Fallout New Vegas 101:   Atomic Wrangler Casino

Fallout New Vegas 101: Atomic Wrangler Casino

Hello everyone, my name is Nilsor and welcome to my vault
Today on Fallout New Vegas 101
we’re going to the most renowed establishment in Freeside named the Atomic Wrangler Casino
The Atomic Wrangler is the only casino in Freeside and is located just on the right after the entrance
It is said to be a place for those who can’t enter the strip and provide services such as
low cost room, escorts, prostitutes, drugs and booze
It is owned by a pair of twin named Garret
On the Main floor of the casino are located the bar and its storeroom as well as all the casino games
On the 2nd floor are the rent rooms and a possible permanent room for the player
On the 3rd and last floor are located the Garret’s and employees room
Inside the Casino you will come across
Francine Garret
sister of James
she is rather uptigh and deals with the business and finance sides of things
with the goal of maintaining the Atomic Wrangler as the star attraction of Freeside
James Garret
brother of Francine
he deals with the entertainment and appearance sides of things
You can pay him to boost your reputation in Freeside
Henry Jamison
ex-head of the New Vegas branch of the Crimson Caravan
you can find him on the main floor spending its time drinking and gambling too much
a struggling insult comic that is stuck at the Wrangler because of a binding contract he signed with the Garrets
It is a quest that consists of collecting debts for the Garrets
Ater collecting the money from each person you will be given a percentage of the total you will have brought back
so try to be the most persuasive
To obtain the quest, go talk to Francine
Then go talk to Grecks here
Collect from him by just asking him
To collect more, pass a speech check of 40
You can after that do a last speech check of 60 to take his clothes off his back
Now go talk to Santiago
You can collect its money by punching him
or revealing the potential bounty on his head by passing a speech check of 50
The last one is Lady Jane
To collect from her you can pass a speech or barter check of 40
she will give you some caps and some goods to sell to match the debt amount
You can also use the Lady Killer Perk
You can also pass a perception check of 7
You can also accept to recover the money from the remains of her caravan in the Broc Flower cave
If you fail all checks, you can threat her
she will ask of you to tell the Garrets that she is dead
If you refuse you will have the possibility to kill her to collect the caps from her corpse
Now Return fo Francine
The last task is to collect from and kill Caleb McCaffery
the deserting former collector, that you will find in the Strip
To enter the Strip
you will have to pass through the Strip North gate that is guarded by several securitrons
To cross it you can
Have at least 2000 caps on you
Pass a Science check of 80
Kill all the Securitrons
but that will make you gain Infamy on the Strip and the rest of the securitrons will be hostile towards you
Having a New Vegas passport that you can obtain through Ralph
from the Mick & Ralph’s store by passing a speech check of 50 and 500 caps
or from The King if you have completed the GI Blues quest for him and asked the passport as a favor
Also if you have a Liked reputation with NCR
or if you wear a disguise
you can use the monorail at Camp McCarran to bypass the entrance gate
Once you are in, go talk to McCaffery
To obtain his cash and hat you can either attack him or convince him to give it to you with a speech check of 40
Return back to Francine
She will reward you with 500 experience points, 150 caps and a key to what is now your permanent room
The casino is in need of new escorts and you are tasked to find 3 particular one
To start the quest, go talk to James Garret
Then go to the Old Mormon Fort
There, recruit Beatrix Russel as the new “cowboy” ghoul
To do so pass a speech or barter check of 35 or bribe her with a bottle of absinthe
For the smooth talker escort you will have the choice between Santiago or Old Ben
To recruit Santiago you will just need to ask him
To recruit Old Ben you will have to pass a speech check of 50
or use the Confirmed Bachelor or Black Widow perk
For the sexbot escort, go here
Take this key to open this averaged locked cabinet
Take the keycard to access the computer near the robot
you will now need to upload a program
Go talk to Ralph at the Mike & Ralph’s store about a holotape for the robot
To obtain it, you can either pay him 150 caps
100 after a barter or speech check of 35
or have it for free with a speech check of 50
Wait a couple of days and get it from him
Go back to the robot
activate the Fisto program
test it if you’d like
and send the robot to the Wrangler
You can also bypass all this by first hacking the averaged locked computer
and then reprogram it with a Science check of 60
Go back to James to complete the quest
Your reward is between 150 and 400 caps plus 450 experience points
On the next video we will stop at the store next door named the Silver Rush
and afterwards we will go to The King’s School of Impersonation
Thank you for watching, and see you later

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