Free Fire Stock Footage | Vol. 1 | Circles

Free Fire Stock Footage | Vol. 1 | Circles

What’s up people, James from Blinkfarm back
with some stock footage you can download and use in your videos, royalty free
This time we’re burnin down the house with “Fire Volume 1”.
It’s a crackling set of cylindrical emitters you can drop into buckets of gasoline, flaming
boo holes, and anything else with a circular shape you want to set alight.
There are 11 charbroiled clips in total. And we’ve even given you some wind options
to play with [fart noise]. Oof, excuse me.
So download them now — and set your sh** on fire!
And don’t forget — like this video if you want more free stuff.

23 thoughts on “Free Fire Stock Footage | Vol. 1 | Circles”

  1. I'm burnin' up from this latest pack of free stock footage and may need penicillin. "FIRE! Smoke on the horizon…Hey hey…" 

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