Evil Nun Школа выживания

If you have long wanted to check
your nerves for strength
and play some cool
horror, and all the others are already
tired and tired, then you
lucky because before
you game “Evil Nun”. Pretty creepy and scary
game, just try
run it and you cannot
fall asleep at night
and during gameplay you will
to flinch constantly
and feel goosebumps on your skin.
This horror will happen
first person where you
to control the boy
which must run away
from the evil nun.
This obsessed woman or
a ghost seized him and
closed at school in order
to complete satanic
And so it happened, by unknown
circumstances what exactly
this boy plays an important
role in the ritual.
If you want to survive and save
life to a hero then you have to
come up with different ways
how to solve puzzles
throughout the school.
Another feature
there will be a huge building
which can be studied
roaming there, of course, is creepy
but what will have to do
explore everything around
to find a way to survive.
In such critical situations
have to be stronger
smarter and trickier, show
all these abilities and talents,
until we were at the ritual
the table.
The evil nun seems to represent
a mixture between grandma
and … a victim of a zombie
the plague.
No one knows what is fraught
it’s an evil being in itself,
and what it is capable of.
Nun has a whopping
hearing and you have to maximize
move quietly through the dark
the corridors of the school in which
you are closed with the children.
Here you have to constantly
look around and in any
wait a minute to see
scary face in front of you.
Remember if she finds
you – you will not be able to survive.
Besides her in an abandoned
others live in the school
ghosts that look
no less sinister be
on the alert!
The atmosphere here is truly
tense, and holds in
fear to the very end.
You do not have an exact plan
actions, but only full of incomprehensible
things, scary rooms,
and very little time to
get out of the trap.
Explore the darkest
corners of this school and try
don’t get caught by a nun.
The school has closed children, whom
creepy old woman holds in
as prisoners.
Everything is complicated by the fact that
you don’t know if they are alive,
and how much time is left
unhappy guys.
Every location is saturated
fear and horror.
To get out
you need to find a special
mask, and for this look
hints, hidden objects,
also solve the mystery
this sinister place.
Yes boy is out of luck
and would his will he would
never knew about everything
what happens at school
but no one is safe
from such situations.
Therefore if you had
intentions to spend time
in fear and horror, then good
welcome to school
with a creepy nun who
decided to start some
strange and frightening rites
with your participation.
If still not scared,
then be sure to play
plug in the headphones then
you can’t
fall asleep at night
and every rustle you will
to remind all those horrors
seen on the screen.
It is the sound moments
and the graphics do this horror
so unique and creepy.
So start the game and
good luck to survive!
In conclusion, I want to thank
Yuri Kayudin for advising
take a review on the game about
Thank you friend for
that you follow my work
and advise different games.
Good luck and success.
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