Free Fire Girls Squad Booyah Ranked Match – (Sooneeta, Roudy, Piyu & Tasha)

Free Fire Girls Squad Booyah Ranked Match – (Sooneeta, Roudy, Piyu & Tasha)

Roudyyyyy…….. Piyu: Vehicle is coming, come fast…. *INTRO* If they waited for me somewhere, I would have restarted my game. Sooneeta: Let me reconnect my game. …Were they fighting?? Oh it came.. Hello Hello Hello!! Hello, I am sorry, My mic icon was gone…. Hello Roudy, Hello Piyu, Hello Tasha…. Hello Guys!! Hello My mic icon was gone…. So I did restart my game 🙁 Come let’s go to Peak!! Come Girls Team!! Hehe Roudy, can you hear me?? Guys……Tasha, Do you hear me?? Piyu……. Hello!! Hello!!!!!!!!! Hello,, Hehe Helloooooooo,…….Hello from the other siiiiiiide… *Piyu Giggles* You were hearing me but not speaking 😀 *Both Giggle* I restarted…. Hey Roudy, Speak!!! *Piyu Says “Roudy”* Roudy Daas, Saamaldaas Chanchad, Speak 😀 Taaaaassssshaaaa Hello Tasha, Please say hi once to Piyu. Tasha, Speak. Taaasshhhaa (In weird sound) *Humming a Hindi Song* Roudyyyyyy……. Piyu: Vehicle came, come fast.. Okayy, come with Piyu, come with Piyu Piyu: Come fast come fast, vehicle has come.. *My weird laugh* Piyu: They came out of vehicle, the enemies…Come fast, come fast, come fast, come fast….I will die.. Don’t worry, jump down from there. Roudyyyyy…… Enemies are coming. Piyu: Ohhh, Another Vehicle came… Come fast guys!! Another Vehicle!! Don’t come here now…Don’t come. Piyu: Another one vehicle is coming… Yoooooooooooo *Piyu Giggles* Another Vehicle!!! What is happening? Ooooh Roudyyyy……..OMG Okayyy..Hihihi That’s coooollll Piyu: So many vehicles.. Enemies might be there. Vehicle!! Piyuu…….Piyuuuuuu….Sorryyy Come fast…Only one.. Roudy..Make Gloo Wall…Make Gloo Wall Don’t Kill Me!! Ohhhh Common Piyu…Common Tasha, Tasha!! Headshot!! Tasha..Yoooooo I’ll give like to all of you. Only one is Alive, guys don’t loot, go and kill. Kill Piyu Go….Go Piyu go…Go Piyu Go!! Piyu: I don’t want to kill… XD Go Roudy Go…Only One…Don’t Loot Tasha..What happened? Common Tasha on Fire….Bruuuuum!! Long Live Lady Squad!! Yo, Nobody can beat us!! Yo, common Piyyu See the Tattoo!! How much did it cost for that Tattoo Piyu?? Piyu: Only 5 Rupees 😀 And what about the hairstyle?? I also want to get it done. That also 5 Rupees ….And…. What is it called… What’s name of the Beauty Parlor you went for that hairstyle?? Piyu: That I cannot share 😀 Common say it XD Say anything… Please? From Roudy Beauty Parlor!!!! 😀 Tasha made the Tattoo for Piyu… ….And Roudy made the hair for her… Piyu: Yeahhh!! Yooo NightHawks,, Yo Lavaleather! Piyu: Yoo Tod denge, Fod denge (We will break them all) See, there’s the guy, behind that house!! Piyu: Oh oh, don’t kill me!! Don’t shoot at Piyu!! Tasha, Tasha, Tasha on Fire!!! Roudy!!! Tasha, Break their bones!! Piyu: Yeah, Go Go!! C’mon Tasha!! Come on!!!! Piyu: You can do it! Tashaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO He got headshot,, only one, only one!! C’mon girls! Booyah, Booyah, Booyaaaah! Oh wow, booyah Yo, Hello Hello! Why does my mic icon disappear for no reason? Piyu: There’s a guy in 6-window house. …In this house.. Are you guys coming? Let’s go and kill that guy! Piyu: Roudy, why are you running around without any gun?? Roudy: I don’t know what’s wrong with my audio. Piyu: Same here, I am also facing the same problem. I have only a long range gun. He is upside!! Ohhh, he has SPAS!! He has SPAS!! Come Tasha, Roudy! Piyu: Comeon kill that guy!! Piyu: Heal me fast, fast, fast! Roudy: There’s more people coming! Piyu: Heal Me! Piyu: OMG, OMG, I will hide! Roudy: Sooneeta, I could not heal you. No problem, Roudy. So, we will go to visit Tasha in Scotland okay?? Tasha, search 3 boyfriends for us okay? XD Piyu: Not for me hihihhihi Tasha, we need 3 boyfriends okay, Piyu: Hey girl, wait, wait, hey girl wait. Only one Roudy!! Roudyyyyyyyyy……….OMG Piyu: Don’t kill, Don’t kill, Don’t kill!!!! See, he is dancing. Chor!! Roudyyyyy We have to kill everyone… What do they think we are? XD Ready guys!! Ready, Ready, Ready!! Roudy sing a song please. *Roudy sings a Hindi Song* Wow…Hihihi *Sings a hindi song*, Do you know this song? Roudy: Which one? *Again tries to sing the same song* I don’t know more than this 😀 Roudy: Oh I’ve heard that song, but it’s not coming in my mind right now. Roudy: It’s like a Rap song right? I can’t remember it XD Sing “Leja Leja Re” (A hindi song) *Roudy sings that song* Roud: Is there something wrong with my voice? We used to dance a lot when this song was just released. Roudy: Hmmmm Tasha, Tasha, Re, Why don’t you speak re?(Imitating that previous song) Roudy, let’s play “Antakshari”(A game of singing song, in which you have to start singing from the letter/sound that comes at end in opponent’s song) You sing from “Ma” *Roudy starts singing* Haaaaaaa *Teasing Roudy* Roudy: One more is there. Where? Where? Roudy: 60 degree, behind the tree! BOOYAH

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  1. Very nice booyah sister i watch almost all video of your you are really great top up girl salute you legendary girl😂😂😂

  2. Hii sooneeta ji mene suna he ki ap bohat accahi ho ap I'd cod keya he ap daimon de Kar amir logo ko or amir bana Raha he or hamlogo kishi ki akh may nehi parta

  3. Me apseh 2jis request karra ha hu ek mujeh khuch daimon gift plz or dusra apka I'd cod hame dije jiske doran apke sat hambi khel sake

  4. Plz add me in your team… Want to play with you guys.. I know I can't defeat u but definitely will knock down 4-5 players in rank match for sure…

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