Four Winds Casino Team

Four Winds Casino Team

Welcome to C Bar!
It’s like a family.
How is everybody doing today?
We’ve got some beautiful cars to give away.
Caramel latte for you.
It is very employee oriented.
I work at Four Winds!
I started here as a sous chef in a restaurant.
Everybody seems to like everybody else.
Everybody gets along with each other.
Within a couple years I knew this is where I want to retire.
It is definitely exciting.
It’s like a big family.
You met people from all walks of life.
You never gonna find a place like this.
If you are the kind of person who smiles,
Has a lot of energy and your’re hard working,
Enjoy meeting new people,
You’re hard working, know how to have fun,
Who likes to be around people,
Everyone wants to be here.
We bring it.
If you are the kind of fun,
,’cause we’re happy to be here,
likes to work with people.
In the kitchen you need dedication.
If you love people and you get along with people.
If you like having a steady, stable job and benefits.
How are you today?
Nice, you guys staying hydrated?
Yeah, we are.
They’re just very employee oriented.
They really are.
Dental and Vision.
Good insurance now everybody needs that.
And honesty. Honesty is hugely important.
Total package.
Who’s loyal. Who likes to have fun.
The Pokagons and Four Winds as a whole want to know what’s going on.
They what troubles you see, so they can fix it.
They want to make this place as best as it can be.
Anybody can fit in here.
If you want a job that you actually enjoy coming to.
It’s a great, fun environment.
This is the place to be.
We want you here.
How are you today? This is the time of year you love, right?
It is.
If you are the kind of person that likes to interact with your coworkers,
Interact with our guests that come in the front door
and make them happy, and get a lot of satisfaction and feeling of self worth out of that.
You get a sense of satisfaction that you know that, wow, you made that couple’s night.
And you know that they are going to go home and tell a hundred people about what a great dinner they had.
Or, what a great roll they had on the tables.
Whether they won a jackpot and you came over and were part of that,
It’s exciting. And, I think that that’s the kind of people we’re looking for.
So if you are that kind of person that likes excitement,
If you are the kind of person that enjoys interaction with coworkers and being part of a team,
Being part of a successful team,
Then you are a Four Winds person.
They want you to have fun while you work.
I’ve been here 10 years.
It’s a good place to work.
I wouldn’t be here for 5 1/2 years if it wasn’t.
I was 19, I had no prior work experience.
I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life.
The way that the company treats it’s people, I realized that this is what I wanted to do.
This is where I wanted to be.
For a young person, I think it can be very exciting.
It’s very eye opening.
They are so many different job opportunities under one roof.
I sat down with HR and I said, You know what’s next?
And, they helped develop me into the professional I wanted to be.
We promote heavily from within.
We have a tremendous amount of training.
It’s the best place to work!
Absolutely the best to work!
College reimbursement funding.
I could just go on and on about
If you are looking are looking for a career.
Please come work at Four Winds.
This is the best.
This is not a job, it’s a career.
This is definitely a career.
Think of it as a career.
This is the best job I’ve ever had.
It’s kinda like a close-knit family actually.
I’ve been here 10 years.
It’s like a big family.
I’ve been here for 10 years.
9 years.
I feel like I have a second family.
You just feel appreciated.
They treat the other people like a family; brothers, cousins, sisters…
People are great here. They’re wonderful.
Which is super important when you have that passion there it comes out in everything that you do.
Four Winds is the size of a small city, a village.
We are all here together, we socialize together, this is our town.
Everybody that comes in through those doors are our guests.
You’re never gonna find a place like this.
Over here.
It’s a very nice place.
People take care of you over here.
Most importantly when you come here,
Respect – the number one thing that we focus on.
So regardless what your position is, regardless of what your badge title is,
Regardless of what your position is here you are treated with the same mutual respect.
Thank you. I do appreciate it.
We have a nice facility.
It’s clean, it’s fresh, we have the newest machines, the latest table games.
The reason our guests choose to return or not return is because of our employees.
We want you here!
There is a lot of opportunities.
If you are the kind of person that smiles, this is a good company to work for.
It’s the best place to work.
It’s a big family.
So rewarding.
I love working here.

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  1. I really enjoy going to four winds casino. You can ask any staff a question and they answer it for you or get someone to answer it for you.

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