FIRE COMMUNITY Retire Early-Why I Retired from my Business

FIRE COMMUNITY Retire Early-Why I Retired from my Business

so finally deciding to shut down the
brick-and-mortar business was actually quite bittersweet because I did open
this business when most people would never think to open a business because I
moved to a entirely different County and I didn’t know anyone and it was actually
during the recession and my business is based on discretionary income so it has
been a tremendously long hours for 12 years to get the business successful and
it was actually very very busy but I decided to finally shut it down because
I wanted to create more whitespace in my life I just didn’t have the energy
anymore and life is just too short to commute long hours and work really long
hours so this year I wanted to do what most people take for granted as such as
taking long walks and reading without having any time limitations I also
wanted to just think and be able to create and even have more time to travel
and I also wanted to take my business online where I had more time for online
consultations and work on my store hi my Christy and I have been treating
clients with acne hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions professionally for
over 12 years or just over 12 years now and if you this is the first time on our
channel we actually go over in-depth product reviews ingredients analysis how
to correctly use products and some beauty news sprinkled here and there so
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so when most small businesses struggle my business actually became quite
profitable after three months of opening even in an empty store so why did I say
goodbye at the busiest season and two very faithful and loyal clients well I
had very little time for my family and my friends and especially during the
holidays where all I wanted to do was just sleep so I said goodbye to my
faithful and loyal clients which was very difficult to attain over the course
of several years and I decided to break down my business during the holidays one
by one so it was very bittersweet I’ve slowly started to move out my furniture
which I painstakingly selected and got piece one by one over the course of two
years to finally make it complete so that was the end of you guys so this is
the day that everything is gone it echoes in here so everything is empty so
I’m really tired I’ve been just working and as you can see so there’s nothing
here and now I would like to create some more white space and live life so I
would like to now take my business to a different direction where I’m going to
take it more on line so you’ll be seeing more online activity because the truth
is is is that most not all but most of the things that you saw on the Instagram
and the YouTube and all of that melissa was responding to the YouTube comments I
respond to most of those but so we’re gonna do more online activity now now
that my brick-and-mortar store which takes a lot of a lot of time to manage
that and so I kind of that was one chapter and I’m starting this new
chapter we’re gonna do more things online so please go ahead and put in the
comments below of what you would like to see more of because now we can actually
create way more content than before so remember that makeup is a science oh my
gosh so I wanted to go into this new year by wishing you all a Happy New Year
thank you very much for supporting our channel and watching our Channel
and please remember that makeup is an art and skin
here is a science

58 thoughts on “FIRE COMMUNITY Retire Early-Why I Retired from my Business”

  1. Hey everyone, this will give me MORE time to do more online! What things do you want to see? The personalized consultations are going pretty well! ONLY SERIOUS APPLICANTS ONLY! ; ) . Just started it and getting positive feedback! .

  2. I’m soooo happy you’re not going anywhere!! I literally just found you today!! 🙂 I love tips on any kind of skincare but maybe exactly what products are Humectants, and Occlusives that are safe and good for the face would be my question….

  3. Do you have any professional advice and maybe you can make a video of somebody who is interested in skin care products. I HAVE BEEN TAKING care of my skin as a TEENAGER. I would like to get into buying certain products and forging an online business.

  4. I would like to know how does a black woman firm the skin. I do not have wrinkles but black skin does sag over the years, but my nasal labial Folds are starting to show aging.

  5. Good on you for this new change in your life,forward thinking with going online and a great choice.Im from Australia and really enjoy your channel.People are becoming so much more aware of what is in skincare and you do help to provide powerful information.I believe the skincare industry will change for the better because people like yourself on you tube are giving us so much information.We now know what to look for in skincare and treatment.Thanks

  6. I'm so glad you will still be here! I will be here too. I had a big "Oh NO!" before I listened. I'm glad for you. I may have to sign up for Insta(whatever) LOL

  7. I freaked when I saw "retirement", so I quickly watched your video. I'm so happy you're going to share your time with us. I've learned a lot from you in the little time I've been watching and I always feel so educated. So once again thank you for not retiring from us.

  8. Congratulation!! That's wonderful news.. I'm so glad you'll still be here. I hope you'll be able to spend more time with your loved ones. 😊

  9. 🎉Happy 🎉New 🎉Year to you too& thank you very much Christie ⚘ ❣for time, effort, all the hard work you put in together to educate help us take care of our skin..💌Glad to know can still get in touch with you Christie 🌸Don't forget to have a restful refreshing & relaxing deserve it lovely💟🎵

  10. So happy you are still going to be here. I really enjoy your videos and have learned so much from you!! Congrats on this big change and your new future😊

  11. All that’s great for you! Life is really short. I hope you make more videos and have online shopping from your product. 😘😘😘

  12. Congratulations, 🎉 that’s great you are taking time out to relax and enjoy.

    I love your channel and happy to hear you will be expanding your content. 🥳

  13. Congratulations!💐 You do such a good job informing us , that I can't think of anything extra 🤔well actually, I just thought of one subject- how about more info on facial massage ? I've seen some videos ( very short videos) on how massages for the face are done , ( I'm older with sagging skin & these massages seem to help!) I hope this new direction in your life is fun & relaxing as well. I'm sure you will be successful . 👍 Enjoy! ☺️

  14. I truly hope the best for you. As a new aesthetician it would be wonderful if you offered a mentioning program. Always follow your heart and do what is right for your life.

  15. Congrats for listening to what you need for yourself! I’ve known a lot of people who have literally worked themselves to death, the intense stress of overworking lead to health complications way too early in their lives. You said to put in the comments what you’d like to see, and I’d like to see if some of your clients would be willing to give interviews on their skincare journeys, especially if they have some pictures of their bad times to understand how far they’ve come with your help. I’m mostly interested in that because I have problematic skin, and it’s difficult to find videos of other people with truly problematic skin in the YouTube space that have their skin completely under control. Thank you for all the content and info you share, it’s very helpful.

  16. Congratulations on your life- changing decision! Family is precious, as is time to think and relax! Enjoy the new chapter in your life – so glad you'll still be sharing your very informative videos with us! 👍

  17. glad I still can see you here 🙂 congrats on your new journey ! biz online might good idea too such as skincare line …all the best Christy ^_^

  18. Congratulations on your achievements and good luck on everything you do, I have definitely learned a lot about skin care from you. I’m glad you will be doing more content on YouTube, life is definitely short and you should be able to enjoy it every single day.

  19. Hi Christy, congratulations on this new chapter in your life! I was wondering if maybe you could do a skin care routine for those of us who suffer from facial dermatitis, like Oral dermatitis. I suffer from it and it is reallly hard to take care of it and still try preventing wrinkles, sagging, and age spots!Thank's 😘

  20. Hope you enjoy your life better now. And thank you for your willingness to continue helping peeps like me that don't know what the heck I am doing with my skin. I learned so much from you, changing my life and the way I treat myself, God bless your new life and your family!

  21. I would say welcome to the community! It has been the most liberating decision ever and I don’t misss my successful career one bit. It is great to do whatever you want whenever you want. Good luck with mapping out the white space!

  22. I absolutely LOVE the FIRE movement and community. You are so right- life is too short! My goal is to FIRE as well. I’m years away from making that happen, but I love hearing how others achieved it!🔥

  23. Congratulations! I’m glad you will be able to catch your breath and enjoy life. Sometimes we get on that treadmill and it slowly gets cranked up .
    Your channel has lots of wisdom for skincare. I am glad you will still be educating us.

  24. Best of luck on your new your channel so happy your not going anywhere.would love a video on how to get rid of discolouration under the eyes and on the eyelid if possible ❤

  25. Good luck to your future life. I have enjoyed your youtube since I have found you by chance. Hope to see you in this Channel. Very thank you.!! 😛

  26. Good luck Christie ! Enjoy your retirement! Thank you for all the wonderful information you imparted . I’ve learned a lot .

  27. Congratulations on your decision! I am so glad that you will still be around because I love your videos and all the information I have learned from them!

  28. There is this white thingy under my skin and its next to my nail when i touch it it hurts and i don't know what to do or what it is please helpppp

  29. I admire you for knowing what you need then articulating that need to your family and fans. Last but not least, you took the steps to create that change. That all takes courage.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    We got your back sister! You will do well!

  30. Glad you made a decision to create more time for yourself. Guess I won’t be visiting your salon now, but at least you’re still with us online 😍

  31. Can you please do a video about the Korean exfoliating towels ? I saw them in a video about body exfoliating . How do I know if I bought original Korean exfoliating towels , or if I got some fake ones ? And if those really works ? PLEASE PLEASE !!
    Hello from Chicago !

  32. Congratulations Christy!! Glad you're still here! I take notes as I watch your videos. I completely trust your expertise! Thank you!

  33. I'm glad that you can choose to take more time to yourself, and even more glad that you'll be more present online, since I'm from Brazil lol! Your product reviews are amazing, like anything I've ever seen on youtube. I'd like to see more of that.

  34. Hey christy.. I just luckily found your channel and saw your video on Hyaluronic acid.. And we can substitute it with very reasonable product.. Im so thankful to you for clearing out the questions i had in my mind before even buying retinol or hyaluronic acid serum for my face..
    Can you please help me with what organic products from kitchen or any other products for my clear combination, oily T zone in summers and dry in winters should use for cleansing, exfoliating and serum. Im 29 and alot of people are telling me to start the anti aging serums before 30. ALSO I live in South Asian country.. Where we face 9 months of summers almost and hardly 3 months of winters. And this winters that's the first time my skin get dry patches as well. Incase I start using the Fat from fresh milk to moisturise my skin. No moisturising creams were working. Looking forward for your answer.. Thanks a ton in advance 💕

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