Free Fire New Xplosive Jump Mode is Awesome

Free Fire New Xplosive Jump Mode is Awesome

*Me singing Nepali Song* Akshay: Sooneeta, sing a song yar! *Me singing Nepali Song again* You understand anything? Akshay: I only understood blah,blah,blah….. What is the meaning of this song say. Say anything “Chor”, just make it comedy. Akshay: I don’t know the meaning. Akshay: You say the meaning, I can’t understand it. I even don’t know the meaning. Go and open the dictionary or Google Translation. Akshay: But I don’t know what to type 😀 Here’s Level 3 Bag I don’t know Malayalam “Chor” Akshay: No, you know one song, with four lines. Nooo, I don’t know that song, I just…………. *Again back to the Nepali Song, it was stuck in my head LOL* You got those jumping shoes? Come let’s go! Let’s go for fight!! I believe I can fly……… Oh Enemy,……….Hello Master!! No minus 🙁 Dead?…..Nooo! Akshay: One is here, you knocked them?…..Yeah! DIEEEE!!! Oye Oye, Behind Us!! So many enemies here! Oiiii, He jumped! Ooh! No, no, no, no, no….. DIEEEE, you don’t need……….. Oh no no no, give me……. Other guys are also coming Where Where Where……..Where are you? Akshay: They are in this green house. Green House? Akshay: Knocked, Knocked, Knocked, there’s one more. You said this house right? Akshay: “Chor” this house. They’re dead. Akshay: You want ammo? I have ammo. Akshay: It’s only 9 Alive. Helllllllloooooooooo! Come on guys!! I want to kill you everyone. *Again back to that Nepali song stuck in my head* Oh no!!!! I believe I can fly, :-p That’s my dream, OMG, Garena thank you so much, you fulfilled my dream. I always see dreams like, I am flying higher higher higher and higher… Yeeeeeeeah,I am flying now, OMG I like this one, Oh my g……. Come come, enemy enemy enemy, 300-285 Akshay: Just go to that tower, I am coming. You also killed him? Akshay: Yeah yeah, dead dead, use medkit if you have. OMG, that enemy…. Oye, enemy enemy! Behind the tree! Akshay: Oh! 58 gone! Akshay: Dead?? ….NO!! Yeah, I killed one. Where is another one? Akshay: Come here down, angle 255 255, Okay Enemy!! I don’t want to jump because If I do, then my life will decrease. He’s inside the house! Yeeeeeeeeahhhhh, I got kill!! Woooooow This is called champion. Okay Akshay, finished, video finished!!

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  1. Mam mera account ban ho gya h but Mene koi bhi hacking use nhi kiy fir bhi ban ho gya kyu aapke Insta pe Mene msg kiy plz mujhe reply dijiye Mene bht pese kharcha kiy tha please mam ek reply 😫😫😫😥😥

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