Format string exploit on an arduino – rhme2 Casino (pwn 150)

Format string exploit on an arduino – rhme2 Casino (pwn 150)

Now that we solved the photomanager challenge
in the United Exploitation area, I thought
about checking out casino.
Should also not be too hard with 150 points.
Welcome to our casino, Riscure Roiyale!
Please enjoy your stay by playing a game,
or drink something at our bar.
Reach 1000 credits and you will be rewarded
with a special prize.
We have seen loads of cheaters lately, so
we have extra guards walking around.
Do not feel threatened by them, they will
only kick out the people that cheat.
Of course, once you earn a lot of money, they
will start investigating the matter.
Better spend some money at our bar if this
PS. we all know casinos are scams.
As you know I’m hanging out on the rhme2
IRC channel and I wittnessed a conversation
some time ago by somebody who worked on the
challenge and asked if it’s possible to
just reach the 1000 credits through playing
and just getting lucky.
But this person also said they tried running
it for days(?), I think.
And didn’t work.
So while it’s not a real spoiler, it does
safe us some time to not explore that path.
You could have also come to that conlcusion
reading the PS, but it’s not that clear.
Anyway, lets flash the challenge on to the
board with avrdude and connect to it over
serial with screen.
Welcome to the caison!
Get a currecny of 1000 and we give you the
secret key.
That’s what we want.
Occasionally we give away coupons for free
We have guards walking around, looking for
Don’t get caught cheating.
Or we will take our curreny back.
Currently we got 50 credits.
And no coupons.
And the menu offers to play, to cheat, go
for a drink at the bar, request some free
money or restart.
When we pick Play, we can choose between roulette
or spin the wheel.
If we pick roulette we can enter a number
and in this case I entered the wrong one,
the ball landed on 28, and we lost.
And we are down one credit.
If we spin the wheel, it seems like we have
a chance to win the secret key, and I guess
that’s what the person on IRC just tried
to do over and over again for hours.
But, casions are a scam, right?.
But we did win a coupon.
Let’s try roulette again.
And obviously if we pick cheat, we get kicked
So let’s start over.
Spin the wheel.
And oops, we lost all credit.
But when we ask for free money, we get another
Maybe we can just get up to 1000 this way
Let’s request more money.
Ah. only lets us go up to 550.
But that’ already pretty awesome.
So let’s go playiiin… spin the wheel.
Won 10.
If we keep goign like this we get to 1000
for sure!
Another coupon.
Maybe lets go for a drink at the bar.
We can type in our drink now.
Club Mate of course!.
We hand in the coupon and get that drink.
So here we have some string input, that’s
definetly something to consider exploring
Without a coupon it seems to only offer us
milk or beer.
So let’s pick the only viable option.
Beer. didn’t do much.
So mhmh… if we cant get 1000 by just playing
and getting lucky, the only interesting input
so far seems to be going to the bar if we
have a coupon.
So let’s write a script to explore that
input further.
So this is the menu structure.
To choose a drink we need to get a coupon.
So upon starting it up, we read the menu until
its done with printing it, then we select
play, and we read until the menu is finished
with printing.
Then we spin the wheel, and with a bit of
luck we get a coupon.
when we try that now it seems to work fairly
well, but we can have bad luck and loose all
We could also see what happens if we succeed
with the roulette.
So let’s change the menu selection to roulette
and pick a number and try that over and over
again until we hit it.
Maybe that can give us a coupon, by only consuming
1 credit for each spin and we don’t loose
everything like with the wheel.
So we make a loop to try it over and over
again, until we read that we have now one
Let’s let it run, aaand yes!
That works.
So we can now add user input, so we can then
play with the drinks at the bar.
Ohh that works.
Cool. so let’s see what happens if we enter
a lot of AAAAs.
It looks like there is limited space, as you
can see the echoed back As are way less than
what we entered, also we don’t get an error.
So let’s do that again, but this time enter
a different payload.
Always when a program prints out user input,
you should try out format strings.
So let’s enter some percantage x.
And what a surprise!
We print some numbers.
This worked!
And if you decodde those hex values you will
see, that it’s the input string we entered.
The %x itself.
To leak data with format strings it would
be cool to place an address into our input,
and then use %s to use that address as a string
This way we could dump the whole memory.
So let’s enter some recognisable characters
and see where they are.
And it’s easy, the start of our string is
already where the format parameters will be.
So the first x printed AB, and the second
x printed CD.
If we now use %s instead, it will use hex
4142 as an address and print the string at
that location.
AB and CD are already valid string locations.
And by sheer luck we already hit a string
in memory.
The guards are keeping an eye on you.
That’s awesome, so this definetly works,
now all we gotta do is create a loop that
simply tries to print as many strings as possible,
but tryiong different addresses.
So let’s create a loop, that simply counts
up all the addresses.
And just leak strings from everything.
I guess it’s best if we do it this way.
We open a new connection, than we first try
to get a coupon.
So we spin the roulett multiple times.
If we succeed we continue to try out an address,
and then repeat.
Also I add some code to really extract the
leaked string, and then we can move the address
forward based on the length we leaked, so
we don’t like read the same string at different
offsets all the time.
It’s faster this way.
Oh and we also know that AB and CD were valid
addresses that leaked strings, so let’s
use that as a start address.
And in case we run out of credits and didnt
get a coupon, we just reset the game again.
So let’s run it.
This looks really good.
We leak all those strings awesome.
But In let it run for a bit and never saw
a flag.
And decided to maybe it’s betetr to start
from the beginning.
So I et the start address to 0101, because
I didn’t want to have nullbytes in the string,
so that’s the first valid address, and suprisingly
there it is.
We found it almost immedaitly!
So let’s hand in the flag!
Casino solved!

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  1. can i make a request.
    please make a video ret2libc in 64bit binary that require more than 1 argument, like a execeve function

  2. Do you have a video on how to use python to "talk" to a network? I can kind of copy the code from here, but I'd like to see a more in depth video on it.

  3. What does this sort of exploit look like in code? Is it some fault in C's string formatting? If so, why hasn't this been fixed already?

  4. I don't understand what is going on but it seems so interesting. I'm now learning C# (and coding in general) but still what he says in this video is going over my head. I'm guessing if I learned Python I won't be so lost. Anyone want to give some advice? Edit: I subbed because I need some of this guy's smarts to rub off on me XD.

  5. Will you start making console hacking videos ? (like kernel exploit explanation) it would be so cool 🙂

  6. Would it possible to always get the same seed for the rendomness? I mean, then you can enter the specific number sequence, would this also work?

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