I'ma nerd on the low I love this type of stuff

  8. this guy has a total of 9000 favorite games, almost every single one that he mentions is "his favorite", wow

  9. Love his books and the movie. Brings out the game nerd in everyone. I find it funny that he mentions ET. Then there seems to be a pause of what he wants to say…..then moves on. Must have been in his contract with Spielberg to gloss over that debacle.

  10. I had zero respect for Ready Player One the movie until I read the book, I had no idea how bad it could've been. On a percent rating I now have about 3% respect for the RPO movie. As for the book, I hope every copy of it spontaneously combusts and says that they're not feeling good.

  11. Love the interview.. not a name dropper but played and heard of ALL mentioned above. Love Gorf tho… Richard Garriot is a legend in 8 bit circles.. "Hail Lord British".. lol

  12. I watched the movie yesterday, I wished there were more Flicksyncs in the film. Also, Ready Player One will definitely make a great TV show.

  13. Man, this movie really sucked
    They missed the whole point of the book, just threw some famous videogame characters and a basic plotline
    I mean, the book wasn't that good either, but the movie ruined it completely

  14. Half of what he spoke about is not in the film at all. The film game levels were race the club the shining and battle world

  15. Guess I'm the only one who waited to see what inspired the racing game in the movie…

    some say its Split/Second, some say its burnout but idk

  16. Does anyone remember battle toads? I used to love that game. I used to be addicted to battle toads, golden axe, zombies ate my next door neighbors, mega man, and streets of rage. They dont make em liked they used to

  17. Earnest Cline, whenever a new video game is introduced: Aaaaaand this is another one of my favorites, really great, stayed up late playing it, really fun…

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