Free Fire New Character – Wukong – Explained

Free Fire New Character – Wukong – Explained

Hello everyone! As you already know, the new character “Wukong”
has been already released. So today I am going to show you how it works
and its ability. As you can see, this is Akshay’s recordings,
as I don’t buy male characters. So, to get this character you have to purchase
a weekly membership of diamonds. Now the ability of this character is that,
it can turn itself into a Ghilie Bush, which is camouflage. The camouflage will stay for about 14 seconds. After that you will have to wait for some
time to use it again. And as you go increasing the level of this
character, the time taken for cooldown decreases. “Cooldown” is basically the amount of time
required to camouflage again. Which means, let’s say you just used the camouflage
now, you have to wait for sometime to use it again. That time is basically the cooldown time. For level 1, the cooldown time is 300s, for
level 2 it is 280s, and for level 3 it is 260s, for level 4, it is 240s. And in level 5 you get a jacket, similarly
in level 5 it gets down to 220s and finally when you max the character at level 6 it becomes
200s. Which means for every level you go up, the
cooldown time will decrease by 20s.

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