Extra Blackjack Options

Extra Blackjack Options

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In this video we will talk about extra blackjack options
which include Insurance, Surrender and Even-money.
The first option is Insurance. Insurance is an extra blackjack
bet offered when the dealer shows an Ace.
This bet protects the player if the dealer
does have a Natural. Let’s consider different situations.
These are two different dealer’s hands. In both cases
the dealer has an Ace face up, thus the players took insurance.
Note that Insurance costs half the original bet and pays 2 to 1.
After the bets are placed or declined,
the dealer checks his hole card for Blackjack.
If the dealer has no blackjack, as in the first example,
the insurance bet is lost and the game is played as usual.
If he has a natural, the original bet is lost,
while the insurance bet wins and pays out 2 to 1.
Another extra option in blackjack is the Even-money bet –
a bet which protects the player who has Blackjack from a push in case
the dealer also has a Blackjack. For example,
Here are two dealer’s hands, both with an Ace face up.
The player can make an Even Money bet as he has a Blackjack.
The dealer checks his hand for a Blackjack and if he does have it,
the player gets his initial bet back and gets the Even Money bet payout.
In the second case the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack and thus
the player is paid out for Blackjack and loses the Even Money bet.
As with Insurance, the Even Money bet
equals a half the original bet and pays 2 to 1.
And the last option is Surrender.
This blackjack option, which is rarely found in casinos,
provides a chance to surrender half the original
bet in cases where the player has a losing hand.
This bet is made before any decisions like Hit or Stand
and allows the player to save half the original bet. For example,
This player has 16 and he decides to surrender
as the dealer has high chances of getting Blackjack.
There can be two types of surrender options – EARLY or LATE.
Early Surrender gives the player a chance to save
half of his bet before the dealer checks for a Blackjack.
As this version is of advantage to the player, it is very rarely found.
Late Surrender is more often found at blackjack tables.
This version of blackjack rules allows the player to forfeit
his bet only after the dealer checks his hole card for Blackjack.
It is important to know that the Insurance and
Even money bets are the ones recommended
to ignore as they are the extra source of house edge.
Whereas the Surrender option allows the player to control
the game and to get at least half of the money back on losing bets.
Now you are familiar with all the rules of the blackjack
game and it’s time to learn how to win at the blackjack table.
In the next video we will be talking about the blackjack basic
strategy, a powerful tool in the hands of an advanced player.
Enjoy playing blackjack and stay with Blackjack Doc.com!

8 thoughts on “Extra Blackjack Options”

  1. However please know that some people have hit on/and go a







    I am talking about hard totals

  2. @julixjt Of course you are confused because this beotch is teaching you the wrong way. It is called EVEN MONEY not even bet. If you have BJ and the Dealer is showing an ACE…then you can ask for EVEN MONEY and the dealer will pay you your original bet w/out you having to risk more money. Iv never heard of even bet where you put out half of ur original bet just to win ur initial bet. If anyone knows of even bet please tell me cuz iv never heard of that rule.

  3. @julixjt Oh yeah…never take even money, it's a house advantage. but it's up to you. More times or not, the dealer wont have it! Win as much as u can!

  4. @julixjt im not understanding ur question. But here is how it works. If your first 2 cards equal to any amount under 21 and the dealer is showing and ACE, dealer will ask if u want insurance. If u want insurance, then u put out half your bet to cover it. If the dealer has 21 then he/she will pay your insurance bet 2to1and take ur original bet… which means u lose no money. For example, if u bet two red chips (equaling $10) and u take insur…(continue down below)

  5. @julixjt ance, then you would put out half ur bet (one red chip eqauling $5) to cover it. If dealer has BJ then the dealer takes ur original $10 bet and pays ur insurance bet 2 to 1 meaning the dealer will put 2 red chips next ur insurance chip (or bet). You will have a total of $15 out there. Your insurance bet ($5) and ur 2 to 1 payout ($10). So, you lose no money. But if dealer doesnt have Bj, you automatically lose your insurance bet. NEVER TAKE INSURANCE, ITS A SUCKER BET!

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