Hello friends welcome back to my new video so friend in todays video i will show you how u can get free diamonds todays video is interesting soo guys please watch the full video all the thing i will tell u listen it carefully and understand it okay?? and please do follow my steps soo guys first of all you need to download a application and it is very simple first of all i will provide the link in description okay…other wise go to google chrome and search gamers pocket soo its simple type and search it and after searching the first website that appears okay? click on the first website soo when you simply click on this website you will get a download now option just simply click here once you click, you will get download popup download it or save it okay? soo click on the download option soo guys i have already downloaded the application soo what i will do is i will directly open the application once you download it you have to simply open the application and you have to register it by your mobile number soo input your paytm number and register it or the active mobile number and put you email id and register it. soo guys i have already registe red soo i will directly open the application and show you guys it UI soo guys i have opened the application you get a clear UI and here you will get to see Pubg and Free Fire tournaments soo guys there is a link in the description you will get my referral code and if you join using my referral code you will instantly receive Rs10 in your wallet okay? soo guys in Rs10 you can join free fire tournament and after joining and playing you can earn upto Rs150 soo guys it is daily tournaments are held here some tournaments are free here and some of them are paid and the paid ones, the minimum amount is Rs10. soo if you joined using my referral you will receive Rs10 in your wallet and you can join free fire tournament soo guys now it about earning soo the ones who takes booyah will receive the highest prize of Rs 100 to Rs150 soo if you are investing Rs10 you can receive Rs100- Rs150 you get paytm cash othewise if you dont get booyah or if you dont get chicken dinner still you get paid per kill soo you can see here you can receive Rs 8- Rs10 along with that you can use referral code you can refer you friend this application and earn soo you just simply need to click on refer and refer it on Whatsapp, Facebook and you can directly refer you friends and you can share it with them and if they direct join they too receive Rs10 instantly and you too even receive Rs10 soo guys its very simple now you can see here i have already played one match after playing one match i have earned and i have earned after on match i took booyah soo after taking booyah i got winning price plus i have paid for my friend and the paid amount of my friend i received his wining too because my friend didnt have Rs10 soo if your friend are poor you can get him joined here there is a plus point in this application if you dont have money i your friend have it.. he can get you joined and the winning price plus the earning through per kill will directly come to your account later on wards you can share it with your friends soo you can see my earning here , i had Rs10 i played on tournament using that and i won and i received Rs 20 and i played again and i won once again and i collected total of Rs 100 and plus i have got two referral with my friends, and they have joined soo guys here i will tell you in this application if you keep playing your rank too increases soo i am in the top rank here cause i got the highest kill of 5 players and i received Booyah and my rank got increased soo guys here if i talk about customer care service they are pretty good. you can reach out them using number and email if you have some problem or issues or if you have played one match and if your wallet haven’t been updated yet you can contact to them using email or cell number within 24 hours you will get a reply i personally have tried and their response is good with a friendly nature and they show full support, the moment i mailed them as i was not able to login into my account soo i mailed them i got instant reply soo guys this is a decent application use it on my words and i am sure once you play 2 or 3 tournaments you can earn enough that you can get your next elite pass for free soo guys lets talk about wallet the minimum withdrawal soo if you have to withdraw some money soo the minimum amount you can withdraw here is Rs40 you can withdraw Rs40 or if you want more play couple of matches you can earn Rs100 – Rs150 and you can transfer it to your wallet okay? or if you dont know, there is a website Codashop where you can get Rs40 diamonds get into your free fire account you can top-up of Rs40 in your account soo if you ever think that you haven’t earned much …just Rs 40 ,50 soo you can withdrawal it through paytm and you can transfer it okay? soo guys now you can see here for the live proof of my earning i will transfer in my paytm soo i hav requested for Rs 90 and kept Rs 10 for playing soo once you earn here more than Rs 100 keep Rs 20 in your account for playing and the left over amount like Rs 80 or 90 transfer it to your paytm soo guys i have transferred Rs 90 and within one or two minutes i will receive the cashwad cause what happens normally in online application and if we request for paytm we have to wait for one or two minutes and you will receive your amount in your paytm soo i am waiting here and i have receive a notification as your can see here on top and i have received Rs 90 in paytm and i have received Rs 90 , which was my wining reward and now i will open my paytm and show it to you guys soo guys you got paytm option and UPI option or if you want to send it directly to your bank you can avail it through UPI just in case you dont have paytm or you have other payment application like google pay soo simply what you can do in this app go to contact option and you can mail them and in that mail you can include your UPI or google pay number and from there you can receive it through your UPI or google pay and it get transferred to your bank soo guys i will open my paytm and show you my balance which is updated ? i think soo cause i have received Rs90 as i have showed in the notifiaction i scanned my fingerprint soo you can see here i have received Rs90 i have left Rs 10 in that application soo that i can play another tournament and i have Rs 90 here in my paytm wallet so guys i hope you have enjoyed the video and you will get link in the description go and download it play tournament and try to win the tournament and earn money adn get elite pass and diamonds and if you enjoyed the video do like, Share i will get back to you guys in my next video, till than Goodbye, Take Care and Stay Happy


  1. Bhai me game me join nhi ho pa rha hu sabhi group full ho ja rhe join kese kru bhai help please please 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Bhai meine gamers pocket mein 20 rs add kiye pr mujhe app mein money nhi mile aur mere paytm me se 20 rs gae.please. please help

  3. Bro ek baat ni samajh me ni aata ki sirf winning ammount transfer ker sakte hai ya refer ka bhi plzzz batao

  4. Bhai mene 30$ 30$ Karke 2 bar add money kiya but add money nehi huya or mere paytm Ka 60$ chala gaya kuch karo bhai muze mere 60$ wapas chahiye

  5. Bhai Agar Hum is main join Ho Gaye tu kya gameplay Yahi se open hoga ya fir Hamein free fire open karna Hota please reply me

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