♪ (old-school video game music) ♪
– Hopefully it’s happy.
– Five Nights at Freddy’s 4.
I hate you guys.
– I’m not good at Five Nights at Freddy’s.
– I know this is a really big game.
Everyone loves talking about it.
Me personally have never
experienced this madness.
– I heard this one
takes place in a bedroom.
And that’s terrifying
’cause I sleep in a bedroom,
and that makes it a lot more relatable.
– A little angry right now, to be honest.
Do I have to play it again? Again?
– “Five days until the party.”
I don’t want to go to the party.
– Okay, “Five day until…”
Okay, after this, we turn up.
‘Ey. Okay, let’s go.
– Is that Golden Freddy, right?
– There he is every time.
(in game: faint laugh)
“What did he do this time?”
– “He locked you in your room again.”
– “Don’t be scared. I am here with you.”
– That’s already creepy.
– I don’t want to be with you, bro.
Whatchu mean?
– Oh no, he’s crying.
– Oh, those are all the characters.
The stupid bunny– I hate him.
– Hi, friends.
“These are my friends.”
Guessed it.
– “These are my friends.” No they’re not.
– This is kind of fun.
Do I go out this door?
– Later, friends.
(banging on door)
– Oh, I want out of here.
(banging on door)
Oh. (chuckles)
– Oh no, bro. He’s crying already.
– “Tomorrow is another day.”
How sad.
I’m locked in this room
with these evil stuffed animals.
That’s like a nightmare.
– Let the game begin.
– (moans in disapproval)
– This is already creepy.
Oh, I don’t like this. “Night one.”
– So we’re, like, not at
a theme park anymore?
We’re just, like, in a room?
– “Click here to run to the door.”
– “Click here to run to the door.” Yeah.
Oh [bleep].
(in game: scampering)
12 AM. Got a long time.
How long do I have to last?
– (Finebros) Until 6 AM.
– “Listen carefully. If you hear
breathing, hold the door shut.”
– (incredulously) “Hold the door shut”?
– “If you do not hear breathing,
then you use your flashlight.”
– “Flick mouse down to try to run back.”
– All right, Ctrl– I gotta hold that.
(crickets chirping)
Oh my gosh.
– I don’t want to go to the closet.
This is so freaky.
– I’m running kinda back and forth,
making sure nobody’s in my house.
– Okay.
Check door.
(in game: scampering)
(door creaks slightly)
♪ (plucky music) ♪
Uh… nothing.
– Trying to hear little things.
Is someone walking towards me?
– Is that breathing?
Look at all these creepy little toys.
(door creaks)
– Oh, this is like Chucky.
And this is like my biggest
fear beyond anything.
– This is scary. I hate this.
– This is so creepy. I hate this.
This is, like, every child’s
worst nightmare.
(faint, tinny voice)
– Yo.
Okay, I just heard something.
– Man, my heart is beating. I hate this.
– I’m waiting for something
to jump out at me,
’cause I know what’s gonna happen.
– Time to check behind me. Ya.
We good. It’s my homey.
(faint, tinny noises)
– What are those, like, radio noises?
Is it that robot thing?
– I don’t hear anything.
I’m not about that life.
Okay, goodbye, guys.
– Yo, where are his parents?
Like, do they have a dog or something?
‘Cause I got a dog, and I know
this won’t happen to me.
– Apparently this kid’s
locked in his room.
I don’t hear breathing,
so should I keep the door open,
just keep my flashlight on?
– Oh… [bleep] that.
[Bleep] that. I heard something.
We don’t– oh hey, chill, brolic.
What are you doing?
I never said open the door again.
– I don’t really hear anything actually.
It’s– (gasps) Oh my gosh.
(sighs in fear)
(distorted whir)
– Aaaahhh!
What was that? It was like a piranha!
(distorted whir)
Where’d I go? Where’d I go? Wait, wait.
(distorted whirring)
– (gasps)
What the heck?
– Everything’s getting so scary.
I’m shaking.
– No one wants to have
animatronics hunt them.
– (nervously) ♪ Staying
alive, staying alive ♪
(whimpering) ♪ Ah, ah, ah ♪
– Oh my god, what’s happening?
Oh my god, what? What is it?
(door creaks)
What do I do?
(faint brushing noise)
Oh my god.
Hold it, I think.
– Close it, close it.
– Oh gosh. If I just
wait it out, will I survive?
This feels so much longer
than the other ones.
– I don’t hear anything,
so I think I can go away.
(door creaks)
– Oh my gosh. Someone’s gonna
be right there, and I’m gonna die.
I saw you!
– So maybe we should–
(gasps deeply)
Oh my gosh, they’re getting
closer, aren’t they?
– I still get scared in a room
at night in the dark.
This is probably gonna give me nightmares.
– I need minutes. I need
minutes. This is not cool.
I need to know how much
time I have. I need a clock.
Bull[bleep]. Like, it only goes by hours.
– I’m going back.
Nope, nope, nope. Nope.
(abrupt roar)
– (screams)
Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.
I hate that. (weeps)
– I hate this. I hate this.
I hate this. I hate this. I hate this.
– Yo, I’m about to beat this
on my first try, guys.
No, I’m probably gonna die in two seconds.
Like one… two.
(abrupt roar)
Oh my gosh.
I’m done. I am done.
– Oh, wait-wait-wait-wait-wait.
How do I go behind me again?
Aah, bro, don’t do that to me!
Come on, man!
Maybe they all left.
Maybe they were like,
“Let’s give Maddie a break.”
(distorted whir)
I know those are coming every time.
– First night’s supposed
to be the easiest.
So nothing scary’s gonna happen.
Right? Right?
What is it? Hide in here?
Oh my god.
(abrupt roar)
(muffled grumbling)
Oh my god!
First night’s supposed to be the easiest!
Nothing bad is supposed to happen!
(faint noise)
(door creaks)
(startled) Oh hey, I heard something.
I heard something.
I heard something. Not chill. Not chill.
(door creaks)
– This is really testing
the power of my ears right now.
– Do I get a gun at least?
Come on, give me a gun.
(alarm clock beeping)
(exhales sharply)
Oh my god.
– Woo! Day two!
Rockin’ and rollin’. 6 AM. You made it!
– Did I make it through
the night? I did it?
(gasps) I did it!
– Ugh, four more of these nights?
This is torture.
– “You know he is hiding again.” Oh no.
– (singsong) “He won’t stop
until you find him.”
(faint sinister laugh)
– Huh? Am I in a different room this time?
– He’s chilling. What’s up, Fred?
– I’m in the living room.
– Just making sure.
(abrupt screech)
(footsteps blipping)
(faint sinister laughter)
(abrupt screech)
– Oh!
(abrupt screech)
(screams loudly)
Bro. (sucks air through teeth)
– I hate this game!
“Tomorrow is another day.”
Look at how sad.
– “Fun with Plushtrap.” No thanks.
– “Hold Ctrl to use the flashlight.”
– “Use flashlight to stop Plushtrap.”
Oh okay, X. Can I just hit X
to skip two hours real quick?
– How do I do it? Ctrl again?
– (Finebros) Do you see the X
at the bottom of the screen?
– Yeah.
– (Finebros) Listen for
when he’s scurrying
and try to catch him with your flashlight.
– All right, this is mad creepy.
I don’t want to do this.
(flashlight flickering)
Oh bro. Oh, he came out.
– (incredulously) Oh my god!
There’s a countdown. There’s a timer.
Move! No, don’t move.
I just– I’m so conflicted.
– (shakily) Oh, this is scary.
Can I hear him moving?
Oh, he got up. He got up.
– OH MY GOD! His mouth.
(nervous gasps)
– Did I lose? Did he get me?
– He’s gonna lash out, lash out.
(pounds key)
Did I get it?
I bet they don’t let anyone win this part.
(crickets chirping in distance)
– Yeah!! Suck it!
You’re staying, you stupid– dah!
(panting) I’m out of breath.
– Night two out of five.
This is ridiculous.
– Should I turn around
and see if there’s
creepy little guys again?
Oh, they moved.
They’re in a different spot.
– Oh, it’s flickering.
Do I turn it off or what?
(abrupt roar)
Bro, no! Let’s go. Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.
(scampering, door creaking)
(brief whir)
– I feel like it’s coming from out here.
But every time I look,
there’s nothing there.
(gasps) I saw him.
He is over there. I knew it.
I just hear little, like, movements,
and I, like, freak myself out.
(gasps) Can I hold the door shut?
I don’t know if–
(abrupt roar)
Aah! No more! Oh, that was so scary!
(inhales sharply) No!
– Oof! Okay.
2 AM. Skip two hours.
There is something ringing behind me.
(brief whir)
He’s just getting annoying.
Is that Plushlight, the guy?
Or is he just a nasty piranha?
He’s just chilling.
(abrupt roar)
What the fuh? There’s blood everywhere!
This is way more graphic!
– Is that a wrap already?
That’s not a– I gotta
keep playing this, come on.
– (Finebros) We’re gonna
give you one more shot at this.
– (mutters “all right”)
I’m kinda like, “Thank you”
and kinda like, “Why?”
at the same time right now.
– Got this. I’m ready.
– I’m scared, but I still
want to do better.
(sinister laughter)
– I don’t want to do one more.
– What happens when you beat this one?
Your parents throw you a party?
“We’ll take you to
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzaria!”
– Okay. Check behind me.
I’m good. My buddy’s good.
(flickering and scampering)
– Okay, that’s one.
(faint voice)
– Oh, I hear someone.
I heard them laugh.
Someone must have told a joke.
– I’m scared. It’s 1 AM
and anything can happen.
– Nothing’s been in that closet yet.
I’m just waiting for
something to be in there.
– Nothing. Back here.
Other door.
Ctrl. Lights on.
– I’m telling you, if this was me,
I would just move out.
– I don’t– okay.
I hear a scary soundtrack.
And I feel like– let’s check
behind us just in case.
– We’re halfway there. Okay, 3 AM.
– I am happy when it
gets later in the night.
But then I just figure
it just gets more intense.
So I’m kinda sad that
it gets later in the night.
– I don’t know why I lean
closer to try to listen.
– Okay, nothing.
– Nothing. All right.
Back home, back home.
– Literally just turn on the lights
and problem solved.
No one will come and eat you.
Or at least you’ll see them–
– (nervously) Oh no.
– We’re just gonna hold it.
Should I open it?
There was a bunny.
(fierce roar)
Oh my god! (gasps deeply)
I thought it was gonna be okay!
Why is this so hard?
– All right, this is where you
do the little breathing exercises
that they taught you in class. Okay.
Okay, okay. Look around, look around.
(door creaks)
(fierce roar)
(screams loudly)
Bull[bleep], bro. Come on, man.
– If I just wait it out, will I not die?
I don’t think that’s a good strategy.
– I hear the kitchen.
Do you guys hear that? I mean, maybe.
But if you listen very closely,
I hear a kitchen.
(crickets chirping)
– Is that you breathing?
– (Finebros) Yeah, that was me.
– Okay, that’s– you’re
throwing me off, man.
(door creaks)
(fierce roar)
No! I’m so scared.
I don’t want to play anymore.
– It’s 5 AM. An hour left.
My hands are so sweaty right now.
– I don’t understand
why people play this for fun.
Like, why do people like
to just scare themselves like this?
– Every single one you go to,
close your eyes.
That’s my technique.
(gasps) No.
– (takes deep breath)
Just– just– just stay calm.
– Okay, it’s 5. We’re so close.
(flickering and scampering)
– Okay, Freddy’s good.
Am I good? That’s the question.
(brief whir)
(alarm clock beeping)
– Did I make it?
Yay, I made it!
– (gasps)
(grunts triumphantly)
– Day two! Okay!
– “Fun with Plushtrap.” Wait, what?
– Okay, there we go. Come on, Plushtrap.
(faint water echoing)
– I think I’m just gonna…
…go every five seconds.
Every five seconds. One, two, three.
Every three seconds.
(crickets chirping, faint water echoing)
Just stand up! Oh my gosh.
Oh, he’s running.
Got you!
– Did I do it? I did it!
– Nope.
“Too bad.”
(under breath) Oh my gosh.
(sighs) Don’t like this game at all.
I’m freaking out in the inside.
– I feel like when it comes to the point
where I’m gonna have to hold the door,
I’m just not gonna know what to do.
– Bye! Leave!
(groans) You’re not invited to my party.
– Oh, and it’s two AM.
(door creaks)
(fierce roar)
(gasping quietly)
– I’m just going to all the doors
just back and forth.
But it’s kinda hard that way,
’cause then you hear
the footsteps and you can’t really–
(fierce roar)
(snickers) Dang it!
What the heck? How am
I supposed to know he’s there?
– Night two, 3 AM.
(door creaks, thud)
Uh-oh. Oh, that was a loud thud.
(to the game) No one’s in here!
(creaking and scampering)
(brief whir)
Oh gosh.
(fierce roar)
(growls and laughs)
(growls deeply)
– It was just too much.
I was too scared. There was too much.
– I was so stressed out.
My hands are sweaty.
As I’m doing it, I’m like– (whimpers)
– Not recommended to anyone.
Please, if you are concerned
with your health, well-being,
don’t play this game.
– As you’re playing it,
it’s really anxiety-filled and stressful.
But then once you look
back on it, you’re like,
“Huh. That wasn’t that bad,
and it’s actually a cool game.”
– I hate this game. I hate this–
What is past a trilogy? A “quadroly”?
I hate this quadroly.
– Thanks for watching us play
Five Nights at Freddy’s 4
on the React channel.
– Don’t forget to subscribe.
New gaming shows every week.
– Let us know what other games
we should play in the comments.
– Bye, guys. Just someone wake me up
from this nightmare. Please?
♪ (old-school video game music) ♪

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