Free Fire New Elite Pass Preorder – Gloo Wall Bunker Review

Free Fire New Elite Pass Preorder – Gloo Wall Bunker Review

Hello Everyone! Once again I would like to welcome you all to my video. I am recording this video at late night… …for you guys, I mean I hope you guys enjoy it. Please watch the full video. Now I am going to preorder the new elite pass season 9. I am doing top-up to my account. I will show you what we can get with preorder in this season 9 elite pass. Like we used to get bags, surfboard, etc. in preorder…. But this time, it’s something new. As you can see, we don’t have any bag or surfboard… We have an awesome Gloo Wall skin this time, which is called Gloo Wall Bunker. I am going to show you how the new gloo wall skin looks. As you can see, I have some skins of Grenades,…… Like that, I have got the Gloo wall skin now because I preordered the Elite Pass this time. See, how beautiful it looks. It looks something like a box, or……….. But it looks so awesome. We can also shoot in crouch position with this Gloo wall skin. To show you guys how it looks, I recorded this in phone itself. And I landed on Peak, a lot of enemies were there but I had to show you the Gloo wall skin. I am running and I have nothing. Recording from the phone itself is so lagging. I don’t regularly record with this phone so,……. I can’t even hear the sound while recording from this phone. 🙁 Please give me gloo wall,…….. I don’t know what I found, it was lagging so much. And I am shooting an enemy here…. Wait…… Hey, show your head!! It’s stuck again, what should I do? I am playing just a classic match to show the new Gloo wall skin…. The Rank Match time is finished so I can’t play ranked..and I am playing classic mode. Don’t mess with me!! See, I will show you how the new Gloo wall bunker skin looks. See it’s shape guys.. It looks like some window or something. It looks something like these so I made it here. Look carefully, what is this? and How did it come here!?!? Did it come from the Sky? NO! Do the Aliens use it? NO! Then? It’s Sooneeta, I will use it. So how to use it?? I will show you how to kill an enemy with this. So that you guys know how to use this new gloo wall skin. Show me your head, I saw you baby!! So as you can see, I am trying to do suicide in game here but I am getting stuck!! I am trying to get on the top of this Oil barrel but….. Vehicle was coming so I shot the oil barrel… If you guys like my videos then don’t forget to subscribe and hit the like button! If you guys like this kind of Elite Pass and Preorder related videos, then.. ..I will regularly make these kind of videos, So, SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL, BYE BYE!

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