FREE Paypal Money 2019  (WORKING 2019) | FAST Paypal Money

FREE Paypal Money 2019 (WORKING 2019) | FAST Paypal Money

hello guys I want to show you how to get
free PayPal money in 2019 I mean who
doesn’t want fast paypal money right but
before I show you how to get free paypal
money in 2019 let’s have a look on my
paper balance my free paper money
balance right now is twenty two thousand
year-old Brad yeah so I mean this money
means so much to me because I’m assumed
and normally I earn about three hundred
euro 350 euro a month so the first
payment from from whg International
Limited yeah we’re about six hundred
eighty three euro and I mean it was the
first payment from them in in July so
you will later see how much I earn right
now and how crazy this stuff is so as
you can see over transfer to my bank
account just to be safe because paper
sometimes freezes accounts and yeah I
don’t want to mess table so as you can
see and oh please ignore this private
purchase from take away because was only
food during transaction and yeah so the
next payment from whg international
limited were about thousand euro still
the same month right still the same
month so and this is so easily to do and
it totally changed my life right now
because because the I mean it’s you’d
only need to work about two to four
hours a day and you get doubles big
payment and you see still July two
thousand three hundred forty
this could be also us are doesn’t matter
because they pay in any currency yeah so
as you can see our transferred to my
bank account and the next big payment
boom if and yeah I mean the payments are
now more than eight thousand euro and as
you can see the last payment this month
I will receive a twenty one thousand
euro i never earned that much in the
whole year before so this is just one
month July and it has had
I was a student or I’m a student and
normally I have a job where I earn
currently 350 euro so this money mean so
much to me it saves a lot of time I mean
it feels safe I can pay off my loans and
I can spend or give money to my family
and yeah so this this method is quite
easy and of course I will show it to you
and in some seconds just I just wanted
to show you that these water that my
balance is real so this is a real
balance here but yeah so I will transfer
it to my account and let’s jump to the
method alright here we are
I want to show you how to get free
PayPal money in 2019 who doesn’t want
fast paypal money right and that will
also provide life that my method works
so of course I will put a link in
description so basically I accurate in
your account to show you we work for
everyone and they made a deposit of 50
euro so I just have a little bit money
by the way it doesn’t matter if it’s
euro dollar now we are searching for
French let click the first result now
it’s loading abled
yeah but I will show you how it works
and please keep this method a little bit
secret because if it does everyone maybe
it won’t work anymore so so as you can
see there two tables we always choose
the table with the higher limits because
we need the higher elements basically
what the strategy is about that we are
following a special cycle which can’t be
reversible by the red algorithm so we
will start with the lowest possible bet
which is 1 dollar 1 euro and makings in
certain red yeah nice we won so we now
made 1 euro and if we won we will choose
our lowest bet this means 1 euro again
but we’ll change the color so in this
case black if we now lose okay perfectly
we lose so we double our bet which is
not zero
but we will bet for red two times now so
red black two times red if we now when
we will start at one euro again if we
lose we will set up for you
so we won so we will start with one euro
but as I said red again red two times so
red black red red so now let’s start
with one year okay so if we win with
blue bet one euro on black if not okay
perfect you win all right so we will now
bet on black
two times
let’s see what we can do here so yeah
now we lost so we will double up the bed
again alright so after this one if we
win we’ll me okay we lost so we need to
double up to bed
start on red again because the cycle
starts again and if we lose now we need
to double up or bet again but it’s
highly unlikely
now okay but we did but it’s it’s
happened sometimes and so if we can now
double the bed and choose black and if
we win right now all will be good if not
my to be a little bit risky but okay we
want so alright now we bought one euro
on red again right so right now we are
betting two times again on red and
recycle it doesn’t matter if we win or
lose the bet Fred I think I will fast
forward the video to keep it not that
so let’s see we can win this
alright so we are at 70 euro right now
so hurry at a p10 right now when I
willing for about 100 euro should be
if we are lucky this could be the last
bet to reach 100 euro alright perfect so
yeah now we should have won with euro
right yeah look at the bottom corner one
with euro so we doubled our investment
in about 30 minutes so awesome and you
can check the time here by the way all
right I think I will keep running some
hours but I don’t run to trotters
because it takes a lot of free space and
yeah we doubled our investment and only
thirty minutes now I will show you the
possible earnings hello again the
possible runnings need to wait a little
bit because as you can see I made 1500
you are out of this 50 euro and it’s now
a couple hours later let’s see how it
goes I will update you of course yeah so
maybe we can win this bet I thinking
about recording it button which takes up
though eats up a lot of disk space but
let’s see
and as I said before this is a solid
method so it works really really good
and as you see I’m now at 1598 euro and
won the bet all right so I’m not at 1600
0 and I think I will stop the recording
here because yeah I think it’s enough
all right
I think now it should be all right it’s
24 hours from my last recording and
let’s see my balance doubled again so
even a little bit more and yeah this
method really works and it works nearly
every time so I’d suggest you to do it
try it out and make profits on your own
so I mean what thousand euros is a lot
for me really really a lot and I had
that much money before of course and as
you saw we started with 50 euro and it’s
easy to achieve and it’s possible for
everyone in my opinion I prepared a
little table to show you why the
strategy is safe and I will also show
you what is possible to earn on a daily
or monthly basis and I will also explain
colors of course but I think the bed
column explains itself and that was
apparent experiences may or is your
initial deposit so just a change here
column means how safe it is you will
make profit and how save it is to not
risk your initial deposit so to be real
I never had about nine double ups double
ups how often you can you know yeah off
looking and double your pets before you
take the risk to lose your initial
deposit so even six times well it’s not
often happen and seven times even less
to chance that desperate this will
but it can’t happen of course so I
advise you to take a higher deposit and
work with smaller bets at first just who
have ya to get a good pickup balance and
then start using higher bets so you’re
certain she remains quite safe or
absolute safe so you will late and see
also how small the risk is to lose nine
times in a row so it never happened to
me and I did about 45,000 zero and
profits and I never needed nine double
ups but to be sure and risk-free I would
be the best to make a high deposit so
you have a very good or an absolute
certainty yeah so I also split this
table into $1 and $2 bets because this
is what the most people will use I
suggest you to use every gold or
absolute bets but maybe it would be good
to take a little closer look on the yeah
no change or how the risk of losing is
calculated so as you can see if you fail
one time the probability is 50% but if
we fail for example four times it goes
drastically down if you see the the nine
fields near or is so freakin alone it
will never and likely never to happen so
yeah just to make sure I’ve also linked
it to have in description we made
basically a fifty dollar or in my case
50 euro in 30 minutes this means we did
about one dollar and one dollar 67 in
one minute let us convert this to an
hour this means about what this mean
exactly one dollar per hour so yeah but
this is only for one dollar bet you
could also do it with five dollar bet
but then the initial that puts it should
be higher so yeah so this is would be
the earnings daily if you only play two
hours I mean it’s totally crazy right
and this is only if you bet $1 and this
will be a monthly income if you play two
hours daily and yes you can see and if
you have an absolute eternity and and
you play two hours a day and use the bed
of $2 then you can end up with $24,000 a
month and this is extremely crazy so I
suggest you to not get over 50,000 euro
or income per month so you don’t have
the big risk to get banned by that
because I know I will put everything in
the description of course the casino
page the strategy which will I give away
for free and yeah the table to calculate
your own profits all right
this was my strategy I hope you enjoyed
it and yeah I wish you good profits and
a lot of fun bye

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