Five on 5   Brandon Bethea   Rain Rock Casino

Five on 5 Brandon Bethea Rain Rock Casino

Craig: Welcome to our Five on 5 pleased to
welcome in Brandon Bethea a marketing manager
for Rain Rock Casino in Yreka; good to see
you man, thanks for being here.
Brandon: Good to see you.
Thanks for having me.
Craig: Congratulations on the casino.
Brandon: Yeah
Craig: I understand we don’t have a date
set yet?
Brandon: Not as of yet, yeah it’s coming
up quick.
We’re looking at the late February time
frame for opening the doors though so it’s
definitely fast approaching.
Craig: It’s 2018, it is fast approaching,
So what’s exciting you most about that opening?
Brandon: Well obviously the community involvement
that’s coming along there; just seeing the
project build itself you know if you’re
traveling south on I-5 right now and you look
out there eastbound you’d definitely see
the building and everything coming together
and all the construction crews that are down
there, the crew that we have putting together
the property is a bunch of great guys so just
seeing the whole project come together and
all the finishing touches kind of starting
to wrap up.
Craig: Yeah seeing those walls go up.
Brandon: Yeah, absolutely.
Craig: That’s a landmark among many of course
but very nice, ok.
In the meantime you guys are doing some hiring
right now, we’re gonna kind of focus on
When and where are you guys having this hiring
Brandon: Yeah so we have a huge job fair coming
up this weekend.
It’s gonna be Friday January 5th and Saturday
January 6th; the Friday’s the evening so
we’re looking at 3 to 6 and then Saturday
join us in the morning 9 am to noon.
And this job fair is gonna be at the Siskiyou
Golden Fairgrounds and it’s an excellent
opportunity if you’re looking to start a
new career in the gaming industry to come
on out or you can just come down check us
out and say hi to all the friendly staff and
going on there, so.
Craig: Yeah, and you talked about possibly
beginning a career in the gaming industry.
Brandon: Yeah
Craig: Do people have to have a background
in that industry?
Brandon: Absolutely, so we’re looking for
everybody you know obviously a casino is a
large organization, we’re looking to fill
over 200 positions; we’re looking for entry
level people, we’re looking for people with
experience, we’re looking for smiling faces
that just kind of want to check out what a
casino business is all about.
So positions in everything across the board
in the casino world, so marketing, security,
HR facility, slots, tables, food & beverage;
everything under the sun we’re looking for
those kind of positions right now.
Craig: Ok we’re going to take a quick commercial
break; we’ll have much more with Brandon
in a moment, stay with us.
Craig: Welcome back to our Five on 5 again
we’re here with Brandon Bethea from Rain
Rock Casino, so we’re talking about this
big job fair you guys have going on this Friday
and Saturday?
Brandon: That’s right, Friday and Saturday,
Craig: Ok so what kind of job requirements
are we looking for, for a lot of different
positions as you said?
Brandon: So if you really want to get details
out of it you can go to our website
there’s a full listing of all the positions
that will be available at the job fair but
they’re looking for everything; entry level
all the way up to supervision, some management
positions, so some that are bare bones don’t
require any experience at all, all the way
up to you know full level management positions
that are gonna be available there.
Most of these jobs are 21 and older, there
are a few that are open to 18 and older, but
other than that that’s really just we’re
looking for people we can do attitude and
really customer orientated and friendly and
Craig: Ok and what about dealers?
I imagine you got to hire a lot of people
who are in the pits if you will handling the
money and all that.
What kind of requirements I mean do they have
to come in with that background or do you
train them?
Brandon: Sure, so actually one of the things
we’re looking for right now before even
the job fair hits is we’re taking applications
for table games dealers; experience or no
Table games is it takes a little more training
before we open the doors so we want to make
sure our dealers are fully capable of getting
those cards out there on the tables, so we’re
actually gonna hold a paid training class
that will begin January 9th and run for 4
to 5 weeks so we are taking currently applications
for that, no need to wait for the job fair
just contact our human resources.
All the information is on the website
Craig: Ok and again the times for the job
fair is Friday and Saturday this weekend.
Brandon: Correct, Friday so from 3 to 6; so
in the evening and then Saturday from 9 am
to noon.
Craig: Ok, very good, great to see you.
Brandon: Hey thanks for having me out.
Craig: Thank you so much for being here, it’s
very exciting.
Brandon: Absolutely.
Craig: Alright stay with us, we’ll be right

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