9 thoughts on “Former Georgetown basketball star likely to spend 20 years behind bars”

  1. Some ppl get chance after chance and still refuse to grow up and grow out of being hoodlum. Well at least he's placing the blame on the right person…HIMSELF!

  2. Man, I went to McKinley tech high school with Vic. Man, we all thought he was going make it I remember teachers and faculty members trying to do all they could to steer him the right way. And to see how it all turned out for him to screw it all up.

  3. How is Victor Page's story not a mental health crisis and instead of a criminal one? When white kids, who grew up with silver spoons, go and shoot up a school, it's a mental health issue. But stories like Victor Page are only considered criminal

  4. Once he meets his Cell Buddy his name will no longer be Victor Page his new name will be Back Door Page if yall know what I mean😂😂😂😂

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