FFXIV 3.3 0916 Materia Gambling Profit Analysis

FFXIV 3.3 0916 Materia Gambling Profit Analysis

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be seeing
his gambling materia worth it and as
always hello from or read for once and
basically I had all these spare material
left over from so many previous matches
and the FC and for so many other reasons
all these like strength of mind
intelligence and vitality battle dance
and wake harness on but again in this
patch material prices have completely
switched so there was a time when things
like strength material vitalic material
worth a huge amount but now there are
actually pretty much worthless but let
me show you that the great for strength
the 10k or mess on this server vitality
is 5k or less than 10k basically I
probably going to buy these if I have
the money up the money and like
dexterity so as Doceri free is there any
for what you can see what’s worth less
than 10k and so on so what you can
actually do you can take 5 materia and
let’s see quick tongue and these of the
spell speed and the whatever materials
are battle dance 40 like how to click
video no lesson 10k and so on now the
reason we’re interested basically is
because and again 10k or less and there
this work quick time book bit more but
these onesies quick tongue gang we can’t
they they’ve never sold properly by ever
so yeah now the reason we’re interested
in material for this patch is because
you need the elemental materia the light
fire ice wind of lightning and so on to
do the next part of the relic upgrade
quest so so let’s take a look so example
water is 43 k lightning is 80 k and
earth is 80 k win
75k ice 5043 k and so on and so on so
what you basically do with the gambling
you need to go to central final and two
black box station and we need to go
visit bubbly pots and what he can do is
he can take five random materia and give
you one at random of the same grade so
if we put in for example 5 grade fours
then he will also then give us back in
return a great for of a random grade 4
and the trick to it basically is is that
he will never give you back a material
you put in so by us doing lots of these
different materials they want to beach
then we vastly increase our chances that
will be a material which is not one of
those five basically simple as that and
the goal is is to convert all of these
which are worth 10k or less into those
ones which are worth 80 k or more so in
good situations we could make 30k profit
in bad situations we’re going to just
lose lots of money so that’s why I’m
investigating this to see is it worth it
yes or not that’s what we’re trying to
investigate here so yeah so me being an
idiot I can’t actually do on this
character probably
okay okay I can good so basically what
you do you go to bubbly pots you select
transmute material and you said you have
to put in five but do five random ones
so for this one we’ll put in one one
strength one vitality it’s amazing to
feel like thee these by Talia start
these to be worth so much but now
they’re absolutely worthless then one
text let’s do one quick arm and one
quick tongue okay five randoms firm yes
and the thing is there was a tiny tiny
tiny tiny chance that he could give you
a great fight but it’s very very small
incredibly small chance so it’s not
something that is even worth trying for
okay so what did I get I got a
competence us that’s fine us about the
value of the materia so ever lost any
money that case no problem so let’s do
it again like I said that the goal is to
see is this worth it yes or no you know
I’m not saying do it I’m not saying that
this is a money-making scheme or
anything like that I’m just I’m just
investigating because I think a lot of
people would be curious hey come far go
you see the results right away what is
nice we got water one that’s good but
before when you used to get these
elemental ones it used to be an absolute
effectively a disaster be like oh no
I’ve just converted my materia into
rubbish but that’s a win but then again
I said it’s a hundred percent R&G so
we’re going to see overall is this
gambling worth it but like I said you
can increase your odds by using five
material which are basically just not
the elemental ones that we vastly
increase our chances of getting an
elemental one and I used to do this a
lot to try and get the red ones I
remember the piety so that that’s a loss
that’s definitely we’ve lost money that
case and the thing is for me like all
these materia I don’t have any any use
for them so they just sit there though
they’re sitting on effectively the alt
retainer for the FC you know i mean but
i might as well get on with them and
it’s like it would have taken them a
really long time to sell them anyway
just because they are really not useful
oh that one and there is absolutely no
way to influence which one you get it
doesn’t matter there’s no any conspiracy
theories any whatever it’s literally
it’s all crap you have to just hope and
pray it’s all rng but we got another
competence for I guess that’ll do so
mostly overall I think overall so far
we’ve gained money so yeah it’s like I
said the only influence you have is
simply the five you put in will not be
one of the ones you get out simple as
that so and they’ve done that on purpose
because it would be stupid if it was it
would basically case of why would I why
have I been given back one of the ones i
put in and then lost the other four it
just wouldn’t be fair you know oh and
keep going red average might savage mice
are not worth these used to be worth
like 600 k at one point but they really
not worth much anymore but i will
investigate after to see how much money
I’ve made or lost a sec effectively so I
mean you’re getting in I think we’re
getting an impression that we are mostly
at this point breaking even but at least
we’re turning into materials we
can actually sell that’s the thing
rather than just a bunch of materia
which will take forever to sell and you
want to get much money for them anyway
okay next what do we go we got a quick
tongue yeah ok so again right so what
I’m going to do is I’m not going to
record myself doing this because it’d
take forever but once I have finished
rolling all the materia and tilled up
there I have ones which are more
valuable let’s say then we will continue
we’ll see what the result is and we can
say yes or no was it worth it or was it
not worth it though when that’s done we
will continue okay so the result is in
our we started with 254 materia let’s
assume that they cost or they’re worth
10k each so that would mean what two and
a half million about in value if I if I
sold those like 250 crappy crappy
materia for 10k apart then yeah it would
have been about two and a half to 12
2.54 million Gil so basically all the
material now refined if it’s not worth
more or significantly more than two and
a half then the gambling wasn’t worth
doing now the thing is though it’s all
are in G so even if i get a super result
it doesn’t mean i could say it’s worth
doing i could just mean I was lucky this
time but let’s see how much we’ve made
so let’s take a look at the material I
got in return by God let me see one ice
or wind one earth one water too I 4am
read my five of the gathering one I
actually was really honest I was really
lucky I got free great five materials
out of it because like I said there was
a tiny tiny chance when you put
in five grade fours that he have a
chance of getting a grade 5 also like if
you played 15 blade please the other
towns getting a grade for ants on so I
was very lucky and you also get an
achievement with it so let me take the
achievement I got as proof that I got it
he go obtain a higher grade material
food transmission and you can see it’s
the last myth but she latest achievement
I got so I can prove that I got it that
I didn’t just have the spare or anything
just to show off so I got one grade 5
gathering I got 5 perception 65 gp41 GP
64 after ship 6 is 1 cunning 41 cunning
five so plus 6 and 5 command force so
let’s quickly calculate how much this
hall is worth so we went from two and a
half million of crappy materials which
are not worth as much and would be
difficult to sell any way to this so
let’s see what it’s worth so let’s go on
to a random retainer and I am going to
just sell them all for the guilt I need
to keep any of this stuff so let’s see
heavens I is there about 8k each so
that’s that’s overall a loss so let me
just put those on sale one but what will
keep a tally so let’s let’s assume 16k
so far okay so seven group 7 99 1 but
let me write this down so we can have a
total at the end of the of the episode
so 16 k okay next let us check the aims
and all that these would be worth the
least so that’s why I’m doing the first
so 13 let’s assume 14k each so 14 times
for 28 56k the best right here 56 I’m
not going to have them up in my head
because it’ll be too long i’ll use a
calculator so let’s list sees
we won we just typed it wrong and that
dude that undercuts you on the market
bored by one Gil I’m sorry I just an
okay and this is my alt so I’m just
going to leave these on sale I’ll check
it in a couple of days if any of them
sold ok well now then savage mites I
can’t believe that these East we have
600 k now the worth 10 rip I’ve got free
of these so that’s 30 k 30 writing it
down you can write down with me just to
make sure my calculation is right and
9999 i’m rounding off of the title
making it easier to calculate on and for
okay that’s those next ice what’s ice
worth or a fork a nice so let’s do 44 k
for one ice for so 43 and I’ve sure
people would be like oh why don’t you
just save the money and you know using
for your own relatives because I am a
very very far long way away from the
that part of the reddit quest so that’s
why I’ll just sell these for now so one
earth is 69 k the 69 k we’re now 69 so
right next wind was wind worth 70 let’s
say 75 k times x 4 300 k so let’s say
300 nice nice nice that’s definitely
worth it so like I said guys when it
came to trading the materia in just make
sure that you put in five random ones
but I don’t put five of the same unless
you only have five of the same left
because I had for example tons of
vitality so eventually had to just put
five by tallies because if you put five
random ones in then you increase your
you basically will increase your chance
of not getting those back basically of
those five which means that you can only
then get from the pool of the remaining
ones including all the elementals
essentially which was really the aim
even though we ended up with lots of
crafting gathering material which is
nice then okay water materia for is
worth let’s say 43 k so writing that
down 43 a so for to certify autonomy and
what I like about this is the fact that
we’re all so this is kind of like
sprinkle or just bring cleaning in the
way so rather than holding all of these
worthless materia I am now getting rid
of them but also as materia which will
more likely sell their material which
will just take forever to sell not make
me any money so okay so now these are
worth 40 k upon I got five of them which
means 200 k so 200 k and remember let’s
assume that each and one of these
materials was ten cage so let’s assume I
invested two and a half million on my
own money into this so it is basically
to check your return on this investment
okay right so let’s do it yeah i’ll be
honest i do enjoy this and i’m sure if
you watch the video this far you enjoy
it as well by seeing all this potential
money coming in and but this is like I
said this is gambling this is life it’s
not always going to pay off but to be
honest so you probably will make a
decent penny from this given that most
of the materia are worth more than the
ones that you’re gambling so again ok
cool now let’s go on to the special item
shall we this grade 5 gathering material
this is going to be worth a lot but this
is worth oh ok 1.15 million so let’s do
it so 1 149 got a comment the price
what’s really good is like you can just
press again ok 989 but yeah I guess it
shows I’ll make sure that it’s six
digits before 38 million so yeah so
that’s like did that one metieron its
own it was worth half of the 250
materials though materials would gamble
right so let’s do this one now de gals
are worth 23k each and we have five of
them so 115 k so that’s why 150 but so
22 899 and guys I’m letting you watch
this entire process of listening to more
for sale because that’s why we’re doing
this you know that less is to make money
that’s it so
and the thing is I like all this money I
could then use it when I need materia
then i will use i will just get those
material back i’ll buy the ones i need I
don’t have a need to store them you know
I mean so they came out free of these
and they’re worth 40 k h 120 so I side
down 120 for free now in this situation
look there’s a stack of 20 and but the
singles of are being sold for 40k so I
will still put it at 399 a nine because
simply people might want to just buy one
not not 20 basically there’s no need to
understand the car a stack of 20 okay so
you can put it for the same price well
now grade 5 grasp what’s this one worth
700 k okay so let’s write down 700
actually what you can do in this
situation is one for 700 self first
obviously so you can actually undercut
the second place one so I’ll actually do
that i’ll say 749 so I’m going to
undercut the second place one not the
first place so 748 999 I can type some
for a 999 or eight nine nine nine wow
I’m such a bad typer bigger so that’s
749 k next competence force well these
worth is a worth a little they’re worth
forty four and a half 44 and a half we
have four of them so
uh 89 89 89 times two is 178 is that
right let’s get out the trusty old
calculator let’s take a look so 44.5
times four is 178 yep that’s right so
that’s right down 178 k cool so 178 case
of 4 for 4 99 4 for 4 99 oh and the
thing is as well I’m actually paying the
money or the subscription to have eight
retainers and I’m coffee characters so I
have got a lot of selling power on the
market forward and the good thing about
socket honest about this server
basically ASAP there’s it’s a very very
the market is very active very alive so
a lot of this stuff will sell hopefully
within a week now cunning for is 135 and
remember guys if you go back and do the
max level exile II dailies just the max
level once the ones are the highest rank
you can get a you can get free great for
crafting materials and I would suggest
getting one of each because I think for
one of the quest you can only get a
competence or one of the quest you can
only get a command and a cunning and for
one of them you can only get a whatever
but basically you can get one of each
each day so I would say get one of each
each day the quest really don’t take
long if you’ve done them before and you
could just send pocket apparently a
quarter of a million every single day
just doing the exotic west so that’s
another gill tip for you so one free for
499 I am I completely tied that wrong at
135 499
ok so we but we’ve wrote it down as 135
k for this one now this one cunning five
this should hopefully be worth a lot 723
k ice the 723 k so 72 2999 now the
fingers I know by making this video that
I’m gonna make even the worthless
material left something on every server
that’s just how it is you know like
everyone’s gonna buy every cheap
material there is try and gamble them to
get the much better ones and I don’t
necessarily see that as a bad thing
because it will help the people who are
selling junk materia by making them
their money it will also get rid of all
the junk material from the market
because they just won’t be meat they’re
not really needed right now and it will
flood the market with useful materia
which people need which would then lead
to lots of undercutting which then bring
the price down which is good for the
consumers so buy meat sharing these
things whatever it’s not just about me
showing off that you look how much money
I’ve made it’s about helping the economy
of the game okay so these are 140 k h so
140 times 5 is what 700k 700 I mean we
can quickly check simply I could just
list 140 or well yeah let’s just do at
least 140 and let’s just click 700 k yep
so 700 nice so I’m gonna do seven three
nine nine nine nine eight you me free on
the cup by one girl sorry I can’t help
myself I just have to have all that
money’s now the thing is though is
coming to the end of the weekend so
these if these like I said leave might
take a week to sell the best time to
sell at least on this server is the
weekend for obvious reasons if I’m gonna
just leave them on there I’ll check or
really couple of days and just just
adjust the price is ok so sell for these
are the material that had for sale
anyway so I’m gonna have to already
adjust these prices because yeah
basically but in the space of an hour
they’ve already been undercut by like 9k
these are just bare materia had in the
FC basically I’m something so all this
money will basically just go personally
it will just go into my FC bank you know
I don’t really have a need for personal
cash but yeah so that’s it so one free
phone I know hey 1350 it’s amazing that
I was actually I’ve actually already
undercut myself I’ll do it the same as
my other retainer oh and stop right so
that’s it guys that’s a that’s the
gambling for booty mix now like I said
guys we’re going to see so let’s see
we’ve turned let’s see so we start with
2 2.5 4 million that’s how much we
invest it assuming we bought all those
material dew point five four million the
let’s use our trusty calculator unless
add up all the money we’ve made so 16 k
plus 56 k plus 30 k plus 44 k + 69 k
plus 300 plus bizarre on with my wife 43
k plus 200 plus 1.15 million + 115 k
plus 120 k last 700 k plus 1 78 k was
135 k was 723 k plus 700 k so that
result is for
point five seven nine million the
overall profit two million so is
gambling material worth it my answer is
basically no and I tell you why even
though in this case I’ve made two
million profit but I got three grade 5
materials the chances of getting those
are infinitely small I was incredibly
lucky to get those and those make up
most of my profit if not even all of my
profit in fact because when you say 700
k 7 okay one point for 2.5 million
profit just from those three great five
materias and my overall profit is two
million so yeah I basically if it wasn’t
for those great five materials I
actually wouldn’t have made a profit I
would have just broken even so if
anything gambling materia is a way to
like I said recycled junk materia into
useful materia makes it more likely to
sell and so on get the cash into the
bank rather than holding onto lots of
worthless materia but is it worth doing
as a way of making money the answer is
no from my opinion only my opinion guys
but and if it is it worth it to sell
materia and get useful materia and so on
and so on yes it is so you make up your
own choices guys it’s all our energies
all based on our in Jesus let’s say but
you know let me know what you think in
the comments down below if anything i
could add to this variant experiment but
i just wanted to share with you guys and
we could say i did a really good trial
with this because i use 250 materia it’s
not like I went in with 10 and then try
to make up some theories I use 250
materia I made two million profit but it
was 100% the luck of the great five
materials it wasn’t from the rest so if
I hadn’t have got those great five
materials and I wouldn’t have made a
profit overall so anyway guys that’s it
for this episode thank you for watching
and as always goodbye from me and
goodbye from Horry bye guys

11 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.3 0916 Materia Gambling Profit Analysis”

  1. The profits are fairly low on my server, Leviathan. The elemental materia is definitely profitable, but it's fairly small profits (like 20k or so), and that assumes you don't end up with a dud for at least 4 goes. Barely worth the time unless you luck out with a V proc of something decent. Each throwaway IV materia sells for 14-30k, give or take. I personally did this a couple weeks ago with around 80 materia, and walked away with about 1mil profit thanks in large part to a V Competence proc. Mind you, this was also when the IV materia was a lot cheaper (~1k to 5k).

    The only IV materia that's worth 50k or more is Cunning, Command, and 3/6 elementals for me. Other gambles, like with Desynthesis for FC3 and such, are generally a lot less of a risk, especially if you happen to be a LTW and BSM desynther. But that does also mean more competition.

    Still though, the experience of such a high risk gamble can be attractive to some, so more power to them on this method. This is definitely one of those instances where you MUST check your market before attempting. On Leviathan, it's a bigger gamble at this time, IMO.

  2. Actually i think you were nlucky on Grade Vs cuz they increased the chance for them through Mutamix, i will experiment myself

  3. Great video mithrie 😀 I'm goin to try this wen I get on tonight, I have so many useless materia >_<

  4. So I guess we can expect a big run on emptying the materia donated to FC chests in the near future Mithrie!
    But so long as their not really "worth much" I suppose it doesn't matter anyway!

  5. I do a lot of materia gambling while waiting in queues for dungeons. It is as addictive as casino and overall profit depends on luck. Up to this point i have gambled over 5000 materias easily, and sum profit is about 50% for me. I had times when from batch of 83 materias i got like 10 grades V with 7 being crafting/gathering and times when out from 600 grades IV i got none grades V. Now crafting materias aren't as expensive as they used to be, so i doubt i can even make it even now

  6. Seems the best way to do this would be by doing old beast tribes and gamble that materia so no real loss of your own money.

  7. Grade V materia may be worth gambling. On my server, you can grab five from the MB for 100-120k and have pretty decent odds they'll either become something useful or what you end up with will be worth more than you put in. Of course, you could end up with one only worth 20k, but hey, it's gambling after all, xD

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