Forget VR! MIXED REALITY Gaming is the Future & I HAVE IT!

Forget VR! MIXED REALITY Gaming is the Future & I HAVE IT!

hey guys metal Jesus here now today I am so excited to bring you this video because for the last two weeks I’ve been playing around with this this is the latest version of microsoft’s hololens now i know what some of you are thinking maybe you played around with the playstation vr and it’s ok maybe you have an oculus rift and you’re not super impressed by it well you don’t understand this is amazing this is the future this thing has blown me away so for this video I’m going to tell you what it is how it works we’re also going to check out some apps and some games and also I’m going to tell you some things that they could probably do to improve it and we’re gonna do it all in my game room let’s take a look [Music] so what exactly is the hololens well basically it’s a fully self-contained portable computer that is packed with a bunch of technology inside this device you have two sixteen by nine HD lenses there’s also five cameras four microphones you have spatial sound through built-in speakers it supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth there are 64 gigabytes of storage you get about three to four hours of battery life and it all happens running Windows 10 also in the box is a Bluetooth clicker which is really nice that way you don’t have to use hand gestures for everything I bet some of you Xbox owners out there looking at those cameras on the front going hey those look really familiar that’s because the hololens uses second generation Kinect technology what it does is constantly reach out and map your environment in real time so you can move around and it knows exactly where you are where you’re looking and also all of the objects in your space it’s really cool and then I mentioned Windows to bring that up you just do a hand gesture and then the interface appears right in front of you it’s pretty slick but let’s check out some games the situation is worse than I thought director Kirkland will want to speak with us let’s connect with her now first up is a game called fragments now this is a detective game where your room is the crime scene now you’ll notice that the characters fit within the layout of your particular room in very realistic ways for instance they walk around they’ll sit on your couch all while helping you search for clues in this really cool high-tech adventure game in this particular scene I had no idea a guy was gonna be around the corner it kind of freaked me out at first but it was pretty awesome the rest of the game is pretty traditional adventure game styling but again because it’s in 3d it feels so fresh and new you’re walking around your own room your own space and finding Clues on top of stuff underneath stuff just in the wall it’s again it’s just wild yeah I got the kid but you you better have my money [Music] I’m gonna be dead in ten minutes kid these are mines right okay does this little furry guy look familiar well it’s concur from Conker’s Bad Fur Day on the n64 but this is an exclusive hololens game in many ways this is a very traditional 3d platforming game but because the hololens is 3d spatially aware of your room it changes everywhere you play the game which is pretty cool for instance coming up here you’ll see that conker knows about my couch and he also knows about the pillows so there’s coins up there he’ll jump up you’ll jump down and this happens with all of your furniture and it’s different for every room that you play the game in you may be wondering how I’m actually controlling conker here because the hololens doesn’t use a traditional controller well my gaze is actually guiding that little blue indicator and then conker simply just chasing after it here they come [Music] this next game is so awesome it’s called Robo raid and this is a first-person shooter but it’s in your own room what makes this game really fun and exciting is that you never know which of your walls or where the enemy is gonna pop out of and so you’re constantly moving around you’re paranoid especially in the later levels this game gets very challenging and it uses that 3d spatial audio really well to give you clues of where you should be looking next stand by you know as I’m watching this video I kind of want to mention something and that is this YouTube video that you’re watching right here you know it’s in 2d and you know it’s flattened but when you actually have the hololens on your head these Holograms are in 3d they’re HD and they’re 3d and they look so much better than what you guys are seeing right here also the video capture that you do from the device itself is only in 720p so again the resolution here looks a little bit low the images look a little bit flat but when you have that headset on these things are in full 3d in front of you it’s awesome and who doesn’t want it George Takei hologram in their game room or a singing zombie with a shower cap or maybe you just want to kick back and you know watch your favorite youtube channel there’s also a Netflix app on here which got me thinking actually you don’t necessarily have to be stationary sitting down to enjoy video because of the mixed reality here you can be doing chores you can be washing the dishes you could be mowing the lawn you can be doing whatever you want and have the video in your field of view again it’s totally the future great this is our home but we are small part of a bigger picture which is a small part of an even bigger picture [Music] the Milky Way galaxy is made up of hundreds of billions of stars and solar systems you can learn and explore by looking around and selecting things that interest you this application here is an example of kind of where I think the future of this technology is going to go I mean the games are really cool but the ability to really dig in and learn about something fairly complex in a 3d environment is so cool and also I like this because it’s different than traditional VR VR usually it’s completely enclosed and you’re taken away from your your surroundings essentially I like the fact that this is in my room I can walk around I can move it I can push it it just feels physical it’s hard to describe unless you actually put one of these things on but this is just an example of something that I thought was really cool I mean if I had this as a kid my mind would have been blown anybody up for playing splatoon but in real life that’s the first thing I thought when I was messing around with this tech demo here now there’s not a game here and it’s pretty simplistic all you can really do is shoot paint at your walls and your objects change the colors a bit but it got me thinking that this could be pretty cool in the future could you imagine buying a house having a blank room and then putting paint on the walls to see if you like the color or maybe you would dial in to say like the I know IKEA furniture catalog and place furniture around the room before you ever bought it as you guys can see this thing is pretty cool as is as a matter of fact everyone who’s come over and put it on has just been completely blown away by it it’s so cool however there is one glaring problem with it and that is the field of vision when you actually look through the lenses is somewhat narrow it’s not very natural and I think that’s just a limitation of the technology as of you know when this was made also I know some of you are kind of curious where I got this well let me just say that you guys know I’m in Seattle and Microsoft is only about 20 minutes away so a friend dropped by and said I could make a video on it and you know who you are and I want to thank you for doing that that was so cool I do have to give this back very soon but it’s been a blast playing with it it’s like I mentioned it’s the future like I can I can envision a time when you’ll just put on a pair of glasses and this is how you’ll interact with games computers television it just it just feels it just feels right and so I I know I’m gushing about it but it really has been incredibly impressive to play around with it and you know put it through its paces love you know what you guys think about the future of the microsoft hololens and also vr in general as always guys thank you for watching thank you for subscribing and take care it’s not every day that I get to mess around with a three thousand dollar prototype and when the opportunity presented itself I had to jump at the chance speaking of if any of you have the opportunity to check out that first game I showed which is fragments that’s the detective game oh my god so cool [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “Forget VR! MIXED REALITY Gaming is the Future & I HAVE IT!”

  1. See that looks very boring to me, I'd rather use my rift to be driving a super car in vr which I can't do compared to playing a game in my room which I see everyday.

  2. The future… Come on… MR the future of gaming? Boardgaming, you mean? MR will be really cool in 10 years time, but it's NOT the future of computer gaming. You will get bored of MR-games really quick as all of them will have exactly the same level design, i.e. your room/apartment. So, no, MR is not the future, but headsets that are BOTH MR AND VR capable are.

  3. As someone who has been working with the HoloLens for over a year, it is great to see how it affects someone when they first use it. I've almost gotten used to the things that I was amazed with last April. It really is the stuff out of science fiction movies… and it's here. Awesome!

  4. Of all the HoloLens videos, this is the BEST tech demo ever! from the very intro, calling it a PC, I realised only then,Damn this is h eyes and all! Awesome job man!Cheers!eyes and all.

  5. Ok looks good, but it ain't worth 3 grand yet.
    I hope they take it and run with it.

    I think it would be best to own both this and a VR headset, one doesn't replace the other. They both do very different things.

  6. Why would you not want fully immersive vr – AR can be had for insanely cheaper + the graphics and frame rate on this suck balls and for 3 grand you could of had the best vr setup ever – that tech will be dirt cheap in just a few years but it is a cool demo vid – thx for sharing pretty sure u are like the only one to demo this

  7. Does Conker's Bad Fur Day with HoloLens have dirty jokes like the N64 game? I wouldn't want to play it as much without the dirty parts.

  8. I can't wait till this is ready for public use! Its gonna be awesome! So many possibilities! We could be looking at the future of computers in general!

  9. Huh? How about no?
    Have you tried a proper pc vr headset?
    Why would you want to game in a boring ass small room when you can feel like you are outside in a huge environement?
    I get this is cool but forget vr? No

  10. but it seems to lack horsepower and apps, apple could certainly solve that issue, microsoft on the other hand… intel said they wont make more atom chips, so take a hint..

  11. Why are the characters in the first game only semi-opaque? Kinda detracts from the experience, imo. I also think I'd prefer having a controller for the Conker game. I wanna be able to look around without my character following my gaze all the time.

    Does the Hololens work with the lights off? I mean, I know ya don't wanna go bumping around your room too much, but that Galaxy Explorer thing would be a whole lot sweeter if you could do it in the dark so everything isn't superimposed on your stuff.

    Great stuff, man. I love checking out new technology and theorizing about all the cool ways it could be used in the future.

  12. I can't wait to play a game like dungeons and dragons or world of Warcraft or something. Find a forest or something out behind your house and fight some orcs with your friends? Yes please.

  13. It's interesting, let's hope it amounts to more than a tech novelty. I can't help feel that it's just a suped-up eye toy combined with a kinect.

  14. This is not mixed reality. This is augmented reality. There is a difference and in my opinion the games in VR are better at the moment. This has been in the works for ages but no one has cared for it. Add that and a likely high price point and it's a recipe for failure

  15. 3 months later & no one cared, the point of VR is to GET AWAY from our reality, not put more crap into it, mixed reality is a dumb idea period.

  16. My room is boring. I would rather play in VR in another world. lol Most of these holograms look like ghosts than real. I think this was cool on my 3DS 5 years ago. AR is just a gimmick but VR is the real thing.

  17. It's interesting but also absurd for you to say VR is worthless.

    You can't get lost in a story when you keep seeing your house all the time. And so what if Conker can jump on your couch? That will create as much depth as a cheap mobile game.

    We love games because of how well developers design their own levels, all finely tuned to provide the right amount of challenge and wonder for us.

    I have hopes AR/Mixed Reality will develop further (the frame rate and graphics suck ass right now – lets be honest here), but to say VR is worthless and has been destroyed only makes you sound like a Microsoft shill.

    AR/Mixed Reality is seeing Darth Vader in your living room. VR is seeing Darth Vader in the fucking Death Star itself, all in accurate scale surrounding you.

  18. Metal Jesus, disable those stupid >title< translations !

    What's the point of translated titles, when the content is in english ?

    I'm from germany and use english in my youtube settings (in germany there's way more crap content, like bath in pudding, eat disgusting stuff etc) but when saw your clip in my other browser, where i was not logged in, the title from your clip was in german !

    Those smartphone zombie generation is already stupid and lazy (even here in germany)
    they can't google in a proper way, dont know wikipedia, can't use a pc in a proper way (any monkey can install and play a game) dont know what a forum is, dont know what irc is, dont know what warez is, where to find, what a iso file is, what a filesystem is, how it works etc etc !

    If you translate the title, you help the laziness and stupidity grow ! Those zombies activate the subtitles and google translate just garbage….that's no way to learn english.

    I learned 5% from my english in the school, 5% with coding and technical knowledge, and
    90% from watching AVGN (face & voice expression help a lot to understand what a person probably say/mean) and other gaming channels

    @German Smartphone Zombies. Lernt Englisch ihr verblödeten Zombies !

  19. holograms are the future, virtual reality would be after holograms, as virtual reality is not actually virtual at the moment is just a screen in yoru face

  20. The problem with the current generation of Microsoft's AR is the color accuracy and how it poorly blends into real world environments. It doesn't fit in naturally and so it's very immersion breaking.

  21. looks sooo cooool i have the rift the vive ps4 and now the mixed reality but this looks so cool i will get one but is it 3000$

  22. Its cool but i wont forget about VR. VR is much better for gaming IMO. I want to be somewhere else and not stuck in my apartment.

  23. very cool, but as far as gaming goes i'd prefer vr. i own a psvr and i have a blast with it. you said in a vr video that you can't run, and that your girl had to watch your back so you don't fall and all… but that is in the past now, you can play fps with classic dualshock controls and still look around, all while being seated, it works really well, that is the future of gaming to me, a smaller set maybe, with a lil more polished graphics. I'm thinking that VR will be near it's best when it hits next gen consoles, like ps5, but as a 33yo gamer i'm blown away already.

    that doesn't mean i won't love something like hololens. I guess developers will have a blast developing games and apps to it, but it's still a project far from popular reach. and from my own. I don't think that AR will get in the way of VR and vice versa, there's plenty of room for both to exist, and i'd love to own both.

    keep up your work, your vids always have awesome content.
    cheers from brazil.

  24. я думаю будет так же как и у окулуса , то есть выпустят версию для разработчиков а затем сделают крутую потребительскую версию

  25. really cool stuff.
    A VR game “ Throw Anything” is gonna launch soon and I am highly expecting it.

  26. looks awesome but im gonna wait for the version that comes out in ten years that is just a pair of earbuds and contact lenses. WELL, maybe more like 20 years…

  27. It's cool, but it does have a long way to go. Manufacturing will need to be improved, as will battery life, and frankly I'd be happy if it wasn't an extension of Microsoft. I'm pretty unhappy with Windows 10 and Microsoft practices. The good news there is that Apple and Google (and hopefully Linux distros) will quickly catch up if this starts panning out. One thing I think that is interesting is that coprocessors that aren't graphics cards are now being discussed again as a serious need to deal with the limitations of CPU hardware and their diminishing increases in performance. There could be some very cool technology to come out of this.

  28. Wow, that is so awesome! Obviously, it’s not good for traditional games. But, this thing is badass! I would love to own this, sadly not for $3,000. Hopefully when it’s all finished, it’ll be A LOT cheaper. Great video, man. #MetalJesusRocks

  29. I'm not sold on this, when I play I don't want to be looking at my room >_< I hope this isn't microsoft's future plan for the Xbox one X or the Xbox two !!! I've been hearing they would be going with the oculus rift and i'd prefer it …

  30. It was a nice view into this but I have more interest and beliefe in Vr.
    This would be cool to play strategy games with though.

  31. Some day there should be a VR headset where you don't hook it up to a console or PC and the headset should be a gaming system by itself and there should be small SD card cartridges that you put instead of the headset for gaming.

  32. Now imagine if they kept improving this 20 years down the road and you get multiplayer online sword art online

  33. You have Dorothy – ROCKisDEAD on vinyl?! That album is awesome! They did the theme song for the into to TellTale's The Walking Dead Michonne.

  34. I kind of like this better than VR as it enables you to be able to multitask and it allows you to be able to see your environment so you don't knock things over!

  35. The Local Police are using this technology to enter your home and watch everything your doing. I am not joking. If you look at the complaints of direct energy weapons, people coming out about being victims..YES that was the start, but then when Microsoft launched this technology and they put it with The camera's and stingray equipment the aclu still has not exposed in Florida. There are cops in Walton cty fla who are using this technology, they victimized my friend who was taking care of a house I owned. They first installed cameras and listening surveillance equipment devices..and put cameras in my grand daughters bath toys this sick bastards.. they continuously broke into the home , they drugged the water, broke in and gang raped her on many occasions. I had a second phone implanted in the home, and one night when she called police after one creep followed her home and refused to leave the driveway. I heard the cops enter the home, and they were gawking at the ceiling, as if they were watching their buddies in the house. She knew but asked them what they were looking at? they didn't answer,( the plan is to take over the counties, they destroyed my home that was left to my kids by their dying grand mother) Upon arriving at the house .first he was shouting at her from the yard asking if there was weapons in the home, as he approached the door , pretty sure thats not procedure since he would have been shot if weapons were there. Then entered the home and talked with my friend and her cousin, they talked to the guy in the car by name and like he was a buddy and let him go, then entered the home to say everything was good and that they could proceed to fornicate now.. That was a walton county police officer's words.. Both my friend and myself have a ton of everidence.. I myself am on their list because I am the only one who believed her, and stayed in touch, they took over complete control of her phone (using sting ray) and then to do their dirty work, they release criminals from prison on ealry release if they do work for them. They answer ad's on dating sites and even post themselves up there ( saying they are chasing the back page girls) no because one of them contacted her and proceeded to video tape every time they had sex, and guess what I have 2 videos from my own planted device. 2 years she has endured everything.. she is followed everywhere by at least 5-10 cars, they stole money monthly from her federal disability check, crime after crime. and yes these are the same guys on the tv show LIVE PD or whatever its called. Right now they are with me in my home in georgia on a daily basis. They have explained its a task force nation wide using this technology..which is even further advanced because it is funded and giving to law enforcement across the country by the NSA! search on thngs Ive mentioned and you will find it all. Believe it because I am witness to it, I am under their watch daily . MY family had no involvement in anything criminal. I have a wife and 2 daughters under 18.. they have video and sound from our houses, they have images the post to your phone on the glass.. not in a text, they use the ir, rf and micro waves as well as this holoportation.. I am searching for anyone who knows anyone who is under the same watchdogs… have them contact us.. MY facebook I setup keeps getting taken offby them, the cell phone companies tells us a third party took over our phones but wont do anything about it, or tell us who.. but yet I still have to pay for the phone. I want to find others who suffer, we have attorney's and we are filing class actions against a cellphone companies, and microsoft, as well has all local law enforcement and the NSA. WE need as many victims to this bullshitas possible. Email is [email protected], or write , call, however to the aclu branch in atlanta, They will be running our show!
    Thanks, but sorry if misspeeled i have to type fast and I am not a gamer, have kind of a bad taste in my mouth

  36. When it's going for the price of a PS4 Console and is stand alone, like Occulus Quest, I'd buy one. Several thousand dollar's for one, plus a gaming computer extra cost? With little game support? No thanks.


  38. Forget about your title,it is completely wrong. It has no intention of competing with VR.
    VR it brings ALL of you in something (and i see that you don't like it)
    And this technology interact s with this world.
    It will be used for the most part in every day life living doing somewhat🤗

  39. I can't see the point. I get Virtual Reality. It can take you into a whole new world, but this to me is just like strapping a monitor to your face.

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