Exes Play Fear Pong (Brianne & Andrew) | Fear Pong | Cut

– That’s not gonna work.
(ball bounces)
It’s probably gonna work.
(‘Symphony No. 9’ by Beethoven)
– I’m Bree.
This is Andrew.
Do you wanna tell them
how we know each other?
– No you got it.
– Okay thank you.
– We dated on and off
for like three years.
We’ve been broken up for about two years.
– Yeah.
– We’re just like awkward homies now.
– No, I’m not.
– Nope.
Okay you can go first, ladies first.
– Wow.
(ball bounces)
– I’m not chasing your ball.
(ball hits cup)
– Call your parents and tell them
you’re pregnant and your
ex is the mother/father.
– You have to do your mom!
You have to do your mom!
His mom hates me.
(phone rings)
– [Mom] Hello?
– What’s up mom?
– [Mom] What’s up chicken little?
– I got Bree pregnant.
– [Mom] What?
How is that possible stupid?
– Yeah I know.
But, yeah, I’ll talk
to you later about it.
– [Mom] What are you talking about?
– Love you.
– [Mom] Huh?
– Love you, miss you.
– [Mom] No you don’t call me and tell me
that shit and then hang up.
Where are you at?
– I’ll call you back.
Oh God!
– You better put your phone on silent!
– I have to call her back ASAP.
(ball hits cup)
– Apologize to your opponent for the
worst thing you ever did to them.
I’m sorry I dated Jordan so close
after we broke up and kind of blasted it
all over social media.
That was a douchebag move.
He was one of our mutual friends
that we started hanging out with.
And then Andrew and I broke up and then
Jordan and I started dating
like two, three weeks later.
– I was like the most angry
person in the god damn world.
– How did you feel about the apology?
– It was a long waited.
– Was that good enough?
– Yeah it’s fine, it’s chill.
(ball hits cup)
– Put it in your mouth.
(ball hits cup)
– [Andrew] Yes.
– Cool!
Finally you make one.
Let your opponent cut off
any one item of clothing.
Alright, do the thing!
(scissors snip)
– Here you go.
– Thank you.
(ball bounces)
(ball hits cup)
Let your opponent remove
your pants with their teeth.
I’m happy I put on pretty underwear.
This is gonna be really hard.
These are really tight.
Take a side.
You bit me!
– Eh wouldn’t be the first time.
– I’ll help you.
– There you go.
– You’re welcome.
(ball hits cup)
– Let your opponent crack
three eggs onto your head.
Bust a nut.
(egg cracks)
(egg cracks)
(egg cracks)
Oh my God.
– You look beautiful.
– Yeah.
So how do you like your eggs?
– Fertilized.
– I feel like Nickelodeon slime.
(ball hits cup)
– Call your family and tell them
you and your ex are getting back together.
Let’s do it!
I’m calling my big
brother because he knows
both Andrew and I the best and
will not hold back on any of his emotions.
(phone rings)
– [Brother] Hello?
– Hey so you know how
I was doing that thing
with Andrew this morning?
Andrew and I talked afterwards
and after spending time together
I think we’re gonna get back together.
– [Brother] Oh boy, okay.
– That’s it, that’s all
you have to say is oh boy?
Why oh boy?
– [Brother] I mean, I’m
not gonna make or break
the relationship right?
You guys are, so.
– No, I just wanted your honest opinion.
– [Brother] You need to
be open to being wrong.
And he needs to grow up as well.
I’m happy for you.
I would choose him over your last guy
or any of the others you dated for sure.
– Hey I actually gotta run, I love you.
– [Brother] I love you too.
– Also I’m pregnant, k bye!
(ball bounces)
Uh I hope me.
I kind of need it.
– I kind of want it.
I got some things I could buy.
– I want more tattoos.
– Hey!
– Ooh, that’s a drink one.
Good job.
No that’s good for me.
I have my secret weapon.
You know how many times
I’ve won at beer pong
just because when I get
down to a couple cups
I bring the butt out?
– Take a body shot off of your opponent.
– Hell yeah.
– Hell yeah.
(lips smooch)
– Ugh.
(ball hits cup)
Spread mustard all over
your face like a mask
and wear it for the rest of the game.
That is not happening.
(ball hits cup)
– We’ve had this talk
multiple times in the past.
– There would have to be a lot of growing
on both sides and a lot of
forgiveness on both sides.
(ball hits cup)
You should know, you’ve been there.
(ball hits cup)
(ball hits cup)
– Oh!
– [Bree] Dammit.
– That’s not gonna work.
It’s probably gonna work.
– Oh he’s winning for sure.
– For sure.
– For sure!
– You gotta believe in yourself.
Cuddle your opponent for one minute.
They choose big spoon or little spoon.
– I wanna be a little spoon, I’m cold.
– Are you sure ’cause I got like egg yolk.
– Oh yeah no, I’ll be big
spoon, I changed my mind.
– Jesus your hands are like ice!
– Yeah!
– Like yuck.
Yeah get the leg up.
There you go.
Ho, your hands are so cold.
– Do you like cuddling with me?
– Geeze what are you doing?
– Ah!
You can’t finger it!
– Alright I can’t do that, I was about to.
– You can’t finger it!
(ball bounces)
(ball hits cup)
Oh oh!
– Give me a gentleman’s.
– What?
– Gentleman.
– I don’t know what that means.
– Like a dick.
– Thank you.
I never really played beer pong by myself.
I’m the team handicapped.
(ball hits cup)
– Hey!
Describe to your ex in detail the first
sexual experience you had
after you two broke up.
– French kiss your ex.
Oh hell yeah we’re doing that, come here.
– Yes.
– He don’t care.
– That was a long fucking make out.
It’s been a while.
– This is how people get
started in porn I guess.
– Make the cup right here.
– I can’t make that cup.
No I’m gonna stand over here too now.
– Ugh!
– Fuck.
Well, you win.
– Can I read this last dare?
Let your opponent tear off your shirt.
(fabric rips)
Oh that was a good tear!
– [Man] Yeah and just be right centered.
– Yeah!
– [Man] Oh oh!
– [Bree] Ooh!
We’re good.
– [Man] Dance dance.
– You’re like a stripper
but it’s not the same.

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