Free Fire Groza And M249 Location (HOW TO FIND M249 AND GROZA IN FREEFIRE)

Oh my GOD!! Guys we found them both. Hey whats its me Ashneet here with new video on the channel. Guys today’s objective is to find a Groza . YEAH! We are gonna be finding a Groza. So Guys first of all Yeah, it’s a new type of series and now we’ll play. Oh my god SAD VIOLEN SOUND Now we are gonna play FREEFIRE on the channel And also other games SO, Yeah, You can think it as a new thing And YEAH So the first thing is that, We search the Groza [DROP EXCLUSIVE GUN] in loot crates, yeah So it is easy to find them in the loot crates. Yeah, but I don’t know I am gonna find it today or not ? SO btw, Lets see what we can do. So I am going to Peak [A VERY POPULATED PLACE IN FREE FIRE, LIKE POCHINKI IN PUBG] Okay…. So..there is a person Again Sad Violen [sound effect] You think you can survive BOY!! You think you can survive?? No, not at all for me Okay, no, let’s check what everything here. Oh my god HE HAS A 4X SCOPE!! Okay no problem. Let’s head shot that guy. nope noob aiming skills… Oh…..My….God… We’re going to get that Loot crate , well, it has well Well no one is here lets loot it. You know, guys we found the Groza. [PLEASE DO NOT SPAM IN THE COMMENTS THAT I NOT TOOK THE VEST LV 3 I KNOW ] So it is that easy now you can see. It’s THAT EASY. And lets throw the 2x scope Let’s ride and see that we can get BOOYAH [LIKE CHICKEN DINNER IN PUBG] Why not? Okay Lets see who is Trying to…………kill us I think i am getting little pro at freefire And ya if you want me to make free fire videos in hindi tell me in the comments let me know i will make it Okay, let’s check what do you have oh my god, I need a med kit. Oh, yeah give me that Our storage is full And let’s go to the loot crate Hope you find a little good stuff. If we find it No one can stop us. And lets check the loot crate. It’s M249 OMG Guys we found the M249 meachine gun Yeah boy so I was not thinking that we will find both the guns , but now the found them both. Yay Yeah, it was going to find a groza today, but I found them both It’s pretty cool. Right so Let’s go to the loot crate seven alive. Oh i am i danger zone. where are you child i am here to bless you Where are you ? Oh my god!!!! Sh….. So yeah that is for this video hope you find it useful we from them both and yeah Stay awesome guys. PEACE OUT

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