Free Fire bike bug/glitches ☠️ || Free Fire glitches🔥| TK Gamer

Free Fire bike bug/glitches ☠️ || Free Fire glitches🔥| TK Gamer

Hello everybody.. This is Tejas kumar and welcome to the another episode of TK Gamer. So in this Video we will Talk about free fire new Glitch. Nothing special in this Glitch… But we can use it for entertainment purposes… So without wasting any more time let’s get started.. Before starting video i want to inform you that How you can be invisible in free fire.. You watched so many videos on this topic but in hindi there are less videos. So will talk about that tomorrow in detail.. For that you should subscribe my channel and also enable notification bell.. For this Glitch you need a vehicle.. You can use any vehicle but on bike this looks different… In this video you can see that i have a bike.. But….it’s riding normally not like you showed in thumbnail… For that you should open bagpack than… Swapping the gun…. In this Glitch nothing is special but you can give shock to your friends…. That you are doing some magic…. Hahah

38 thoughts on “Free Fire bike bug/glitches ☠️ || Free Fire glitches🔥| TK Gamer”

  1. bro plz reply bike red wala ya new wala bike pe kam karega i tried many times but it dif not work i felt it worse plz help

  2. Bhai can u plz support my channel by adding a video to ur community tab , Bhai Maine decard tumhare dost ko bola tha ki tumhe bolne par shayad usne nhi bola , Bhai I need support Bhai plz👏👏

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