[Full Movie] A Girl Master of Waling Dead 3 Babes and Zombies, Eng Sub | Fantasy Action 1080P

[Full Movie] A Girl Master of Waling Dead 3 Babes and Zombies, Eng Sub | Fantasy Action 1080P

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In ancient times
There were many monsters and demons in the world
The people were plunged into an abyss of misery
The clansmen of the Tian and the Thunder families went to the Kunlun Mountains to learn Taoism
And obtained the Heavenly and Rune Blades
To behead evil generation after generation
Hundreds of years later
A lot of corpse complaints
Gathered in the Cangshan cemetery
Became the Evil King
And brought disaster to the human world
The twenty-third generation of the Tian -Tian Qing entrusted by his Shishu’s last wish
Trekked to Gulei town with his good friend A’ren
To find the Rune Blade
And to learn the using spell of the two blades
And finally, to kill the Evil King with fire and lightning
A major war
The Evil King and the enchantress Roland were failed
Originally, people thought the world will be peaceful
But the Zombie god wants to rule the three worlds
A bigger conspiracy is looming
A Girl Master of Walking Dead 3 Babes and Zombies
Who are you?
Why did you save me?
It’s the god who saved you
Your life is no longer yours since then
You should obey the god will
You’ll be punished by the god
I don’t know what you are talking about
I am the god
My blood
can kill you
as well as can save you
What do you want to do?
The Evil King
Has died to ash
If you want to revenge
You should obey the god’s decree
You are a zombie?
You are the legendary zombie god?
The ugly human
Still control this world
Only by turning all the human beings into zombies,
This world
Can be peaceful
What can I do?
have a common enemy
You mean Tian Qing?
If you want to revenge,
Follow me
Hello, Tian Qing
What are you doing?
Haven’t you get up yet?
It’s rarely for me to have a good sleep
I must sleep well to have a good rest
What would you do?
Open your door
I say”Open your door”
I’m in front of your door now
My god
What did you do just now?
Why are you so tired?
Nothing, nothing
Here you are
Why dou you send me flower?
I’m here to comsole the wounded
You don’t welcome me?
Welcome, welcome
Come in, please
You can sit where you like
Would you like some water?
Why do you come to me
so early?
It has been a long time
I’m here
to see your wound
I grew up with my mater,
What pain have I never suffered?
What bitter have I never eaten?
This little wound
It’s nothing
That’s good
How are you?
Have you resume your post?
Yes, I have
I’ll be busy again
Why are you come here with a lot of work?
Because you are Tian Qing
From now on,
Visiting you
is becoming a part of my work
In the future,
We’ll have long-term cooperation
Who want to cooperate with you?
It was hard to kill the Devil King
I’ll give myself a long vacation
I’ll buy many delicious foods,
buy many beautiful clothes,
and go to many places
Do you have money?
That’s it
Tell me
Why are you so tiresome?
I fantasize about it, so what?
I have good news
Also I have a bad news
Which one do you want to listen first?
Neither do I want to listen
Why don’t you play by the rules?
Say as you like
Okay, okay
You are the winner
The good one is
I have reported
to my leader
From now on,
We are partners to work together
Though I not the authorized strength
I can get money by month
Really or not?
Also the bad news
The ad news is
From today on,
I am your boss
You can see me everyday
So much
Don’t you like it?
Of course not, I like it
What can I do to thank you?
That’ okay
I don’t need your thanks
If you go to eat something delicious,
Bring me together
That’s okay
Let’s go now
Let me change my clothes
Wait for me
I’m very happy today
My master didn’t buy milky tea for me
When I grew up
I am running around
Not like now
So leisurely
Dear lady
Don’t you get tired?
I’m not tired at all
But I am tired
Shopping with a woman is
more tiring than work
It’s you who asked to follow me rather than I asked
I am your boss
You show your thanks like this?
It’s you
Who asked?
to help me
I can’t let you carry the bag with my hand empty
Who knows that you buy so many things
I see that you help me
So I buy so many things
Well, well
My fault, my fault
You are tired?
I’m not
Don’t you feel tired after a-whole-day shopping?
You see
These bastards
How can they kidnapping people on the street?
Will you do something?
Of course, I have to do something
Don’t you to chase them?
Ah ah ah
Aren’t you tired?
Why are you so energetic now?
That’s different
This is my work
You said
You are working now
I need overtime pay
I find you’re a money horse
You find now?
It’s so late
Be relaxed
Don’t you ask for others help?
You are here
I don’t need others’ help
I can beat zombies
But I can’t beat people
You can regard the people in as zombies
Is there other boss like you?
Take it easy
Your salary is a must
That’s good
To help
Tian Qing
Tian Qing
What do you see?
You can come and see by yourself
Be quiet
Do not be noticed
What do you see?
You come
I don’t have Qinggong,
How can I get there?
How can you talk to your boss like this?
You don’t have salary this month
Please come here
Who are you?
How dare you?
I have seen so many zombies
Feed the zombie with a living people
It’s my first time to see
This kind of bad thing
How can you do?
You are even worse than zombies
Our business
has little relationship to you
My son was ill
I am treating him
He is your son?
If your son really get ill,
I won’t intervene
He is a zombie now
There’s something relationship with me
My son is not a zombie
You guys
Arrest them
It’s not over yet
What would you do?
You want to run away?
You feed the zombie with a living people
With your wealth and power
You disregard people’s life
Today, you meet us
You’re out of luck
Please, I beg you
I only have one son
How much money do you want?
I can give you
Please let me
And my son go
What do you mean?
Do you want to bribe me?
Even I agree
Tian Qing won’t agree
I know that you love your son
But your son
He is a zombie now
The only way is cremation
To prevent
Hurt others
My son
My son
My son
Tian Qing
Are you okay?
Send me home
What’s up?
Whether or not to act?
You have seen
The power of the two Rune Blades
It’s not the time yet
I never fight
Uncertain battles
Then what should we do now?
I think
There are a people
Who can help us definitely?
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Tian Qing
I won’t let you go
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
The living leads the way
The dead rest in peace
It’s late now
Let’s have a rest here
Heaven and earth
Mansion built
Gods please help me
Please lend me this great place
All monsters
Leave here quickly
Who are you?
How dare you come here to make troubles?
You are the first prentice of Tian Ji
Tian Yuan?
You know a lot
I have been banished from school
Tian Ji
Died very early
Now, I
I’m only a morgue keeper
Though Tian Ji died,
The heavenly sword still exists
Don’t you want to get it?
I don’t want to have any relationship to you
If you don’t leave,
Don’t blame me for being unkind
No wonder that you are the first prentice of Tian Ji
Don’t mention Tian Ji in front of me
A little skill
Let you know the power of Blood-corpse pill
Blood-corpse pill?
You using the corpse
Made Blood-corpse pill to increase your power?
No wonder that
Tian Ji punished you out of school
Take that
You can control zombies?
Who are you?
I am the zombie god
Insignificant skills
You are awesome
You are no match for me
What do you want on earth?
Do you remember?
Your sister Tian Qing?
Of course, I do
Tian Ji
Passed the Heavenly Blade to Tian Qing
Now, her life is extremely good
However, you
Can only stay in this morgue
To watch the corpses
Are you willing to live like this all your life?
So what?
Help me to deal with Tian Qing
As long as Tian Qing die,
The Heavenly Sword is yours
Tian Qing
She was well taught by Tian Ji
I am no match for her
There’s something
That I and Roland can’t do
But you can do
What do you want I to do?
You are the brother of Tian Qing
You have easy access to her
You take away the Heavenly Blade
Other things
You needn’t to be bothered
You want me to steal the Heavenly Blade?
You are the first prentice of Tian Ji
The Heavenly Blade
Originally, should be yours
Why do you use the word “steal”?
You think about it
I needn’t to think of it
I promise you
When to act?
The sooner the better
The Heavenly Blade
How are you
Now, I’m
Half human and half zombie
I can’t control my body well
Just now
The war with Tian Yuan
Has hurt me
I need some time to recover
Yian Yuan
Can he steal the Heavenly Blade?
Can or not
It’s not important
Then, why do you ask him to steal it?
Then, we
Can we win?
I show you something
Thousand-year-old corpse
I’ve said
I never fight uncertain battles
Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
Tian Qing
Have you gotten up now?
Why do you call me now?
The zombies won’t show in daytime
I only work at night
I don’t call you for work
Then why do you call me?
Just to mention you don’t forget your meal
I’ll hang up and sleep
I’m hungry
Here you are
Thank you
Are you in a relationship?
You know nothing, little girl
In a relationship?
Not easy
Xiao Jia, don’t talk nonsense
Your informer
Can be trusted?
Of course
We have cooperated for years
This time
If we catch the suspect
It’s hard for us not to be promoted
Your aim to fight criminals is for promotion?
Fighting criminals is our duty
I was wrong, I was wrong
Why do you always carry a sword?
We should use guns in these days
You know nothing
I ask you
Have you guys seen zombies?
Yes, in movies
I mean the real zombies
Bite human
I don’t think that there’re zombies
Have you see air?
Air also doesn’t exist
Tell you
Things you never seen
Doesn’t mean that don’t exist
It’s time
Let’s go
I’m coming
I’m coming
This is your takeout
Wish you
Enjoy your food
Thank you
Smells good
Tian Qing
Forgive me
Tian Qing
Tian Yuan brother
How could it be you?
What do you want to do?
I never dream
That little skill could deceive you
Tian Qing sister
I’m not your brother anymore
The Heavenly Sword
Is mine
I want to bring my thing back
It’s not easy
You’ve got poisoned
I advise you
Don’t move
It not the first day you know me
Who am I?
Don’t you know?
You are weak
With a pretty face but can do nothing
You don’t deserve the Heavenly Blade
The Heavenly Blade
I must take it away
Stop! You can’t touch the Heavenly Blade
Or I’ll be unkind
Give me the Heavenly Blade
You want the Heavenly Blade?
You can go to take it back
Tian Qing
Die in this way
It’s your fortune
Where’s there?
There used to be a movie studio
This place has been deserted for many years
It’s not surprising that suspects are hiding here
Are you sure that is the place?
The informer told me here
Keep each other safe
Be careful
Let’s go
Be careful
Don’t stir the grss and startie the snake
Thousand-year-old zombies
Leave quickly
Guns cannot kill them
Be careful
Without the Rune Blades
You are just a bum
Who are you?
What would you do?
In the human world
I’m a monster
In the zombies’ world
I’m the god
Change all human beings into zombies
Then the world will be mine
As long as you and Tian Qing die
Then nobody can stop me
Tian Qing Won’t let you go
You cannot see her
She was
Already dead
It’s you?
You’re not dead?
How is the situation?
Tian Yuan is stronger than we thought
Originally, Tian Yuan is no match for Tian Qing
But the poisoned Tian Qing
Anyone can kill her
She’s dead
The Heavenly Blade
Now is in Tian Yuan’s hands
Ha ha ha
Your time
Is ended
Our time
Is coming
Wait for god to punish you
Ha ha ha
You are so naive
Your blade
That’s impossible
I saw that you kill Tian Qing
I practiced the black arts
Tian Ji wanted to kill me
Thanks to Tian Qing intercede for me for many times
So Tian Ji forgave me for my life
Now you ask me to hurt Tian Qing
So I and Tian Qing acted a play together
How can we know your den?
Tian Yuan, I am a mean people
How can you deal with me?
Now is daytime
How can you fight with us?
I’m sorry
It’s my fault
I despised them
Also despised me
Cover all the sky
He can cover all the sky
Tian Qing
Be careful
You too
The combination the two blades
Is powerful
But it need time to prepare
Must kill then before the combination the two blades
Yes, master
Tian Qing
Use the combination of the blades quickly
I need more time to prepare
You will die
He swallowed all the Blood-corpse pills
So what?
Nobody can stop me
Tian Yuan brother
Blood-corpse pills can increase your power
But it can only last for a short time
Let me see how long you can last
At last, I
Have the face
To see you
The combination of the two blades
He was not burned to death in such way
What kind of monster is him?
Ha ha ha
Actually, the naive people are you
These years
I am a half human ang half zombie
The earth fire
Can only fire the half human body of mine
From now
I am the whole Zombie God
The zombies’ time
Is coming now
Ha ha ha
We were uesed by him
When I recover
I’ll come back and get even with you

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