Free fire in real life Vs pubg vida real  [ENG] [AR] [BR] part 4

Free fire in real life Vs pubg vida real [ENG] [AR] [BR] part 4

What are you doing here Try this game You will not regret No,Try this one Play Pubg You will not regret This is better I say that Pubg is better , TRY I say that Free fire is better listen! In pubg we have 100 Player You will find players in all places you gonna not be alone Play how did you find that listen to me in Free fire, if you are in combat with an enemy
and you called you friend to help you your partner can just throw a bomb you will not die, but the enemy will die Soufiane can you do something? I can not do anything, you are at the top and me at the bottom wait , wait Help , help come in to help me HELP! how did you find that look at me listen and forget Free fire In pubg , if you find a ghillie suit you gonna win the game “CHIKEN DINNER” if you find it in free fire HHHH Try Try! It was great! listen to me In free fire, you enter without opening or closing the door You will not be tormented we try ? Yes , try “TIRED” You enjoyed ? Listen to me and be careful In pubg , you are with your friend resting and you hear the sound of , Steps what you do in this moment In the map, you can find the origin of this sound and kill the enemy easily but in free fire if you hear a noise of Steps you can’t find the enemy TRY TRY! GREAT! yah ! you kill them ? listen to me in Free fire, if you are duos vs another duos
and your partner is dead you can help him quickly
and he can do the drug quickly and you kill them both great or not!? You play ? Try Try ! How you found it I have tolerated this too much that is the truth scoope ×8 you see the enemy far away you can kill him HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH “scoope ×4” if an elephant passes in front of you you can not kill him
HHHHHH Take my friend Try this WOW! try it in the game Not here WOW! How you found the HEADSHOT! Listen to me bro In Free fire ,
If you were in combat with the enemy and you kill him you will be almost dead you take you medicate very quickly In Pubg , you take you medicate you take needle you take all your Drink and you’ll see if you’ll reach the max Take Take! try

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