“Follow Your Dreams” | Jo Koy : Live from Seattle

“Follow Your Dreams” | Jo Koy : Live from Seattle

Yo, I’m telling you this…
I became a comedian…
Which is totally against the grain when you have a Filipino mom
If you have a Filipino mom, that is not the career choice you’re supposed to have…
Filipino mom’s
Predetermine what their kids are supposed to be when they grow up…
And you know I’m not making this shit up
There’s a lot of Filipino’s in here, right now…
That are nurses
Today is a good day to get injured at a show
Cause there will be a nurse in here like
Oh my God, put a cold compress on da head
Elebate the peet! Elebate! Elebate the peet.
What the fuck is elebate?
Just lipt!
Lipt the pucking peet! Are you stupid?
And I’m not… Aye, look…
I’m not even…
I’m not shitting on you for being a nurse
That’s a great job
Great benefits, good money…
I’m just sayin…
It wasn’t your dream
That was your Filipino mom’s dream
A lot of… My mom wanted me to be a nurse!
Are you fucking kidding me?!
Filipino mom’s shit on their kids’ dreams!
And you know I’m not lying…
You know I’m not lying
They can’t have a… You can’t have a dream…
What the puck, what are you talking about… dream??
I told my mom I wanted to be a comedian
She cried…
Why do you want to be a comedian, Josep?
All your aunties are nurses…
Your cousins are nurses…
Do you see any clowns in this pamily?
I don’t… Do you?
Shit on my dream, right there…
Just looked at me and went like this…
Who told you you were punny?
It wasn’t me…
That’s fucked up…
I’m just saying… You’re a nurse? God bless you
But you know there’s some nurses out there that didn’t follow their dream…
There’s some nurses working at the hospital, that wish they were Jabbawockee…
You know exactly what I’m talking about!
Hey, follow me to the x-ray
God damn that nurse can dance
It was always my dream…
My mother did not…
Believe in me

100 thoughts on ““Follow Your Dreams” | Jo Koy : Live from Seattle”

  1. I told my mom i wanna be a rapper
    She said "you can be a gift rapper instead in the mall"

  2. I wanted to be a singer then my mom told me to be an architect or interior designer which I was fine with it then there goes my grandma…

    bE aN aCcOuNtAnT

  3. I guess the only reason why my mum's not shitting on my dream is because I actually want to be a psychiatrist😂😆

  4. I am training to be a pro fighter and my Filipina mom told me that I got no f*cking dream. sometimes make me think that I wish I was born pure white. but she wants me to become a model or f*cking actor. shit that’s not what I want to do

  5. When my wife told My mother-in-law that she was joining the Military, she said “You want to die?” “Let me get a gun and shoot you.”

  6. My mom tells me to be a soldier, not a nurse

  7. For real. Filipino moms always gotta make a smart ass remark when they smash your dreams. Lol! I’m the nurse that wanted to be a Jabbawockee. 😂😂😂

  8. All my family members are nurse and CNA I’m only the whom take early education, but I’m about to get to medical field too😂😂😂because I want to be “mayaman” my class they will be starting this Fall😂😇

  9. i̸ t̸h̸i̸n̸k̸ h̸e̸ s̸h̸o̸u̸l̸d̸ d̸o̸ a̸ s̸e̸g̸m̸e̸n̸t̸ w̸i̸t̸h̸ f̸l̸u̸f̸f̸y̸

  10. Love love love your comedies!!! And I’m a nurse but my mom didn’t decide it for me. The dream of coming to America did.

  11. Yah, not even moms but fathers also push their kids to take the course they wanted. Most answer in the question; "Why did you take this course?" – "Because my mom/dad wants me to take this course" 😂

  12. May mom wanted me to be an engineer now im thankful dint follow him and i followed my dreams to be a dj 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  13. One of the "Toxic" Filipino Culture, your parents are the one to choose what you will be. Lol. But yeah, you still love them anyway.

  14. Jo Koy you are the MAN!! I've been listening to your comedy since ting ting. Your my fav comedian, pinoy comedy at its best. I'd give my lung to meet you and your son!!

  15. I'm laughing because my moms half Filipino and she always told me to follow my dreams and whenever I tell her what I want she would say how about being a doctor?

  16. i told my mom i want to be a programmer
    "so you can make an excuse to play videogames?"
    and then this year i wanted to be an artist
    "your drawings are not good enough"

    ok thanks i wanna be a corpse now, ma

  17. lucky if you being stand up comedian in us. you can perform anywhere and can live of off it too. in my country the only scene available only in the city or upscale place. all the stand up are either have office job or a doctor

  18. It’s not true in some cases since I’m Filipino but I was born in the US and my Parents dont mind what Career I have just as long as I gain skills or a Degree. And not everyone in my family is a Nurse

  19. Bro: Ma I want to be a professional athlete.
    Ma: Ma? Whattt? No you're going to be a PRIEST! So you can save us from hell! 😂😂😂

  20. It is good to be born to a Phillipino mom. They pay attention to their children and give them direction. The fact that Jo Koy is a comedian is a testament to the fact that he is actually capable of success in a field that is very unpredictable. Those who become nurses do well to follow their mom's advice because they couldn't over come their mom shitting on their dreams. They likely wouldn't make it in show business or whatever other jabawoking dream. Big up to Phillipino mothers!

  21. I wanted to be a doctor but my whole family is a engineer so they wanted me to be one, but I'm bad at math, they forced me to take engineering in college and they regret it so hard

  22. I told my filipino mom i wanted to be an architect, she said;
    Well, you could be a doctor.
    And i said but i wanna be an architect.
    Well, marry a doctor then. She replied

  23. My Obstetrician/Gynecologist is Filipino. Also, I worked at the hospital with a nurse who was Filipino. Her name is Editha. They are two of the kindest people ever.

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