Forgotten Hot Springs Resort Abandoned in the Middle of NOWHERE | Exploring Abandoned Places

Forgotten Hot Springs Resort Abandoned in the Middle of NOWHERE | Exploring Abandoned Places

All right whats up guys and in todays video we are going to be exploring this abandoned

91 thoughts on “Forgotten Hot Springs Resort Abandoned in the Middle of NOWHERE | Exploring Abandoned Places”

  1. Telling people to keep it clean…prepare for the madness you brought to this spot now. Everyone is going trample all over this place. People don't respect spots.

  2. Hey Jonah Stahl , Great video . I subscribed to you! by the way, if you (or anyone else) like adventure/exploration videos, new subscribers are always welcome on my channel. youtubers unite and support eachother! : )

  3. LOL….Finders Keepers…Retro more like Rektro brah 😂 — Bathrooms atrocious. Anyone up for Fear Factor? 😝

  4. 100s of abandoned resorts Hotels-Motels, Mansions and the DEAD MALL thing is USA going through a depression and do not want to face it? and top of that SEARS KMART BON-TON TOYS R US announced (WAL-MARTS LOWES HOME DEPOTS ABANDONED) not announced and this is country wide not a good thing here…

  5. You are definitely getting better and better as I view your videos.
    I really like how you approach these places and treat them with respect.
    Too bad the people who follow will probably destroy

  6. It is great that you explain the history of the place but why did it close in the 90s? Would be cool if they restored the old houses for people to stay in. Must be the worlds smallest motel!

  7. Want more views and subscribers?  1) Slow down.  2) Linger on the interesting details (what was the writing on the wall?  Were their billiard balls?  What was the water like?) 3) Get a tripod.  4) Slow down!

  8. I was there in 1991 when I was 12 with my Dad while we were on a motorcycle trip from Canada. Brought back a cool memory. Thanks

  9. These kids don’t know….Hot Springs have a very REAL gangster (Mafia) history to it. A Gangster by the name of Owney Madden Owned or co owned Hot Springs. Lucky Luciano got arrested and sent back to New York from this Hot Springs location back in the 1930s this used to be a big Gambling spot and resort back in those days….maybe…a precursor to Las Vagas. Way before the Flamingo. From Owney Madden to Mayer Lansky it has long Mafia history attached to this place.

  10. Your vocabulary makes you sound extremely unintelligent. Repeating the same couple words so many times is just stupid.

  11. @3:22 those are all beer or beverage coolers (missing their compressors). Couldn't help laughing about the deep fryer thing. The stove in the kitchen isn't all that ancient. Commercial stoves sold today look just like it. Not trying to be mean, but if you do more videos of abandoned businesses, you might want to arrange a tour of a working commercial kitchen so you know what you're looking at.

  12. The stuff that comes out of your mouth WOW! Beer cooler called a deep fryer, sometimes better to say nothing or "I don't know what that is". Or ask your parents to help you edit.

  13. I never stop being amazed at how all of this kind of videos, never encounter snakes in the buildings as they explore; as in, they live here dude, and bit if you intrude on their turf.

  14. You should have face masks on if there are rats and mice droppings all over you can and will get hantavirus

  15. It was really good video if you could just watch the way you talk. People do to much netpickin. If thay dont like it then don't watch it. God bless you .

  16. I have recently viewed another video of the hot springs. It showed the beauty of the area and wild life. There were no 4 letter words needed. Clean up your language.

  17. EWU explored this in 2017. You did a nice intro and back story. Too bad the language you and your friend used was nasty. Turned me off. Keep exploring and, watch the language.

  18. I like the video just didn't care for the language used I think you would get more viewers if language was cleaned up

  19. No way would I continue watching, you two are so too young to be doing this historical buildings. you don''t know what your looking at or what age anything is never mind what it is, the two of you, need to read back on your history if your going to look through places such as this…..I would not even bother listening to any of your videos, based on the profanity you use and the ignorance of what you are walking through….go back to school and get some education.. that is where you learn to use words to your advantage.. this is just to annoying and ignorance to listen to….GO Home.

  20. you are a couple idiots talking about stuff you know nothing about. I can't believe you eat with that mouth girl. Sheesh grow up the language does not make you sound Grown Up.

  21. I wonder if it's for sale. Because someone needs to remove the abandoned building and all trash and clean it all up for travelers. And they need to have cameras on the property to prevent people from dumping trash or glass.

  22. Dude you're so far off-base is unbelievable that was the office for the trailer court people could pull in their RVs back in the 40s and 50s I was there in the 60s it's a cool place at least it was you're looking at an old trailer court cool huh

  23. Dude I love your video so cool and so inspirational and thorough keep it up great work loved it made me feel like I was there again last time was there was 1969 it was like I was there again thank you

  24. There is hydrogen sulfide. Dangerous gas. I had no idea that there was a volcano in NV, but it has to be there for a hot spring to exist

  25. You should let your girlfriend talk, she seems to be more knowledgeable then you. All you youngsters should take along a 50 plus year old on your trips so somebody knows what things are

  26. Could have put a warning before you showed the toilets, I was eating when that gross shit popped up. Didn't bother finishing the video.

  27. Alcohol bottle…growler…. wanna keep the stuff?? You dont respect areas you navigate figures explorers that make the rest of us look bad.

  28. Very nice. A few abandoned places that you should do is Carousel mall in San Bernardino and the water park off the 15 going south coming from Nevada. I think that is so dope

  29. I can’t take this channel serious when you have some girl dropping F bombs during the footage.
    Really loses credibility and it’s just distasteful and extremely unprofessional.

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