FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins the 24/7 Championship

FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins the 24/7 Championship

100 thoughts on “FOX Sports host Rob Stone wins the 24/7 Championship”

  1. Shepramsey: That is an incredible catch! Especially since WWE Entertainment Wing Hall Of Famer Bob Uecker was the costar of that show. 👍B.W.

  2. In 1983 Harley Race put out a bounty of 25 grand on Ric Flair to keep him away from The NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Harley later adjusted his legendary Promo from "anyone in the world" to "any wrestler in the world" because well just imagine. WWE definitely thought up a new variation on this one.B.W.

  3. It crazy to see that even Rob Stone has more main roster titles than Sami Zayn!

    I wouldn't be surprised if a ref wins the title!

  4. This really made my day! The 24/7 title just never stops being boring! Elias responds to the host "Shut your mouth, Rob Stone" and R- Truth respons to the host "It ain't easy being champ, is it? Uh huh!" 😅😅😅

  5. That was funny hahah wrestling was my first love, wrestlmenia 9 I believe. Back when kids can go outside and play. ( :

  6. You got to be kidding me R-Truth lose to a sports reporter that title 24/7 is a joke next thing you know Stephanie McMahon could win it I'm tell you one thing a queen made a little could win that title kid

  7. I can only imagine how funny it would be had it been Michael Strahan Terry Bradshaw or Jimmy Johnson if they won the WWE 24/7 Belt!

  8. Anyone Can Win "WWE 24/7 Championship"


    Anything Can Win "DDT Pro Wrestling Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship"

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