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I’m often asked questions
about compulsive gambling from either the gambling addict
himself or herself or usually, the parents of the addict. The most frequent question
obviously is, how can I stop? Or in the parents’ case,
how can we make him stop? The answer is simple. You can’t make anybody stop. The gambling addict
has to stop on his own. He has a choice to
gamble or not to gamble. So if he reaches sometimes
a bottom, a criminal charge, a loss of job, a breakdown in
his marriage, whatever reason, and now he’s now ready,
then he can be helped. With regard to the parents,
don’t give them money. Part of it is a gambling
money addiction. You need money. Don’t give it to him. If you have to help him with
food or whatever, of course you’re going to do it. You’re his parents. But don’t give them
anything that would allow him to continue the illness. I’m often asked this by spouses. How long will this take? There is no timetable. What can be done is the
start of the journey to try and get better. I’m often asked again by either
the parents or the spouse, he must hate me– or she–
for doing what they’re doing. No. Actually, addicts are good
people with a serious illness. Gambling takes over their lives. It takes over their conscience. It takes over the way
they live their lives. So as I tell wives who ask
me, do they have a mistress? Is that one of the
reasons they’re trying to hide it from me? No, gambling is their mistress. In more cases than none, they’re
all very faithful men or women. I’m often asked, will
they grow out of it? No. The only time they’ll
stop is when they run out of fuel, which is money. I’m often asked,
what’s the better way of him stopping, a 12-step
program or professional help? Every individual is different. Some can do it through
a 12-step program. Others need more resources,
psychiatrists, psychologists, life coaches or a
combination of both. There is no magic cure. There’s no pills. They have to do it
themselves and work as hard at fighting
their addiction as they did at doing
their addiction. I’m [? Ashley ?] Cohen. I’m a gambling therapist. I can help anyone stop gambling.

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  1. want to get back control of your life?     Never underestimate your power to change.I have helped many.Email me…..

  2. No one starts out as a compulsive gambler.Over a period of time for some people the urge to gamble may become overwhelming serving as an unheathy escape from living problems.If you bet one dollar more than you can afford you have gambling problem

  3. I really need the help. I've tried to reach my family for help but they always just say. why is it so hard for you to stop? I just dont get it?… then it leads to just believe in god you just need to look for god. it's really hard for me to accept their religion since i was 6 i was always just a failure to them because i never truly accepted that religion and its really hard for me to go because if i don't go im not good enough for my parents. its the religion and them or nothing. I've hit rock bottom i just dont know what to do anymore.. I cant leave the house because they cant afford it on their own they would loose everything. my mom cant work. so im staying to help them but all i hear is are you going to church today? you better go today, This is the true path to happiness. etc

  4. gambeling addiction is not physical addiction like drugs it's more mental if you can talk your self into stopping do something els with your life try bowling playing pool or darts don't visit places that have gambling just stop going to those casinos stay away stay focused on other things keep busy after a month you will put behind you

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