Flight Attendant Interview Questions | I have Dentures, Can I still be a Flight Attendant?

Flight Attendant Interview Questions | I have Dentures, Can I still be a Flight Attendant?

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You’re interested only if you’re interested ok so again and welcome to this
Mini series that we’re doing on this channel this series is all about your questions about being a flight attendant
Can you still be a flight attendant?
if you have this this this this okay, so this video is specifically dedicated to the
Tooth* okay
So the question is or the question we’re going to answer today is can I still be a flight attendant if I have dentures
Or (Pustiso) so so if you are interested in that just keep on watching
so guys it has always been
Conception or it has always been the idea that if you are a flight attendant. You need to have a good smile
perfect set of teeth complete set of teeth and yeah, so what if what if only what if
What if you don’t have the perfect set of teeth and you have dentures?
That’s the thing right um
What I can say is that it really depends on the company of how strict. They are the dentures nowadays
We can get different kinds of dentures. There is the one which is a fixed denture or the bridge
Wherein we don’t have to take it out
and then there’s the one that the
Classic (Pustiso) or the classic Dentures wherein you have to take it out and it it comes off
and yeah, there are also things like
implants, okay
So what I can tell you guys is this the job of a flight attendant is basically a service job which?
Mainly is
related to food
serving food, so that is the reason why dentures or removable dentures are not allowed because there are instances or
Just to prevent the instance wherein the denture will fall out to the food that you are serving
This is also the reason why false lashes or the lashes that you put on your on your hair
Lids are not allowed okay, because when they fall off. They will look like an insect
Okay, they will look like a weird insect on someone’s food
So that is why our false lashes as well the one that you stick on. It’s not allowed
So if you need to put a denture on your tooth I would suggest that put a fixed bridge on it
You have an implant or do something else that doesn’t involve removing
parts moving parts on your teeth well, that’s just my personal opinion because
Because of my background in the job as a flight attendant
I’ve been applying to them for three years in the Philippines a local
Company local airline here in the philippines and also have been a Flight Attendant
Abroad as an international flight attendant for also three years and yeah
that’s what I learned about the industry, but when it comes to the
application itself
they don’t really scrutinize if you have a denture or not, so
It’s really up to you. There are a lot of
Instances that they will ask you to smile
they will ask you to say ah and they will really look inside and but
Nowadays since there’s a lot of people trying to apply for the Flight Attendant position
They don’t have the time to do all these things
Okay, so basically if you look good when you are talking and smiling
There’s nothing that is obvious out there. You would you would be able to
Wing it. That’s all I can say
and when it comes to medical here they look into your teeth report and every day and
Department that is in charge of that is the grooming department if they find it that you need to really
Put some fix bridge or whatsoever or this doesn’t look good that
Is their final say and they will tell that to you?
after you are hired already make sure that you do everything to take care of your pearly whites and
Also, they will take care of you
Alright, so that’s it for this question if you want to know other things that will help you get the job make sure that you
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What else all the best on your flying or on your journey to becoming a pilot sentence?
And I hope to see you guys on the next video. fly with you soon bye!
So guys are lots of you ask me if you need 2020 vision to be a flight attendant
Is it a must will I be rejected should I even go to the interview if I don’t have great eyesight
So my answer to this question is that yes if you even if you don’t have a 20/20 vision
You can still get the job as a flight attendant how?

47 thoughts on “Flight Attendant Interview Questions | I have Dentures, Can I still be a Flight Attendant?”

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  4. Hello Miss Kaykrizz, I don't have a complete set of teeth. Binunot na po kasi and that's the only choice to do. Isa lang naman po and sa dulo naman po siya. Am I still qualified being a flight attendant? It was my childhood dream po kasi and I'm very eager to be in this career. please help po. Thank you, sending lots of love 💕

  5. What a horribly shallow career. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to discriminate against people for things like wearing dentures.

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  14. Good video. Gaps can be closed in different ways, and we would also be able to make extremely well-fitting partial dentures that don't easily "fall off". Besides the accidental removal issue, it is of course an esthetic concern and especially there, we're able to make very good-looking, life-like dentures using modern materials.
    If you're a dentist who has a lot of flight attendant-applicants, contact us at www.germandentalnx.com/accusmile (because we're offering a clear aligner system that's a great alternative to braces) 🙂

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