Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: When to Bet Strong

Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: When to Bet Strong

All right, let’s talk about situations where
you want to bet strong, or as we say in poker,
get your money in the pot. Let’s say that
you look down before the draw, and you have
a pat hand. You have an ace high flush. That’s
an exciting hand to have. You actually want
to protect your hand. You might look at this
and say, Oh yeah, I’m going to, I’m going
to play this slow. I’m going to be sly. I’m
going to trap everybody into thinking that
they’ve got a shot, and then I’ll take the
pot down. No, as we say in poker, you’re never
as far ahead as you think you are. In most
cases, no matter the poker variant, if you
have a strong hand, but not an unbeatable
hand by any measure, you want to make your
opponents pay to see more cards, so bet the
maximum. If you look down at a flush before
the draw, and also bet the maximum, if you
catch a hand like this, two pair, two high
pairs, aces, queens, and an off card. If you
have this hand before the draw, bet hard.
Bet strong, because you might get to take
down the pot before the draw, and you don’t
want to lose to someone drawing to a flush,
or a straight, and then if you get to the
draw, and you actually catch an ace or a queen,
you have a full house. Full house will usually
win the hand. In this case, you want to get
your money in, because you want to have a
situation, where you get the most out of the
pot. You might check raise, but you don’t
want people to, you don’t want to give permission
to everybody else at the table, to check.
Make them pay to see the showdown. Make more
money for yourself. These are hands to bet

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  1. Expert: Reg Brittain
    Bio: Reg Brittain has benefited from the poker boom of recent years. In 2006, Brittain won $25,000 on Fox Sports Network's Poker Dome Challenge.

    More money than any of you critics have won, I'll bet.

  2. A pat hand is not something you need to protect. It's really hard to outdraw a pat hand. Two pair is a different story. It's not uncommon for someone to make trips. It is, however, pretty hard to fill up in this game.

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