FOOD TOUR IN PANJIM (GOA): Indio-Portuguese bakes, cuisine and street food. 🇮🇳인도먹방 브이로그

FOOD TOUR IN PANJIM (GOA): Indio-Portuguese bakes, cuisine and street food. 🇮🇳인도먹방 브이로그

Previously on “Lifetime Travelmates”
We are in the state of Goa.
And we spent here 3 months, housesitting.
Now it’s time to travel India.
So, we started with the capital of Goa, Panjim.
And we are gonna explore all its Portuguese
So, we are walking in the Old Quarter of Panjim.
Today we are changing our accommodation.
Not because the previous one wasn’t good.
This is the place where we stay in Panjim.
This bed is really big.
The mirror is quite big!
He he, no.
Not very big.
It’s clean.
It’s nice.
It’s not expensive.
The problem is: it’s a bit far from everywhere.
And we are leaving.
We loved it, it was very nice.
But because this new one we are going now
it’s more in a good location.
Nice surroundings.
Here in the old quarter of Panjim.
We are gonna show you around, we are gonna
do a “foodie” day.
Hyekyong doesn’t care about this.
“Foodie” day!
We were lucky that near our first accommodation,
even though it was far from downtown,
there was a really good vegetarian place.
We had breakfast there a couple of times and
we loved it!
Puri bread.
We are having breakfast and we ordered coconut
It looks amazing!
Utapam is a popular dish from south India.
It’s like a thick pancake made of a batter
of rice and dal flour.
It is usually dip in red chili coconut chutney.
I thought it would be more like…sweet.
Crunchy, crunchy.
We just changed our accommodation.
Now we are in a place called Marquitos’
And it’s in the center of this Old Quarter.
Oh, look at that!
So, it’s in the center of this Old Quarter.
As you see the houses are quite old.
And very European, Portuguese I would say.
Look at the color of these houses!
Guys, we have to tell you the truth.
The main reason we ended up staying more than
a week in Panjim was…
Yes, the food.
So in this video you will see some of the
places and some of the foods that make Goa,
and specially Panjim a paradise for foodies.
If you haven’t eaten yet, this video might
make you feel very hungry.
You have been warned!
One more day in Panjim, capital of Goa.
Today we are in the area called Dona Paula.
We heard it’s kind of the Beverly Hills
of Goa.
Yeah, you could say.
There are some fancy houses.
Some of the big, expensive hotels are also
It’s nice!
And it’s by the sea.
We are gonna go to the beach, and maybe show
you a little bit more.
The area of Dona Paula is famous for its hotels,
casinos and lush green forests by the coast.
It is quiet during the monsoon season, but
it’s one of the busiest areas in Goa
during high season.
Apart from seafood restaurants you also can
find some shops dedicated to the local specialty:
the cashewnut, or Kaju as they call it India.
That day we walked for a few hours by the
coastline and after getting tired and taking
some rest, we ended up in a recommended small
restaurant nearby called White House.
We came to this restaurant named White House.
This restaurant is up on the hill, so you
see really great sea views.
Really cool sea breeze.
We just ordered fish cutlets,
Too hot?
Tongue roast.
And…what else?
And Goan Prawn curry rice.
So, these are all special cuisine from this
Cheap and delicious!
Time to continue our trip!
That’s kind of crazy, no?
Maybe it started somewhere else.
I don’t know, we hear it’s a good bakery.
Let’s check this Mr. Baker.
Our next place to try was Mr. Baker, an old
bakery famous for their puffs and specially
for beef samosas.
We went in hoping to try their beef samosas,
but we were out of luck…
There is egg.
Spinach and cheese.
Chicken and cheese.
Chicken samosas
Beef samosas, I don’t have right now.
Next time!
Still, we could not leave empty handed, so
we got a couple of pastries
to try on the way.
We are gonna continue our small “foodie”
tour in Panjim Old Quarter.
And we got this…
Spinach cheese…
It is ok!
Too much cheese.
Mine is minced beef croquet.
I mean, if you like cheese…
Yeah, but no.
I don’t want that one.
But…I’m not really a fan of cheese.
This one has a lot of the…powder.
Not much meat, sorry.
Still, nice.
Wanna try.
Curry flavor.
So, there is a lot of onion, and probably
turmeric, cumin.
I like it!
Do you wanna try this?
Why not?
Just try.
We are gonna continue this tour to the next
The center of Panjim has some interesting
bakeries where you can try their incredible
pastry, like veggie puffs and samosas, but
unlike other places in India, they have some
unique flavors, influenced by the Portuguese
community, such as the beef croquets and chorizo.
Some friends recommended to try Cafe Central,
a very busy place with a big variety of sweets
and savory bakes.
That very same afternoon they already sold
out all the ones we wanted to try, so we decided
to check early next morning to buy the ones
we wanted before they sold all of them.
Good morning!
We continue our “foodie” adventure, “foodie
And today we have some breakfast we have to
share with you.
First of all we have this mushroom samosas
from Café Central.
Bon apetit!
Oh my god!
Very interesting samosas.
It has no potato.
It has onion though.
Onion, spices, and very crunchy.
Very crunchy.
I’m gonna leave it for last.
And then we got veggie patties and corn patty.
I guess this is corn patty.
Oh spicy, nice!
Then we have this…
Normal veggies patty.
Oh! it smells…
It doesn’t smell very good.
Maybe cauliflower.
I’m not fan of that smell.
Oh, it’s nice!
Cumin, coriander.
Very nice!
Café Central!
Also there is good breakfast in Café Real.
So make sure you try it.
This Café Real.
I don’t know what we ordered.
I think I ordered the “Mendu Wada plate”.
And Hyekyong ordered some buns.
This is the bun?
It’s cute!
It’s very warm, very hot!
Ok, go ahead.
(laughs) You broke it!.
It’s really hot, really hot.
The outside is fried.
You know, everything fried is good.
This is a breakfast of puri mix.
Ah no, sorry.
Just puri three pieces and…
Banana bun.
Look at that!
Send us a message because we have a bunch
of places to recommend
and we cannot make videos for every one of them.
So, enjoy your food!
See you!
This place was pretty amazing, no?
So good!
Too bad it was too dark inside.
We don’t have videos of the food.
It cost 1034 rupees.
Actually it’s not that expensive.
The quality of the food was really amazing.
And the service was great.
And the waiter explained all the details of
the food we ordered.
We are eating chapati.
No, not only chapati today.
We are eating “pork cabidel” cooked in
its own blood.
Pork roast.
Pork roast.
So good!
Google Maps is quite reliable,
most of the times.
But this seems a bit…
We are in this restaurant called Ritz Classic
and we are trying a few dishes.
Boondi Raita, it’s a kind of yogurt with…
not cereals but it’s made of chickpeas flour,
Masala kulcha.
So good!
Crab xec xec.
Oh my god!
Crab xec xec is a Goan specialty which is
And we are so happy to have it on our last
lunch in Goa.
So good.
I mean the sauce is amazing.
It’s a bit spicy like as it has tomato,
onion, some pepper I see.
I don’t know exactly everything but…
Xec xec.
Really good!
This one is chaas masala.
A kind of lassi or buttermilk.
But spices: coriander, and I don’t know
what else.
Pretty much like a salty lassi, but coriander
It’s nice, not sweet at all.
So sweet.
Apparently it’s solid milk, I read somewhere.
It’s going to be so sweet.
So sweet.
We have one “Susegado IPA”.
And here comes the second!
Very nice beer in Goa.
Pretty good.
One of the last nights, we met again with our
friend Chintan and he took us to Miramar:
A long street by the beach that in the evening
it gets busy with locals who crave for some
authentic Indian street food:
“Pani puri” and more!
“Pani puri” is a round hollow fried crisp
filled with a mix of flavored water, tamarind
chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion
or chickpeas.
It is one of our favorite Indian snacks!
Oh man…
F***ing amazing!
Yeah, exactly!
Oh nice, you know that!
My friend recommended it.
Sev puri.
This is called “sev puri”.
I’m going to try it!
This was amazing!
And subcribe to channel…
“Lifetime Travelmates”

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