Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 9 Preordered Items – Sooneeta

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 9 Preordered Items – Sooneeta

Hello Guys!! I would like to welcome you all once again in my video. As you may know, I make videos about preorder and Elite Pass and try to upload them as soon as possible. I already made a video about preordering the new season elite pass and now…. I am going to show you the new Elite Pass Season 9 Before I show you the Elite Pass Season 9 of Free Fire,…. I would like to take time to talk about something else… Which is about WeGamers and it’s event. …And…. There’s an official page of Free Fire in WeGamers app… And in WeGamers, they’ve launched an event for Free Fire Players. In which you guys can win $100.. And I will show you how to take part in the event.. If you’ve already downloaded the WeGamers app, Then you go in it and search for the Official Free Fire Game Page. And you can post one of your best moments in Free Fire in Text, Screenshot or even a video. You can read the rules and more details about this event in this post. And I would also like to remind you that…… A lot of people were asking in my livestream that how to join my Free Fire group in WeGamers. So I am showing you that I have a group for free fire players in WeGamers You can search for my group with my Group ID from my livestream screen This is my group and we can chat, share photos, videos and even call each other in this… Now let’s see the New Elite Pass in Free Fire I’ve got all these rewards from New Elite Pass Season 9 because I had preordered the Elite Pass. The special thing is this Scar Skin that we can get in Elite Pass in this new season. And you can get it after you collect 50 badges in the Elite Pass. I’ve claimed all the preorder rewards of this season Elite Pass and now I am going to show you what more we have in this season. At first we have this Jacket and then this Pet Food.. I don’t think I have to explain more about these as you already know about them. Now let’s see what else we have in this season’s Elite Pass. I am claiming the rewards as you can see. This is the Scar Skin. In this Elite Pass, we can get Scar Skin. And as you can see Diamond Royale Vouchers are also there..and…. The female dress of this Elite Pass is so awesome, looks like some Robot or something. I really like this female outfit of this season. If you guys also like this season’s Elite Pass rewards, then you can also buy the Elite Pass. And as you can see, we can also get M79 skin in this season’s Elite Pass. It’s really awesome, and What is this box??? I don’t know what this is, maybe it is a dead body lootbox. It looks so cool…. ….Which… ..uh…. BLASTS!! I will use this when I get it and I will show you guys. And we have this bag in this season 9 elite pass. It looks really cool but I think it will suit more for male outfits rather than female outfits. Now let’s see the new Emote that we can get in this Elite Pass. And we have PUSH UP Emote,… Yoooooooo Push up, Push up Kelly!! Push up emote is really awesome actually. And we can also get one Evolution Stone this time, And as you may know we can try our luck to get Criminal Squad outfit with this… Now let’s talk about the male outfit of this season. See, this looks really cool. So, if you guys like my videos then don’t forget to share them. And drop a like for my video, Subscribe to my channel, Thank you for watching, Bye bye!

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  1. The WeGamers Free Fire Event is only till February 2, 23:59 (GMT+0), So go fast and post your favortite Free Fire Moments.

    Download WeGamers from Here:

    And don't forget to join my Group, Group ID: 6055336

  2. Sooneeta u know when u talk about the app we gamers I download it and when I was in it I got nerves so I delete cuz I got scard

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