FeetMe Sport, your personal running coach!

Running with efficiency is what allows champions to run further , faster and stay injury free I have enjoyed free running for 10 years From the day I started to run my technique evolved a lot I continually look for tools that can help me push my boundaries Unfortunately tracking and evaluating my running efficiency was impossible until now Introducing FeetMe Sport the ultimate running wearable FeetMe Sport was built to empower runners to become more efficient, stay injury-free and run faster FeetMe Sport works by analyzing every key aspect of your run technique, efficiency , power and shocks FeetMe Sport calculates power output which is the best measure of running efficiency FeetMe Sport is very comfortable and super easy to use The ultimate insole you simply just slip it into your shoes No smartphone is required FeetMe Sport was meticulously engineered to achieve incredible lightness and comfort FeetMe Sport creates a completely personalized training plan Designed to help you get to the next level secure and injury-free Days after days FeetMe Sport analyzes your run and provides feedback and personalized training plans Designed to get you running more efficiently FeetMe Sport is the first artificial intelligence system for running Designing personalized training programs that are one hundred percent based on your runnning style and goals Whether you’re running five kilometers or ultra trails FeetMe Sport will have you running more efficiently in no time It supports sport watches from Polar, Garmin and Suunto to as well as iOS and Android

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