Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

Hello, Internet! Welcome to film theory the show officially tolerated by Dan Harmon sure Rick and Morty season 3’s finale may have
Just aired, but today my sights are set on the episode that came before – the ABCs of Beth.
Which had one of the most ambiguous endings in the history of the series
And had the potential to forever change
Everything we thought we knew about a member of the show’s main cast
now at this point you all know that where there’s ambiguity in
A show there are theories to be had and I think that I have this one pretty well
Solved you can pull the wool over everyone else’s eyes there Dan
But not this guy after last week’s collab were like totally soul bonded now
Or at least I like to think so
Understand how serious Krutabulon soul bonding is? The character in question is Beth the unfulfilled mother of the Smith family who gets a chance
To revisit Fruppy Land, her imaginary childhood world with the single dumbest name possible
You know if you’re so great at naming things
Why don’t you do it from now on?
Well there Beth is horrified to learn that Froopyland is now ruled over her childhood friend Tommy
who she may or may not have tried to kill out of jealousy as a kid
“You wanna see the honey swamp?” “Yes!” “Well I wanna see you dead.”
“Huh well that’s interesting fake news.” in order to survive in this fantasy world Tommy has had to resort to an endless cycle of incest and
Cannibalism it’s basically the most disturbing version of Jumanji ever. “I’m an overweight middle-aged man. Wait a second where’s my phone?”
Okay second most disturbing version of Jumanji ever. fast-forward to the end of the episode Beth tries to bring Tommy back to reality in order
To reunite him with his family and save his father’s life his father who happens to be on death row
was supposedly guilty for Tommy’s disappearance Tommy though refuses to leave his incest Kingdom and Beth has no choice
but to gruesomely finish the job that she started back when she was like seven Rick suggests that they solve the dead Tommy problem by
Creating a clone of Tommy with the finger that he’s so happily donated to Beth during her murderous
Rampage thereby acquitting Tommy’s father of the child murder charges. They do so in with an innocent man
Freed a family reunited and the day saved Beth spirals into some existential angst “Dad
I’m out of excuses to not be Who I am so Who am I what do I do?” Rick then drops a bombshell?
Saying that the same process that they used to create the clone of Tommy it could also be used to create a clone of Beth
Allowing Beth to go off on whatever
Soul-searching journeys that she wants while the clone takes care of the kids back at home after
Staring at some photos of her family Beth comes to a decision
And then the show immediately cuts away without us ever knowing what that decision is the next time that we see her and Rick though
They’re behaving very differently very affectionate even dropping the dreaded L word. “I love you dad”
“Love you, too, sweetie” the episode ends and leaves us with one question are three boobs truly better than two sorry
That’s the B storyline leaves us with one question
Did Beth choose to stay or did she replace herself with a clone it may seem like the creators of the show have made it
Impossible for us to know for sure if the show actually gives us all the information that we need to figure it out definitively
throughout this episode clocks and references to exact units of time are
Everywhere first we get a glimpse of the clock in the execution chamber when Beth and Rick prevent Tommy’s father from being lethally injected
It reads
1:56 and this gives us our starting point we can assume that shortly after that Rick and Beth start to head home
We know that they drive home and don’t use the portal gun because we see them actually walk through the front door this also makes
Sense since they were transporting Tommy who needed to stay unaware of Rick’s crazy
Scientific schemes so we know for a fact that they were at the execution chamber around 2:00 p.m.
And it would take some time for them to return from the execution site back to their home where Rick eventually makes his cloning
But how long would that take well we can calculate the distance between the two locations we know for a fact
Thanks to Justin roiland Twitter account that the Smith residence is canonically located in the suburbs outside of Seattle, Washington
This is a weird factoid that I never really thought about but makes a lot of sense now that I’m researching it
It’s not like every city has their own execution chamber just waiting to be used in fact
There is only one execution chamber in the entire state of
Washington and it’s located at the State Penitentiary in Walla, Walla, Washington
A four and a half hour drive away from the Seattle area that means that even if Beth were in a rush to get home
After the 2:00 p.m.. Execution these soonest that she would be arriving back at the Smith residence would be around 6:30 p.m.
mark it down because it’s the crucial point in our timeline when they get back to the house Beth indicates that she’s
Exhausted and ready to call it a day
It’s only
After this point that Rick gives best the talk and reveals that he has the ability to replace her with a clone we know from
Earlier in the episode with Tommy that the process of growing a clone takes around three hours also worth pointing out
It’s an oddly suspicious detail for the writers to include their rights almost like they wanted us to know this information
For some reason anyway regardless this means that the absolute
Soonest that Rick could possibly have a clone ready to replace her with would be around 9:30 p.m.
provided everything goes perfectly
But waits freeze frame the clip of the kids coming home at the end of the episode look out the window
It’s broad daylight does that look like 9:30 p.m.
Anywhere in the world to you even at Seattle’s northern latitude?
Which does give it longer days during the summer. The longest day of the year has it sunset at around nine o’clock p.m.
Even then the longest day of Seattle’s year by 9:45, it would already be dark outside
Which means that the final scene we see of the Smith family has to happen at around 8:30 p.m.
At the latest it’s certainly enough time for best to get back from the Washington State Penitentiary
But definitely not enough time for Rick to have created a clone to replace her in that final scene
Ergo the Beth that we see in this final scene must be the real deal
She is a hundred percent authentic
Beth Smith it turns out she decided to stay at home and be a mother to her children rather than head out on some whacky
Fantastical soul-searching adventure the adventure she chose for herself in that moment was motherhood
Okay, so now let’s deal with some challenges that I’m sure I’m gonna hear in the comments first
Maybe all this is happening on a separate day
But we can prove for a fact that it’s not at the beginning of the episode we hear that the kids are late for their
Custody weekend with Jerry aren’t you guys supposed to be at your father’s for custody weekend?
And we hear on the TV that the execution is happening quote tomorrow
So we know that the episode is starting on a Saturday and execution is happening on a Sunday
We see Saturday night midway through the episode so we know that everything around the clones is happening on Sunday the day of Tommy’s father’s
Execution we also know that the kids are headed back home Sunday evening and not Monday morning because the pizza place
Renaldo’s is closed because it’s too late
I think Renaldo’s is closed and lastly we know that this show doesn’t cheat time dimension-hopping yes
But messing around with time is a big no-no on Rick and Morty just take it from my buddy dan time travel is a real
Shark jumper Plus Rick even reminds us at the end of the episode that there are no
time-travel shenanigans to be had by the way that wasn’t
Time-travel which means that all evidence considered we can definitively say that Beth is real
It was like the show’s creators were drawing our attention to these details
To ask us to solve the mystery on our own
Just like I’m drawing your attention to the subscribe button right now so that you can solve the mystery of
Subscribing on your own that way you can be notified of more Rick and Morty theories in the future click it and while you’re down
There next to the comments. Let me know in three seconds
Whether you think at the end of the episode was Beth real, or was she a clone just one worth real or clone
Here’s how many of you I was able to convince now
I know that some fans have been picking apart that scene trying to figure out whether the Beth we see at the end is a
Clone based on her behavior debating about whether she’s acting more affectionate than the real Beth would, but in this episode
We don’t need to psychoanalyze anyone to come up with the truth the solution was right there waiting to come out
It was all just a matter of time, but hey
that’s just a theory a film theory and
and by the way special
Thanks to Reddit user deaths coming 23 who got me to look into this theory on the game theorist subreddit
You’re a suggestion to look at the clocks was awesome and also just as a reminder
I don’t talk about it all that much
But if you guys have a theory request or just a theory of your own the best way for me to see it is actually
On the game theorist or film theorist subreddit. Yes some loyal theorists actually created one for film theory too
I’m trolling around there pretty frequently to see what you guys are excited to see covered
And if you have any great theory starters of your own so check them out if you haven’t and hey if you missed my collaboration
with Rick and Morty creator himself
Dan Harmon picking apart the science of pickle Rick well that video link is on your left to the right is something that YouTube has
Algorithmically determined that you’ll want to watch next let’s see how good of a job. It does. See you next week for something
That’s a little bit more

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  1. I cut this out of the episode, but I'm seeing this question show up in the comments, so let me clarify:

    – The clock in the garage is ALWAYS stuck at that time in every scene you see it, at least in this episode. So the time it reads can't be used as a part of putting together an accurate timeline of events. Good job looking out for it, though!

  2. Theres a chance that Rick already cloned Beth and has it on standby i mean come on this is rick we're talking about here

  3. Or we could know its beth because she knows about the clone conversation and the clone wouldn't know

  4. Assuming they drove home from the execution chamber…. and didn’t portal. Making the 4 hour trip . Instant

  5. Yeah, but technically there is the OSP (Oregon State Penitentiarity) is about 1 hour less than the Washington State Penitentiary, meaning that the cloning process could actually be done just in time.

  6. I believe the theories on most of these comments. I think beth wanted a last dinner with her family, and thats y she was so affectionate. Heres how i back it up. Next episode. She blatantly claims that she isnt the same person, because she loves jerry. But hey, thats just a crappy theory.

  7. beth and rick could have driven the car through a portal, and reached home instantly!!!!!!????? any answers to this MATPAT

  8. I normally hate it when I'm asked to subscribe. But to be asked in that way changed everything 😀
    Sorry für mein schlechtes Englisch aber ich spreche normalerweise 24/7 Hochdeutsch.

  9. You didn’t have to make a theory about this because in a later episode Rick said that if Beth WAS a clone and she became self-aware, Rick would have killed her. She DID become self aware, but wasn’t killed.

  10. Stop with the clickbait sir, it tends to ruin credibility EVEN IF YOU put the assumed detractive statements in your video 😒 What are u a 12 y/o trying to prove a point. Point is Rick has ALWAYS F*CKED with time travel. NOTHING WAS SHELVED (contrary to what the SHEEP U LEAD believe). Look at your competitors videos, assimilate information, then wait to bring it out (aka the Sony PlayStation method) with your own updates commentary. Remember you’re posting for fans and those getting into the series, which basically means YOU WILL BE CALLED OUT ON YOUR F-UPS DESPITE YOUR “ CULT SHEEP FOLLOWING 🐑 or YOUR RELATIONSHIPS THAT YOU BELIEVE YOU’VE CULTIVATED #theyareopportunist

    Keep it real sir

  11. didnt rick say “it wont become self aware and has zero chance of going bladerunner”. if the beth we see at the end of s3e9 and during s3e10 is a clone, she would never freak out and become self aware

  12. What if Rick already had a clone of Beth that loved him and he could go on adventures with because he knew he screwed things up with the real Beth

  13. I know I'm extremely late,but what if Beth wanted one last meal with her family before leaving?All that affection was her way of saying goodbye and Rick kinda just went with it

  14. But when they guest appeared on the Simpson's they cloned them in under 30 minutes so beth CAN be a clone

  15. Isn’t it possible that they live in a reality where there is an execution center near where they live? This isn’t that far fetched considering literally everything else that happens in the show…

  16. i dont know why no one points this out but, in the last episode beth, for the 1st time i think, breaks the 3rd wall, by saying. "we will be like season 1 but more stream lined."
    now remember the episode where rick transfers his consciousness into tiny rick, and how tiny rick was trying to take over his mind. Now clearly, rick isn't good at cloning. from then to "abc of beth" cloning is not mentioned. he might have mastered cloning, but the mental state of clones might not be to his liking.
    about the time difference, rick might have stocked his families clones, like he did with his own, or had it setup in case of emergencies. remember rick never met tommy, so cloning him would have done from scratch.
    one final point, rick is a genius but he is at his hight of intelligence when he needs to improvise. this is because rick will rather solve a problem then doing something perfectly to begin with. with that point, its understandable that he might create a clone, that might become self aware and rebel against him, but teaching it to care and love for her family, hence getting her children's father back in their lives. and the version of beth he would create would be smart, not as smart as rick but maybe smart enough to be self aware maybe smart enough to break the 3rd wall?

  17. Why do you put all this brain power of yours on totally meaningless questions applying real life logic to television. “Well because the only execution chamber is 4.5 hrs away from rick’s house” like what the fuck your math and science don’t apply to this at all. It’s tv its art you could argue that beth is or is not the clone based on thematic context, the way things are framed, etc. It has nothing to do with the literal logistics of their drive home I just smack my forehead listening to this

  18. In the ending of S3E10, she mentions the family is going be like "Season 1", but in the ending of S1E5, Rick makes a reference to another show and character ending with "See you next week everybody!" while waving towards the camera. Beth then proceeds having the last say stating "I dont get it" then the whole family (with the exception of Summer) looks at the camera and smiles. The whole family is aware (except Summer) that they're in a show, that nothing matters. So Beth's freak out is all "acting".

    So my theory: She's the real Beth.

  19. You probably noticed but in the background behind the cloning chamber fluid you can see that the clock was at 1. It probably means nothing though….

  20. I think Rick already had the Clone ready when he suggested the idea to her. All you had to do was put the recent memories in it. I think Rick would want to see what her daughter with two out in the universe. It would boost his ego to see his child become more like him. I think he wants her to understand why he's so jaded about the universe.

  21. There was huge hole in the continuity of the episode discussed in regards to B story. Kids were supposed to be staying with Jerry all weekend, however he picks them up from school during class to inform them that the Krutabulon plans on killing them. Jerry also drops them off back at home on a rainy night before Summer offers her hilarious help. The timeline is off. She asks how was their weekend, meaning they came home at least one day before the A stories conclusion, therefore giving no validity to your presuppositions regarding the drive. That pizza was Sunday evening and as you said "it's broad daylight!" It was raining when Jerry dropped them off! Further proving this writing staff loves to F!:@/ with people obsessed with rationalizing a cartoon online. That is the only discovery that can truly be proven by this video.

  22. I think that maybe since it is an alternate universe the execution chamber could be located somewhere else and in the next episode she has an identity crisis

  23. Okay this is just a theory but if Rick is in a different dimension a lot maybe this is a dimension where the time is one hour later then the sun we can see that on our planet too I live in the netherlands when it's 12 am the sun is not at its highest point it is too early 12 am
    What if this happened to this version of Earth too? Maybe it is an hour later so the sun wasn't at its highest point at 12 am maybe it was 1pm. So she is a clone and maybe Ricks cloning device works better and faster if the person is right there the device works faster
    BUT HEY. That's just a theory A (SERIES)FILM THEORY ps in the netherlands the subtitles state the time travel box which is weird since they didn't talk about it maybe he stopped time but that the subtitles said" tijdreisspullen" clearly indicates he was going to do something with time in a time themed episode this wouldn't even be weird but hey thats just a theory a good theory and seeing in the s3 e2 in the post apocalyptic world Rick can fit a car through a portal Beth could be tired bc of the whole day in general

  24. I recon she was a clone but the real Beth not gonna come back till like one of the last seasons so the family is gonna choose the clone as if she was the real Beth

  25. If you look on the scene where Tommy’s clone is being created (2:12) the time is 12:10 so this is all wrong sorry

  26. It has been 1 am in Anchorage, Alaska, yet still bright. It is scientifically not able to become night here because of the fact that it doesn't lower below 18 degrees in the sky which is what determines the stages of twilight, and past 18 degrees is "night." If you want to know more watch vsauce's video on the stages of twilight.

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