Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: Temptation to Stay In

Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: Temptation to Stay In

You know, as with many poker games, and many
poker players, starting out, your temptation
might be to stay in. Hey, it’s a drawing game.
I’m going to get more cards. Well, let’s talk
about that. Let’s deal off a random hand,
and look at that, there’s not much going on.
You’re looking at ace high here, and you say,
ok. I’m going to play this ace and this queen,
and I’m going to ride it. All right, fine,
so you’re going to draw three cards, right?
Well, let’s see how often you get three cards
that help you, not really. You’re not going
to win a pot usually, with a pair of fours.
Here’s three more. Oh, look at that, ace high.
Here’s three more, nothing, ace high again.
Three more, oh, almost caught that straight.
That would have been some nice luck, a nice
catch, huh, or as we say in poker, nice pull.
Again, ace high, ace high. Look at that, I’m
going to get almost halfway through the deck.
Again nothing, ace high, close, but no cigar.
Ok, there you go, a pair of aces. You might
win a hand with a pair of aces. A pair of
queens, you might win a hand with a pair of
queens. Oh there you go, two pair. Did you
see how it took us like ten tries to get that,
so think about that, one in ten, to get a
hand that’s going to win the pot. You’re playing
against three other players. You’re not going
to get the pot odds for one in ten, for a
ten percent shot, so resist the temptation.
Don’t stay in on every hand. Play tight. That
is winning poker.

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  1. but in this "poker" game, depending on the number of players, you need to take some cards out, exemple: two players, only use cards from sevens to aces, four players, fivess to aces… you dont always use the whole deck…

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