Fairmount Park in Collinsville has scheduled 60 racing days in 2020

We could have had horse racing here for
a long time, but would have been a very,
very small meet. You just heard the governor say we’re
gonna race 40 or 41 days this year. We’re looking to go to 100
in the very near future, but that 40 could have gone to 10 or 12.>>It just wasn’t economically
feasible anymore.>>Right.
>>Just to be sure.>>Yeah, at one time, we had as
many as 150 thoroughbred days and 100 harness days.>>And just when the governor is talking
about it’s gonna expand, that’s assuming that these table games, etc.,
are gonna bring in the extra revenue.>>And that is also part of the law. It says in order to have all these games,
you have to have 700 races. Well, we race seven a day,
that’s pretty easy, 100 days.>>Got you.>>On the positive side,
it’s very labor intensive. There’s a lot, a lot of people who
work just to keep this place open.>>Right, and you gotta pay them. We gotta pay them, which is fine. And so I think by adding this new revenue,
also, it’s gonna be a new attraction for some people to come here and say,
hey, I’m not a horse player, but I’ll play a 21 any day. So we’re hoping that that
would kind of add to the mix.>>How about new buildings?>>Well, yeah,
there’s gonna have to be new buildings. There’s no way that we could house
even a 900 position for the season. There’s a chance we could fit a sports
book inside the existing facility, cuz a lot of these places-
>>Something.>>It looks like a sports book, cuz there’s so
many TVs just simulcasting horse races. But as I said, we’ll see how fast the-
>>How much investment, in terms of dollars, are you looking at?>>Well, it’s gonna be hard to say, but I think we’re looking at
$50 million to start with. Well, the table games and
slots are exactly the same as they are for all the casinos. So any kind of table game that’s allowed
in a casino, whether it’s roulette or 21 blackjack, baccarat,
we can do the same thing. And we have, as far as the mix you had
asked me about earlier, we don’t know yet. That’s gonna take some studies. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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