Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 10 Pre-order Reward Giza Pyramid Death Box

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 10 Pre-order Reward Giza Pyramid Death Box

Hello Guys, Welcome to my video once again. So our free fire elite pass season 10 preorder has arrived.. And I will show you what we can get in preorder of this season 10 elite pass of free fire. I have 761 diamonds and for preorder of the elite pass we need 750 diamonds. And this time we will get Giza Pyramid Death Box as preorder reward. When we kill enemies their dead body loot box will turn into this. I am buying it as you can see. I will show you in game by playing a match. First I will check it in the collections. And it is already equipped in mine. So lets see how it looks in game by going in a match, please watch it. I have a bit ping issue because my internet is not working properly. I will not play a full match, I will just show you by killing an enemy how the death box will look in game. I just hope that I wont get 999+ ping and I can kill at least one enemy. And those of you who are watching my video but has not subscribed yet, please dont forget to subscribe to my channel. And if you are already subscribed then press the like button fast alright? And I always upload Elite Pass updates and preorder videos faster, so please watch them. I will show you from near how it looks…And enemies please dont kill me. SEE…….wow It looks really awesome as you can see. Should I kill them or not? Please dont kill me, I could not even show the death box properly. Because you guys scared me. Why do you do this? Where did it go? Where is your dead body??? This is not your dead body, where is it? His dead body is lost. Chor enemy! Ahh! I will go back there and show you the dead body. I went there to show you guys the dead body loot box properly but his dead body was lost. Wow, this looks so cute right? Why did you have to die here? You could have died a bit there somewhere. Its looking pretty…So I will take a thumbnail now. Turn this side!! Kelly what are you doing? Okay, so now I have to say byebye! I will kill myself by vehicle explosion. I have to upload this video soon…So, sorry! It is better than using vehicle explosion that… I use the landmine to kill myself in this match. Thank you guys, Bye Bye…See you in the next video.

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  1. Wow mam your voice is so cute I love it that why 1 like and subscribe for me good Hindi wow I am fan of your voice….💝🐅😉😊

  2. malai join krona plzzz melo free fire ko ID name ho lee2429N ho malai join krona ma wait kr xu la

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